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Beauty Tyrant: Beauty Tips For Skincare, Makeup, H Blog
Beauty blog to help you achieve beautiful skin and overall natural beauty. Great info on skincare, makeup, anti-aging, natural beauty remedies, beauty product reviews, lipgloss, haircare and more. Join Beauty Tyrant because Beauty is YOUR forte!
2021-06-17 02:36
One trick to look slimmer is to have a small waist.I train my waist with simple stretching exercises and also I use a belt to train/tighten my waist area. It’s simple and looks just li… Read More
2021-06-17 00:09
OMG! I love this AM 35K Ampoules Gold Mask!I can already feel the tightening effect on my skin. Can't wait to see the results after removing the mask.Besides, this has got to be the most gla… Read More
2018-05-03 04:56
My mission is to start a WELLNESS REVOLUTION for health and wellness for everyone in all walks of life in Malaysia, South East Asia and Asia with Doterra Essential Oils. I believe everyone i… Read More
2018-05-03 04:42
A little prayer for a new pair of falsies: may you experience only tears of joy and happiness If you want super luscious lashes, get your lash tips here! ♥ Your Glam… Read More
2018-04-25 06:37
I've recently gotten into the caffeine craze. Remember, caffeine has been indicted to the skincare hall of fame. It's great for depuffing puffy eyes and to perk up sluggish skin. Naturally… Read More
2018-04-25 06:31
Most convenient nail polish - Yubiso  I've recently tried this cute nail polish from Yubiso. They've got a great selection of colours and I just couldn't resist. So I bought one home j… Read More
2018-04-22 09:37
Yup, I've been using this kit since December and I want to really try it before giving my verdict. The more I use it the more I love it. It's so effective.  I'm currently in love with… Read More
2018-04-22 09:33
Beauty sleep is sooooooo important. Sleep is such a rare commodity especially if you have a family and little darlings.  I've always been a light sleeper and I can literally wake up to… Read More
2018-04-22 09:27
Are you a perfectionist, beauty tyrants? Sometimes I tend to try so hard to be perfect. But then again, perfection is subjective too. My perfection may not be your definition of perfection… Read More
2018-04-22 06:40
Im going to be honest and confess that I'm not your ideal 'beauty'. This is because I don't hit the 'standards of beauty'. I don't have a small face with a sharp chin that's all the rage re… Read More
2018-04-22 06:33
10 foods you eat to prevent acne  As promised, here are yummy foods to cure acne from the inside. Didn't I tell you, curing acne could be fun and indulgent too? Here is a list of food… Read More
2018-04-22 06:21
Are acne patches the answer to keeping zits at bay. Am plagued by the zits. Thanks but no thanks. So, I've been testing out every single drugstore acne patch in the market. Seriously, they… Read More
2018-04-22 06:04
We've been told to avoid red wine, black tea or coffee to get pearly whites. What if I told you, you can get whiter teeth just by eating the right foods? Try these natural foods for a megawa… Read More
2018-04-22 05:57
Prayer doesn't just happen when we kneel or put our hands together and focus and expect things from God. Thinking positive and wishing good for others is a prayer. When you hug a friend. Th… Read More
2018-04-21 16:53
Apple cider vinegar(ACV) is one of the best toners for your skin. It's astringent but it doesn't dry out your skin at all. It's amazing and so easy to prepare. It's great for combatting acne… Read More
2018-04-21 11:48
The one thing that can instantly glam you up is fake eyelashes or we call it falsies. They really look glamorous and so easy to put on. With falsies, you don't need mascara or even eyeliner… Read More
2018-04-21 11:28
Mornings can be such a rush and the last thing you have time is your hair, unfortunately. But, NO beauty tyrant should look frumpy just because we are short on time. Here are some quick hair… Read More
2018-04-21 11:11
I really get annoyed when my fingernails turn yellow especially after prolong use of a darker shade nail polish. I have found three surprisingly easy and convenient ways to get whiter nails… Read More
2018-04-21 11:04
This is probably one of the most effective and simple treatment DIY mask you can do at home - Cinnamon Face Mask.  This mask is great for problematic blemished skin. This makes a good… Read More
2017-12-01 17:31
I love Freeman Skincare masks. I’m currently trying out the Oil Absorbing Mint + Lemon Clay Mask.  ✨ Having some breakouts after my trip to HK. What a nightmare but I&rs&hell…Read More
2016-12-12 10:21
This is especially for beauty tyrants who want manicured nails without having the time to maintain their nails. And we know how important it is to have perfect nails to top up our polished l… Read More
