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How to Use Shorty Power Bands for Ultimate Resistance Training

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Jennifer Labodda is here to fill you in on the best ways to use your DynaPro Direct Shorty Power Bands! Check out her tips, tricks, and favorite workout moves and share yours with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! 

Shorty Power Bands are here to save the day if you like adding resistance to your workouts. There’s a variety of strengths (resistance levels) to use for many different exercises, in addition to lifts and stretches.

Benefits of Using Shorty Power Bands

Extra Power. They’re designed for power lifts where a shorter band is needed.

Stretch and Strength. Allows you to get deeper in your stretches for those body parts you want to give extra care to and spend extra time developing.

Versatility. The shorty power bands are a great median between mini bands being too thin and the full-size power bands being too long for certain power concentration movements.

Portable. These resistance bands are designed for people on the go. Pack them in a suitcase, gym bag, or store them in a drawer.

With these bands being the size of mini bands but having the strength and consistency of a power band, how should one use these? I included a full body workout to show you! For many of these exercises, I recommend getting two of the same color bands to make it even. Personally, I primarily use the red, yellow, and purple bands.

Full Body Workout

Barbell Deadlift With Shorty Power Band

Barbell Deadlift Shorty Power Bands

Before adding weight to the sides of the barbell, slip on the desired resistance ban

ds first and place them at the distance your feet will be planted under the bar. Once you get your feet at a comfortable distance, then loop the shorty power bands under your feet so they’r

e secure. The bands should be placed directly above your feet on the bar. I.e., you don’t want the bands pulling on a diagonal either way, just straight up and down. Then grab the bar with your hands with your desired grip, push through your heels to lift the barbell, and lock it out at the top. With control, return the barbell to the ground and repeat. Form is essential! It’s easy to hurt your back, so be careful! If you choose to go heavy, do 5 sets of 5 reps. If you’d like to use lower weight, do 4 sets of 10 reps.

Lat Pulldown With Shorty Power Band

Lat Pulldown With Shorty Power BandsFind a hook or someplace to secure two of the shorty power bands to so you can pull down. You can stand, kneel, or sit (whatever your preference is). Grab each band, one in each hand, then pull down using your lats (back) until your hands come in line with your chin/shoulders. When pulling down, think of pulling your elbows to your waist to engage your back properly. Do 10 – 12 reps.

Ab Crossover With Shorty Power Band

Ab Crossover With Shorty Power Bands Loop one band to a piece of equipment that is secure to the ground and adjust to your desired height. *You can go straight across, you can go from low to high or high to low, however you want to target your obliques. Stand perpendicular to the power band / equipment you’re tied to. Start by twisting your body to the left towards the band, holding on to the band with both hands – this is your starting position. Then use your abs to twist all the way over to your right side and push through the movement with your hands to get the full range of motion. Do 10-12 reps then switch to the other side.

Upright Row With Shorty Power Band

Upright Row With Shorty Power BandsTake two bands, loop one around each foot, and hold on to the other ends of the bands with your hands. Once the bands are secure under your feet, pull the bands straight up towards your chin. This exercise is working your anterior delts (shoulders), so make sure to engage your shoulders in this pulling motion. Do 12 – 15 reps.

Donkey Kick With Shorty Power Band

Donkey Kick With Shorty Power BandsI grabbed the purple band for this one since the range of motion is shorter and my legs are stronger than my upper body. (The purple band has a higher resistance, making it harder to stretch it out) Step into the bend and place it right above your knees. (not ON your knees, that would be painful and will cause injury). Then kneel on all fours, flex your right foot, and kick back. Make sure to squeeze at the top and engage your glutes with this exercise. Do 10 – 12 reps then switch legs and repeat.

If you’re looking to make your workouts more dynamic, you can get a full set of the DynaPro shorty power bands HERE!

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How to Use Shorty Power Bands for Ultimate Resistance Training


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