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Holland scientist, Johan Van Dongen, and Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director of World Health Organization

Holland scientist, Johan Van Dongen, and Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director of World Health Organization

Two years, amidst conflict and Ebola outbreaks, Congo approaches elections and public health workers are struggling to combat and contain the current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Meanwhile, a military encampment near a hotel in the city of Beni, housing some Ebola responders, was hit by a shell that did not detonate. The aftermath prompted an evacuation of 16 personnel experiencing emotional distress. 

The responders asked officials to heighten security. Furthermore, attacks and killing of healthcare workers are the order of the day. Apparently, the rebels want Ebola to spread.

As of November 19, 2018, there have been 373 confirmed and probably Ebola infection cases with 216 of those cases resulting in death.

Tedros Ghebreyesus, MD director of the World Health Organization

Tedros Ghebreyesus, MD, director of the World Health Organization, who visited Beni in early November has given many interviews already. But once again Joseph Kabila has been given the World Health Organization the go-ahead to import and use experimental Ebola vaccines and devices in the country. 

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus then made his decision and approved the vaccines after discussions with pharmaceutical plant Merck. But Congo rebels most certainly are aware of all medical experiments, the profit-making vaccine factories and the criminal behaviour of the corrupt president Kabila.


Precisely because of these events the attacks have increased since Ebola started, both in intensity and frequency. So it's a very dangerous situation," Dr. Ghebreyesus told journalists also in one of his many interviews but when is he starting to tell the truth about man-made disease Ebola? 

Ebola which appeared a long time before the disease erupted in 1976, near Ebola River in Congo, had been in existence in Ukraine since1943, and Marburg, Frankfurt, and Belgrade in 1967.

Who is this doctor Tedros Ghebreyesus precisely?


When asked if the Congo's elections might incite more violence, Dr. Gebreyesus told journalists that Ebola is an enemy to everyone and should not be used to politicize. Even though political parties in the Congo have been informed of this issue but not properly informed as we do.

Yes, Dr. Gebreyesus, we all know Ebola vaccines and HIV vaccine trial research in African countries are made famous by Albert Schweitzer but they are also meant for profits of western multinationals and they can use Africans as guinea pigs as much as they like because Kabila and other corrupt Africans can be bribed in this God-forsaken country.

Joseph Kabila a corrupt president

Kabila should have left office two years ago. The end of his second five-year term came and went in December 2016, and his refusal to step down at that time led to violent protests, acrimony, and then two more years in power. 

But what's the backbone of keeping such a criminal in power? Because the US Department of State was particularly happy that incumbent Joseph Kabila was elected since it’s easy to test biowarfare microorganisms like Ebola and accordingly Ebola vaccine trial and error studies in Congo continuously than any African country.


According to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Constitution, President Joseph Kabila should have left office two years ago. Now, he says he’s on his way out. Seventeen years after taking office to replace his assassinated father, and in the face of mounting international condemnation, Kabila has agreed to step aside for elections next month in what could be Congo’s first “peaceful” and democratic transition of power since independence in 1960.

The contest on December 23, 2018, will put Kabila’s hand-picked successor, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, against the split opposition. It comes at an inauspicious time, amid another outbreak of Ebola, already the worst in Congo’s history, persistent conflict and widespread concerns about national voting integrity. 

It goes without saying it all will be messy, and whatever the outcome, Kabila’s influence is sure to persist long after he leaves power.

Moreover, the US will do everything they can for continuing their medical experiments and excavating resources in Congo in a very corrupt country. 

And Kabila? He has to defend his stolen possessions and that's why these elections will be messy and rebels make this Ebola a world pandemic because they have nothing to lose. Their choice is either killed by Ebola or bullets from a corrupt regime backed by the US, but this time we know for sure they will lose.

In a separate report, Congo Research Group (CRG) found that president Joseph Kabila’s family, including some of his siblings, “either partially or wholly owns” more than 80 businesses operational inside and outside DR Congo.

In addition to over 100 mining permits for diamond and gold, president Kabila and his wife own 70,000 hectares of farmland, around 10 times the size of Manhattan.

Jaynet Kabila, the president’s twin sister, owns a stake in Vodacom Congo, DR Congo’s largest mobile network and also holds more than 100 mining permits while Zoé Kabila, the president’s brother, has a string of business interests in several companies involved in DR Congo’s lucrative mining sector.

Costa Investments, one of Zoé’s companies, is also involved in the printing of DR Congo’s driving licenses.
Both Zoé and Jaynet Kabila are members of parliament.

In general, the family’s business operates across multiple sectors spanning aviation, banking, telecoms, and real estate. But while the value of its assets is “difficult to determine,” the report says assets owned by the family “are easily worth many tens of millions of dollars.”

Yes, President Joseph Kabila should have left office two years ago and now he says he’s on his way out, but the Congolese youth and opposition parties will see to it that he left also his possessions behind.

And finally, I would like to direct this question to Tedros Ghebreyesus: When are you going to tell the world the truth about Ebola as a biological weapon? 

You are a doctor, appointed by the World Health Organization to lie to the world.  I am a scientist, facing you squarely on African news site (ModernGhana), prove me wrong if Ebola is not a biological weapon by the US government to destroy Africa's infrastructure and economy.

Stinking hypocrite, Tedros Ghebreyesus, you'll surely pay the price one day, for selling the souls of Africans for money.

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