2016-12-11 11:22
I'm going to be honest and confess that I'm not your ideal 'beauty'.  This is because I don't hit the 'standards of beauty'. I don't have a small face with a sharp chin that's all the… Read More
2016-12-11 11:08
If you're feeling down, just get some colour to your hair for a quick pick-me-up. Recently, I've added some pink streaks to my blonde highlights. Colours are really fun. But, are you worrie… Read More
2012-02-08 01:31
This Valentine’s Day, Meow! by Katy Perry is the hottest kitty on the prowl. A spritz of this tantalizing fragrance is sure to spark fireworks and make your Valentine’s Day plans… Read More
2012-02-06 08:49
Howdy dear people, it has been such a long hiatus for Beauty Tyrant and she's back, better than ever. I apologize to all of you who has missed me, I miss you guys too.So much have changed si… Read More
2009-11-03 06:19
Is it just me or what? I seem to be getting those scary blemishes and breakouts especially when transitioning from one season to another. Yes, I feel like putting a bag over my head most tim… Read More
2009-09-23 06:56
Hey people, I know you love some high fashion and another successful fashion week has come to an end. Did you miss out on some of those gorgeous runway shows? Ah, don't fret, I have some cli… Read More
2009-08-29 18:27
This song has been featured on my ipod this entire summer - on loop. I just can't get enough of it. It's so sweet and doesn't it just remind you of your first love? The song is so achingly b… Read More
2009-08-29 17:14
I was really shocked when I heard the news of Michael Jackson's passing. I had a myriad of emotions when I first heard of the news. First, shock, sadness, disappointment and pity. He was all… Read More
2009-08-24 12:17
This anti-aging topic never cease to lose it's luster. I for one am always eager to know what mother's beauty secrets are. Hmm... you can say I'm quite the nosey-parker :P Anyway, for all yo… Read More
2009-08-15 08:34
Have I not stressed enough that clean skin is the very foundation to beautiful healthy skin? That's what my dermatologist has been advising me time and again. She did mention that my skin is… Read More
2009-08-03 14:20
Hey there people, I have a very interesting poll today - guy's biggest beauty turn-ons. Seriously, you would be shocked at some of the results from the poll. It may just put some beauty blog… Read More
2009-07-05 15:11
Gorgeous skin is what every girl( and may I add )guy dream of. I know, because I dream of it everyday too. However, do you know that no matter how you look after your skin, it will never be… Read More
2009-06-29 12:18
Oh my goodness, I've battled acne problems about 2 years back and they are back again!! How could this happen to me. Ok, maybe I've been adventurous with new makeup and new skincare brands a… Read More
2009-06-29 12:18
Oh my goodness, I've battled acne problems about 2 years back and they are back again!! How could this happen to me. Ok, maybe I've been adventurous with new makeup and new skincare brands a… Read More
2009-06-15 14:16
We're always on a quest to turn back the clock. We try to look younger and to hunt for the illusive holy grail anti-aging superstar. That cute little expression line, to be honest, is reall… Read More
2009-06-02 15:05
Summer is just a stone's throw away. Yay! That also means it's time for us to free our legs from all the layers and layers of clothing. Ah...cometh the days for open toed sandals, pedicures… Read More
2009-05-18 12:32
Flower Power is here to stay. The flower season is definitely in full bloom, whether it is in the garden, in the wardrobe or in a must-have summer fragrance. Flourishing florals are bursting… Read More
2009-05-18 11:20
Again, unabashedly, I admit that I'm bitten by the American Idol bug - yet again. Remember how I thought Danny Noriega was the doppelganger of Jessica Alba?. This season it's crazy hot, like… Read More
2009-05-09 17:24
Can you guess which is the most hilarious quote about eyes? How about this - "Eyes are the nipples of your face" Oh my God, is she for real? That's quoted by Shelley Darlingson from The Hous… Read More
2009-05-03 17:41
Revlon is a great cosmetics brand and they now have a magnificent ambassador in the form of Jessica Biel. Oh my goodness, I'm super stoked. I'm having such a girl crush on Jessica Biel ever… Read More
2009-05-02 17:16
Can't wait till summer is here again. Yay! That again, it means we need a really good sunscreen to ward off those evil UV rays. We want good sunscreens that are not sticky or greasy, doesn't… Read More

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Beauty Tyrant: Beauty Tips for Skincare, Makeup, H


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