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How safe is Vaccination if evidence proves that some Children were diagnosed with many sicknesses, including autism after vaccination?

"Everyone wants to enjoy a good health, yet only a few are demanding an explanation and answers from the corrupt medical institutions and politicians over massive corruption, coverups, medical crimes, lies and malpractices within the pharmaceutical industries." 

Below is a letter of one man's fight against children's dangerous vaccines sent to the Australian authorities. 

Department Of communities and Child safety and disability services

Subject: The vaccination issue of our grandchildren

Our disappointment with the Department's role in vaccination issue is that your Department chooses to side with the lawless criminology instead of the best interests of the children that you ought to be serving and defending. 

You all deliberately choose to ignore science, truth, and justice and supported by force this outdated very dangerous medical malpractice.

Your unreasonable harassment gives us a tremendous amount of stress to all of us. My 12-page research and comments that are in your Departments position are completely ignored by you. 

I raised a few important issues in there, among others, why are you choosing to side with well-known criminals, in their mission to maim harm and destroy yes, even to kill our future generations. It is well-known fact and is well documented that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”.

Where is a risk, there must be a choice. Yet you permit no choice but coercion instead. Answer the question, we are putting to you: Is vaccination in Australia mandated by LAW. 

In your letter, you are stating that these children in custody “SHOULD be immunized” would you kindly explain what the word should mean to you. Oh and by the way to make the distinction between the words immunity and vaccination.

It is a big mistake to use the words simultaneously as both words do have a completely different meaning, even in English. You are stating your regulation 17 of Child Protection Regulations of 2011, a,b,c, and d. 

Are you referring that we don’t meet that criterion? When in fact this is our sole goal in this life to protect these children from harm, that is you wanting to do to these children, to cause a grievous, malicious, bodily and or emotional harm.

And you know that too but you don’t care. And this is a concern to us because we do care and you ought to know that too. We made our homework on these issues well in advance and we communicated this constantly with the visiting officers too, without fail. Or is this getting denied? 

We must defend these defenseless children since they have no one else to protect them.

Let me remind you, Madame, that we are well aware of the history of Orphanages and similar institutions all over the world, where those unwanted neglected children were and are still in many places being targeted by inhuman experimental abusive practices by the so-called Authorities, for the shame and disgrace to the human societies.

Also, what the Nazis did during the 2-nd world war, thus the birth of the Nuremberg code and the Geneva convention that is so conveniently ignored these days by the Rulers in our days. This was the UN agenda, “never again”, yet here you are you just keep repeating these crimes, with your cronies in full co-operation.

There are noises about bullying these days in the MSM Mainstream media. Even our Prime minister is airing his opinion about the evilness of this, yet is it not exactly what you are doing including himself and his pals in politics? 

Whoever is not matching his rates of approval, getting bullied. Even to the point to block out visiting professionals in fear of getting discovered. So much for human rights and freedom of speech in this country lately.

This became a topic at the UN conferences too recently. When this Government decided to use the “carrot and stick” principle, we decided to reject the carrot. So now suffering the financial incentives. Now, this is not enough for you, you are beating us with your stick too! 

Will ever anything satisfy you? I already communicated with this Department, that if there was anything beneficial, anything positive to be gained from this vaccine hoopla, we would take a different stand.

But, sadly this is only a global scam by some mega rich entities having vested interests and no liability whatsoever for the consequences, influencing the global Giant’s WHO and raking in big rewards. This is the bottom line. There is no science to support this at all. It is all just assumed, a religion, without any merit at all.

And while on this topic, let me ask you of the criminal CDC who dared to destroy the taxpayers founded scientific evidence of the connection between vaccines and Autism in a hope that it will never see a daylight. Yet, by God’s grace it surfaced, the most unexpected way, by the scientist staff member of William Thompson.

Madam this ought to be broadcast 24/7 yet the media never mentioned it ever. Why? And what’s more to this day there is no Congressional investigation about it, despite his willingness to testify. What are they waiting for and how many more child got and still will be maimed even killed due to this crime.

Is something “terrible” to happen to him, in the mean time like it happened to so many scientists, including Jeffrey Bradstreet, just after his office was raided by the FBI and FDA officials, docs and computers confiscated days after found dead of a gunshot. And so much more murdered scientists .Dr. Bradstreet discovered that nagalese a cancer-causing agent is added to childhood vaccines.

