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Organic Food Buying Club Launching Soon

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Extra Discount to First 2500 Who Register

Kathryn Martyn Smith, Founding Member of Green Polkadot Box can give you an Associate Membership with greater discounts but you must act soon.

The only online organic and natural foods store with wholesale prices is opening its doors soon (projected late 2009). During the pre-launch period, GPDB is rewarding the first 2500 who pre-register with a guaranteed 5% personal purchase discount and an automatic 10% PolkaDot Reward (a small percentage of recurring membership fees) for the lifetime of their membership. “In exchange, we are asking our Pre-Registered Members to be patient with us for the first 90 days after launch as we perfect our business operations,” say Rod Smith, Founder.

This is huge! This would be like Costco giving you a dollar for every person you’d referred to shop at Costco, and think about this, Costco currently has in excess of 60 million members! Imagine if you were one of the first 2500 of that 60 million? That’s a big deal. You don’t personally refer them all, just 20, and from then on, it trickles down into a nice little bit of extra change, and who doesn’t want that?

Think it’s unfair to make a buck off your friend? Think again. You are not taking anything from a friend, you are taking from the company who is already charging you and your friend the membership fee. Do you belong to Costco? How much do you pay every year to shop there? Does your friend pay the same, or less? Hummm, but do they share even one dime with you for referring your friend? No, they do not. Don’t get me wrong, Costco is a great company and has a reputation as treating their employees very well. I just wish they’d give me a buck for referrals. :-)

Membership clubs primarily earn their money through the membership fees (although many, such as Costco, still sell above wholesale so profit there too). The GPDB is simply offering to share the wealth with those who help launch the business.

* Limited Pre-Registration Management plans to limit membership enrollment to only the first 2,500 pre-registered members for its Founder’s launch scheduled for [date changed, but soon is the word] the date on which The Green Polkadot Box will begin processing purchase transactions for a limited number of members.

“The March 31, 2009 date is a significant milestone,” Smith continues. “It marks the first time that currently pre-registered members will have all the tools they need in our live site to refer others. With nearly 300 members already pre-registered it’s going to be a race to see whom among them will capture the biggest share of the limited membership.”

Smith anticipates explosive growth; recognizing that if each current member only referred 10 new members the 2,500 pre-registered member limit would be exceeded. “We have many pre-registered members who have direct influence over thousands of our targeted membership of health conscious consumers. And many motivated entrepreneurs who have caught the vision of our potential.

The Green Polkadot Box has, according to some e-commerce experts, the potential to rival the growth of Amazon. But Smith is cautiously optimistic. “I have no doubt that we fill a big niche, providing essential healthy foods for millions of consumers who don’t like to pay retail; but we plan to proceed carefully. We place a premium not only on low prices, but on ‘legendary’ member services. By limiting our membership numbers to just 2,500 to start we are better able to work through the fulfillment challenges we are bound to face as we commence operations.”

Smith believes that because of the overwhelming demand by healthy food consumer to save money on natural and organic foods the company will need to place limits on growth in the early months of operation. “So we are planning to restrict the number of members to the first 2,500 for the first day of operations on June 1st. The rest will be wait listed on a first come, first served basis. It’s possible that we will be able to allow up to 5,000 additional members in the first 30 days after launch; but we’ll need to wait and see how things go.”

The Founder’s Launch set for June 1st is the commencement of a 90-day “honeymoon” period during which the Company will iron out any wrinkles in operations before the Grand Opening set for September 1, 2009. Smith explains: “We have offered to our first 2,500 pre-registered members special advantages that will not be available after we launch because we know we are headed into a hyper-growth environment. There will be a learning curve to perfect our operations and product selections.”

You can pre-register now with One More Bite’s private invitation link, and help in Launching Green PolkaDot Box

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Organic Food Buying Club Launching Soon


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