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Words convey POWER! Heres a quick tip for internal dialouge to lose the fat!
I have always heard people say stuff like, ' Im tired of being overweight' or
'I got to lose this weight' 'Im sick of being fat'....etc Some of us have said much
worse!! Remember this...Thoughts lead to Feelings Feelings to Words and
Words to Action! If you tell yourself 'you have to lose weight' then your mind
will cause you to find ways to get more weight!!! When you say ' I am tired of
being fat or overweight' your mind brings you more cake and cookies and food
to help you get more fat and overweight!!! The reason is because we think in
pictures and when we see pictures we focus on what we see....the more we focus
on what we see the more of it we get! Okay SIMPLIFY.... Check this out

Do not think about a sweet, juicy orange, halfway peeled DO NOT THINK ABOUT A SWEET, JUICY ORANGE.... What happens, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SEE A SWEET, JUICY, ORANGE! Thats the way we are made. So now you are focused on that orange

Thats why when they announce a 'war on cancer' you hear about more cancer....'war on drugs' you hear about more drugs!! Ok so heres what you say to yourself..Remember what you focus on you get!! Try this dialouge.....Let's say your Ideal Weight is 135 pounds.. thats when you were stopping the traffic in the street ladies!!! Yawl know what im talking about!!

Okay say this.. ' Im at my ideal weight of 135 pounds, I look good, feel good, and am fine'. Doesn't that feel GOOD, instead of ' Im tired of being fat' SURE IT DOES! Now if you feel you are lying to yourself just say this....'Im in the process of getting to my ideal weight of 135 pounds and I look good, feel good and don't hate!' ( you can leave the don't hate part off, but it does feel good to say it!) OHHH THATS HOW WE SHOULD TALK TO OURSELVES!! One more thing LET'S QUIT SAYING WEIGHT LOSS that includes bones, hair and brain cells. LOL. Let's say FAT LOSS!!!

Ladies ( and you men too ) I hope these tips help some of you out there thats been struggling with that internal dialogue.. Okay until next week lets do this thing!!! I you need some encouragement before then HOLLA!!

Tiffany Cole [email protected] 912 277 1864

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