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Here’s a high sugar food list

Hey there hope y’all good! I just thought I’d put together a quick blog post showing you some Food you may want to avoid because of the high Sugar content hence the title “high sugar food list”. Some are obvious ones but the ones to watch out for are the not so obvious ones.  That’s why most people struggle to quit sugar because they don’t know they’re are eating it in every day foods that you wouldn’t expect to be sugar loaded.

Here are the obvious ones,

Cakes, chocolate, sodas, sweets, sweet sauces, ice creams. (well duh) Every one knows that!

But here’s the ones you want to watch out for when quitting fructose, especially as most people eat these on a regular basis. Never be dumped into believing because something is Low Fat or “natural” that it has no sugar. Even things that don’t seem that sweet can have sugar in like bread for example.

So here’s a list of common foods which more often than not contain added sugar. So watch out!

Fruit juices,

Flavoured crisps,

Sauces like Ketchup, BBQ, Sweet Chilli etc, (even some mayonnaise brands have sugar in!)

Breads (mind blowing right)


Fruit yogurts,

Low fat yogurts, (low fat items are normally loaded which sugar to replace the fat)

Salad dressings,

Pasta Sauces,

Microwave meals, (again watch out for the low fat options)

Dried fruit, (these are basically pure sugar)


Breakfast bars,

Stir fry sauces.

These are the common foods that most people eat that contain sugar, basically most processed foods contain sugar. Did you know that nearly 80% of processed foods in supermarkets contain added sugar! (Again the mind is blown)

The key to living a successful happy low sugar life is to eat real foods as nature intended it. Making food your self rather than buying pre packaged rubbish will always be a better option for you but if you can’t as you may have a busy life which I can relate to then just opt for the products containing the lowest amount of sugar.

So there you have it. My list of foods high in sugar. I hope that helped and if you feel I missed something out then comment it in the comments below and I’ll add it in!

All the best and you rock!

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Here’s a high sugar food list


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