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King Leopold II, right, taking a walk with his friend

It is passed but remains an era that can’t be forgotten, as well as wounds that cant heal. In different historical periods, under different regimes, Libya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Algeria, Congo, Mozambique, and Angola, are some of the African countries which flowed with a long trail of blood.

In an inconvenient truth, which can’t be erased, European colonialists, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Portugal, as well as, Great Britain, and Germany, presently fighting against terrorism to protect their citizens, once were terrorists who pillaged countries, subjected Africans under subhuman conditions, and plundered the continent’s natural wealth.

This ruthless colonialism force, with an iron fist, erased, buried in oblivion, massacred civilians and set the cities and villages on fire. Without sympathy, they displaced the populations and promoted ethnic cleansing, sending thousands, including women and children into their untimely grave.

If the African continent has a voice, with effective and competent leaders or if foreign governments do really care about Africa, they would have carried out research and document all the crimes and atrocities, including the opening of pregnant women’s belly, impaled fetus, the rape, torture of indigenous young people, and the carrying around victims' heads as trophies.

King Leopold II, killed over ten million Africans and later praised with statues and streets named after him throughout Belgium. The Belgian government and the royal family think he deserves it because his looting and crimes have made Belgium rich today.

These inhuman acts against humanity have all passed unnoticed and unpunished because those who made the law are the breakers of the law themselves and at the same time, why should any foreign power or the International Criminal Court wastes time to prosecute the perpetrators when all of them have taken part in the same crime? 

Above all, how much does an African worth for the International Criminal Court to do the right thing?

Yet, the hypocrite International Criminal Court wants to impress ignorant and corrupt African leaders that they love and care, therefore, the need to jail Charles Taylor for war crimes in Liberia is necessary and the need to issue the arrest of the deposed Sudanese leader, Omar Al-Bashir, is important. 

That’s the nature of a world that elites never go to jail for the crimes they commit against the underprivileged and poor people. That's the nature of a world without the truth and a world you'll lose all your friends because of the truth.

Years after these atrocities, colonialist logic has never changed. With the US government, they have changed their style of invading, terrorizing, and subduing Africa with diseases. 

They first said Aids was transmitted to Africa by monkeys and they were challenged that Africans before and after slavery live with monkeys, therefore, it can’t be possible.

The World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and the US the government ran away and came back with another lie, hoping Africans will accept. This time, they said: The virus causing Aids is transferred in semen and blood and have originated from Africa.

Then the German medical doctor, Wolff Geisler and the Dutch scientist, Johan Van Dongen, asked them: Why the disease did not depopulate Africa at an earlier stage? 

They couldn’t find an answer, therefore, they escaped. However, they want to prove that even though they escaped without answers, they haven’t been defeated, hence came Ebola, more powerful and deadly.

The colonial masters and the US government have destroyed everything in Africa, without achieving anything significant for the continent. Even after giving Africa financial assistance, they derived plans to take resources which worth more than the financial assistance they give, since they control the world trade and tell Africans what they want to pay.

Today is just as yesterday, prosecuting colonial masters and the US government for the crimes they have committed to Africa has no place in Europe's policies and the International Court of Justice still exists. Thousands of people worldwide, don't know its significance.

Crimes against Africa are far from over because the perpetrators know it is a continent that gives everything to God.

However, I will pray and one day, the almighty God will tell Africans and their leaders that: My hands are full of your problems, I must remind you that: God helps those who help themselves.

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