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Dead Ebola victim being carried away

Thanks to independent health writers and scientists, including Johan Van Dongen, Dr. Wolf Geisler, Joel Savage, Leonard G.  Horowitz, Yoichi Shimatsu, Susanne Posel etc, for braving the storm and sacrificing their lives to expose the American Government for testing Aids and Ebola in Africa.

Even though the US government and its allies, Britain, Holland, France, Belgium etc, responsible for the medical genocide Aids and Ebola, have escaped punishment and justice, the entire African nation is now fully aware of those responsible.

In the name of democracy, there is no longer room for the American government to continue giving support to the corrupt African Leaders, which enables them to use Africans as guinea pigs for experimentation and the killing of innocent Africans with bio-weapons. 

America is the most oppressive and corrupt government which has caused pain, suffering, and harm to humanity than any country in the world. They continue to kill, bully and commit medical crimes but one person wouldn't tolerate that nonsense and he is the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) claimed an aide to ex-President Reagan informed them the US had invented a progenitor of Ebola virus "for the purpose of launching a biological warfare," and chose Africa as a testing ground. 

After Aids and Ebola, Africans, including illiterates have now got the message that the two diseases were man-made and purposely inflicted on them by the American government.

In Accra, Ghana

In my recent visit to Accra, Ghana, on August 19, 2017, I spoke to a number of people, including Ghanaians, Liberians and Nigerians about the Aids and Ebola and was pleased to know that many are now aware that the American government was responsible for the deadly diseases which have taken many Africans to their untimely grave. 

Long endured suffering Africans, made it clear to me that any attempt by the US government to trigger a new bioweapon, after Aids and Ebola, as a means of global depopulation will be a scene of bloodshed against Americans in wherever they are. 

The American government can consider this threat a joke and continue to test any bio-weapon in Africa and see what happens next.

It was a big relief when many I interviewed did comment on Aids and Ebola as medical crimes because about two decades ago, the false information about the two diseases provided to the general public by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control deceived and misled the public to believe that Aids was from monkeys and Ebola from bush meat and bats. 

If the two diseases were from monkeys, bush meat, and bats, why Africa wasn’t depopulated in the early stages? These are some of the questions that have brought the mind of Africans at home to stop mocking themselves that Aids and Ebola were cursed from God. 

Kenya nullifies presidential election

For a very long time, African leaders have followed the American government to their detriment. The recent presidential elections in Kenya which were declared null and void didn't only make history in the country but also revealed how corrupt the US government is. The corrupt American government thinks they have the power to keep corrupt African leaders in power as long as they wish.

The Supreme Court found out that Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) breached the constitution in the transmission of the election results and therefore ruled the results invalid, yet America's former secretary of state, John Kelly said the election was free and fair.

How many times has an African leader monitored elections in America for African leaders to bring in a corrupt person in the name of John Kelly to monitor elections in Kenya? How long are African leaders going to subject themselves to mockery and enable Africans to be slaughtered and the continent used for testing bio-weapons?

Like scared dogs, African leaders tucked their tails in between their legs and set the American government free after triggering Aids and Ebola in Africa, while a non-African, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, challenges America and fights on the behalf of Africa. Is this not a shame? How can African leaders be taken seriously? 

The fact that the US government has no respect for the lives of Africans and other citizens in Third World Countries, provoked Kim Jong Un to kill student Otto Warmbier. America got the message and now the story is forgotten. Why did they fail to ask the North Korean leader questions over the death of Otto Warmbier? 

Coward, cold-blooded killers calling itself a superpower. Africans are ready for America this time after Aids and Ebola. It's your choice now America. Test any new bio-weapon in Africa after Aids and Ebola and you'll surely see the wrath of Africans on Americans in any part of the world.

The whole world now watches the North Korea humiliating the American government. Thank you, Kim Jong Un, keep on humiliating the arrogant, shameless and cold-blooded Aids and Ebola killers. 

Time will tell when America will be nothing more than a mere toilet paper.

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