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An All-Natural Alternative: Amber Necklaces for Teething Babies

Have you had constant sleepless nights? Is it because your child never ceases to stop crying? Are you worried about his health as well as your own? Well, let’s just say there is a way your child can be relieved this painful situation. Nature has provided a perfect remedy to reduce pain without side effects. Many people use Baltic Amber around the world in several ways. Babies can wear amber as necklaces or bracelets, which yield the same result. The healing properties of amber can reduce the pain the child goes through by up to 65%.

Amber teething necklaces don’t necessarily have to be worn 24/7. This is a common misconception because the effects last even after you take the necklace off. These necklaces are growing in popularity with parents as they consistently notice a change in their child’s behavior upon wearing them.

What is an Amber Teething Necklace?

Amber is a natural resin that has been fossilized. Authentic amber pieces are millions of years old and contain healing properties. Teething necklaces are particularly designed for small babies. As a child, you probably don’t remember the time your baby teeth sprouted. However, once you become a parent, you notice the pain your child is going through.

Amber necklaces are also a great gift for newborns. You can find many different designs to choose from when you go to the market, so you can choose one that suits your preferences.

How Does Amber Work?

To further your knowledge about amber, consider reading up on succinic acid. Amber contains large quantities of succinic acid. Your body naturally radiates heat and once the necklace touches your child’s skin, small amounts of succinic acid enter the body. Succinic acid has pain-relieving properties, thereby reducing the painful process of teething.

How Do You Use The Necklace?

Well, it’s pretty easy. Simply place the necklace around your child’s neck and wait for them to show signs of it working. If the baby stops crying for a few hours and falls asleep, you can rest assured the necklace has shown its magic. However, it is recommended you take the necklace off during bedtime to prevent strangulation.

Even if your child wears the necklace all day they will still remain calm and happy due to its lasting effects. Another risk is the child choking on a necklace bead. Amber is not poisonous, but if a child were to swallow it, they could choke on it, which is why it is advised to only allow your baby to wear the necklace while under your supervision.

How To Make Sure The Amber Is Real

There are many fake amber pieces in the market nowadays, which is why you should purchase a necklace from a reputable vendor, such as (see: Amber can be synthetically produced, and many ‘genuine’ pieces might just be plastic or glass. To make the distinction, you can dissolve a cup of salt in two cups of water to make a solution, then put the necklace inside the solution. If the necklace is made of genuine Baltic Amber, it will float.

Another way to detect whether or not your necklace is made of glass is that is a bit heavier than natural amber. If you have ever held amber before, you will realize the difference in weight easily. You can also try poking the amber pieces with a hot needle. If the effects of the poking only leave behind cracks, it is likely that the amber is real. Otherwise, if it is plastic, the needle will go in easily and emit a burning plastic smell as well.


Mother Nature has given humankind countless remedies to assist us. It is our job to use them to their best potential. Amber is one such gift. Although it is not a topic of research, people have been using them for several centuries. This clearly shows its significance in human history. Baltic Amber turned to a necklace can ensure your baby does not suffer in silence. If the necklace is made of 100% raw Baltic amber, you can rest assured it will work. Hopefully, scientists in the future will further analyze the effects, and newer discoveries into the matter will ensure the credibility of Baltic amber.

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An All-Natural Alternative: Amber Necklaces for Teething Babies


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