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Anti-Aging Expert Darnell Cox: How to Stay Young to Stay Sane

Darnell Cox attacks the aging process from every angle by focusing on staying youthful. You can do it too!
Cali-gal, Darnell Cox, of knows all about embracing the essence of youth, and credits her ability to do so to her overall mindset and physical well-being. Not to mention, she’s in killer shape! In an exclusive interview, she shares with DynaPro Direct exactly why feeling youthful is so important to her, and reveals some great secrets on how you can bask in the fountain of youth, too!

DynaPro Direct: Why is it so important to focus on feeling youthful?

Darnell Cox: Well, quite frankly, because the alternative sucks. So just as you need to “choose happiness” every day, you also need to choose to feel youthful. And feeling youthful can mean different things to each of us! It can be a physical activity, a mindset, a conversation we have, or even a song we listen to — and sing along with.

DD: What are some of your best anti-aging tips when it comes to nutrition and exercise?

Stay young and sane with these tips from Darnell Cox

DC: First of all, don’t ever diet — ever! It screws up your metabolism. The trick is to never deprive yourself of food. There are certain foods you should add to your diet that fill you up, that regulate your blood sugar level so you don’t binge eat, and that make your skin shine.

By mindfully adding good foods into your diet, you will soon discover that you just don’t have room — or desire — for the junk you normally fill up (or binge) on.

As far as Exercise goes, after the age of 30, we begin to lose muscle mass. It’s so important to incorporate weight training into your workout routine in order to combat this. Step away from that treadmill and pick up some dumbbells or an exercise band!

DD: What about when it comes to skincare and anti-aging?

DC: My own personal regimen borders on the absurd (laughing!) as I’m always looking to try things related to anti-aging that I can write about for my readers — but, if you follow just these basic tips, your skin will definitely improve:

In the morning, wash with a gentle cleanser. Then apply C-Serum, followed by sunscreen, sunscreen... and more sunscreen.

At night, wash your skin. Let your skin dry for 20 minutes before applying Retin-A (or a Retinoid product) followed by a moisturizer. My website is full of tips on beauty and skin care tips.

DD: How would you use an exercise ball to practice anti-aging exercises?

DC: Exercise balls are a great way to work out, provided that you know how to use it. For me, it’s hard to see a giant exercise ball and not think about doing some crunches. I also use it to stretch out my back. The ball can be used for so many things: You can crunch, dip, squat or plank. The only thing you don’t want to do with an exercise ball is ignore it.

DD: Do you have any other wisdom for fitness-minded individuals who want to stay motivated?

DC: Wisdom? I guess I could say that I have a boatload of experience that I can share. One of the motivational tips that has always worked for me over the years is all about intention and it’s deceptively simple: have tomorrow’s workout clothes already laid out at night before you go to sleep. It doesn’t matter if you exercise in the morning or after work, by getting your workout attire ready before you sleep, you are setting your intention for the next day.

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Anti-Aging Expert Darnell Cox: How to Stay Young to Stay Sane


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