 Just lately another case of scientists muted by raiding their offices, confiscating their research material who found all sort of undeclared impurities in children’s vaccines, including nanoparticles glass, and much more. 

Will Murdoch report this to you? You bet not. But the gates left open and the horses bolted and they won’t go back, be sure of that Madam.

Just very lately another scientist disappeared without any trace or clues what so ever Dr. Timothy, what business as normal at High Places? There is a lot of money in some pockets but much more innocent human blood on some hands. 

Won't you think so? Your method of manipulating unlawfully things to serve your agenda is something we had to experience with your Department is indeed remarkable.

You fooled us big time with the Children’s Court system, by never to prepare the necessary documentation, despite the Judge’s order. Case after, case postponed due to your negligence, we burnt up $10.000 for nothing and getting nowhere so we had to get out. 

We don’t have the infinite amount of taxpayers money to play with as you are having that luxury. It’s not your money, is it?

The more you spent, the more you will be entitled next financial year. Good luck Madame. Isn’t it telling you that this Prime Minister and his cronies are so paranoid of being discovered of this No jab no bs scheme? 

Why is it that the “Vaxxed” team was so un-bearing to them. They threw them out of this country, saying, only if we knew what you are all about we never would of let you in in the first place.

Why is this honest Dr. Wakefield is such a treat? Why is it that other writers, researchers denied even to enter in this country like Kent Huckenlively, Sherry Tenpenny and others too and the politicians spreading lies, false accusations against these people? 

Let the truth speak. It will Madam, it will. Make sure where are you standing. For all the damages you are doing to these children going to haunt you one day.

All of you involved in this reckless behaviour, are personally liable and will stand trial. From the background of your letter, we sense that it is your intention to forcefully interfere and remove the children from our care if we are not compromising your demand. 

Our belief is that since the parents of the children especially our daughter the mother of children are unable and unwilling to take care of them it is our moral duty to stand up and try to compensate for that loss. 

Nobody on this earth can do that, apart from us. We want to ease their pain as we know first hand by life experiences, especially my wife who lost her mother when she was just a little girl, growing up orphaned.

Our grandchildren are also objecting to being vaccinated and in unison defending the little one also. I do realize that to talking to you people or talking to the door post makes no difference. It’s been explained to your staff and I did state in my writing that she could have died in hospital from the first shot given to her, she stopped breathing and they resuscitated her.

She was preterm and underweight, yet despite they committed this crime against her as per usual in those places. They ought to be held liable for this but as it is, business as usual. They don’t care about the consequences nobody can hold them liable for wrongs they are committing. It is well-known fact that the children are dying after vaccination called SIDS.

 It is greatly denied by the so-called authorities but it is not enough for them but they blaming the innocent parents of killing the babies and thrown in jail, unable to prove their innocence. This is the truth, Madam. 

Your agency is calling itself a child protection service. This hardly can be true since your goal is to be sure that all those unfortunate children under your care are deliberately even by force removed from loving family environment and dealt with them to your likings.

We are very well aware of that unfortunate child Chase, whom you used the police to rip out of the mothers' arms and till this day is in your so-called “care”. This is a disgrace. You know that Hospital, Lady Cilento’s name. She never would have done anything like that. She was a very loving, compassionate natural oriented Doctor.

Unlike those now enjoying luxuries in that hospital and maiming sick children who may fall into their hands. Just, vaccinate, vaccinate, like there is no tomorrow. It pays so well $$$ and more $$$$ I’m very well aware that all my time is wasted writing to you but at least for the sake of record I have to do it. Here I’ll supply some of the facts of this vaxx debate, as an exhibit.

In the name of Truth, Justice, and Fairness I sign this paper. As of finishing my sayings, my wife, the children grandmother wish to add this: It is now months and months that our family is under constant stress. 

Whenever the vaccination is coming up the children breaking down crying and frightened that they will be forcefully removed from us. They are very stressful and angry how if the little one, will be forcefully jabbed and or removed from here. 

In his words, He could not tolerate her being damaged or losing her. These children mean the world to me. So I beg you please do not force this issue. 


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