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10 Reasons Why Resistance Bands Will Literally Change Your Life

The benefits of resistance bands will blow your mind. Here’s what you need to know!

It’s the latest fitness trend for a reason — Resistance Bands will change the way you work out, forever! There are all different kinds of resistance bands, but there are variations of Band training that you should consider incorporating into your workout routine — STAT. Start with standard resistance training bands, and mini bands! There are endless perks to using these precision training tools in your workout routine. The best part? They’re super portable, so you can use them at home, on a trip, in the office, or at the gym.

Our DynaPro Direct bands are high quality, since the last thing you want is a band breaking when you’re breaking a sweat. The standard and mini bands come in different levels of resistance, respectively. Even if you’re just starting out, it’s smart to grab a set so you can vary the levels of resistance you’re working with.

Here are the top ten reasons why resistance band junkies will never stop:

  1. You don’t have to learn new skills to use them:

    Resistance bands will do whatever you want them to do! There’s no need to go crazy trying to develop a brand new workout routine to use them. You’ll be able to incorporate the bands into the workout routine you know and feel comfortable with.

  2. You can get fit while you’re at work:

    Resistance bands, specifically mini bands, are the perfect tools to keep in your desk drawer at the office. You can wrap the band around your legs to stretch or work your muscles while you’re sitting at your desk, and you can also get in a quick arm workout that will relieve the tension and stress that’s been building up the entire day.

  3. Be adventurous with your resistance bandsYou can be adventurous with your bands:

    Bring your bands with you to the beach or take them with you on a hike! You can even wrap a band around a tree to stabilize the band as you push and pull. Possibilities are endless, and since they’re so portable, you can really get creative with how and where you use them. It adds a fun twist to toning up, since you wouldn’t necessarily bring heavy weights along with you when you’re working out on-the-go.

  4. You’ll notice results:

    Resistance bands are simple, but the benefits the bands have on the human body are far from mundane. Your muscles will become stronger, more stable, and your range of motion will increase along with your flexibility.

  5. You will feel better in the morning:

    Sometimes, it’s daunting to think about getting in a full body workout at the very beginning of the day. But since resistance bands are smaller in size, you can keep some right in the drawer of your nightstand. In the morning, you can use the bands to get in a quick pump or stretch and get that blood flowing before your day starts. You’ll get addicted to doing that.

  6. Perform full-body workout with resistance bands anywhereYou’ll take them everywhere you go:

    Pack the bands in your purse or in your suitcase to get a quick pump in before hitting the beach or an important social event. You’ll appreciate the ten-minute tone-up right at your fingertips.

  7. You’ll ditch your partner:

    Not in a bad way, but you won’t need a workout buddy anymore! There’s no reason to feel unsafe if you don’t have a spotter — like you would if you were lifting — though it’s extra fun and motivating to work out with a partner who shares the same fitness goals.

  8. You’ll save money, lots of it:

    Hello, bank account that isn’t depleting! It’s important to change up your fitness routine in general, but you’ll find that using resistance bands is fun and effective enough to cut back on splurging for pricey classes or heavy lifting equipment. Once you know how to use the simple bands (and master the different techniques!) you’ll be able to cut back on personal training sessions, too.

  9. Increase strength and fitness with resistance bandsYou’ll tell all of your friends about it:

    You’re going to have such a fun time working with the bands and enjoying the results, that you’ll want to blast your success on social media and encourage your friends to try it, too. There’s a huge community on Instagram that uses the bands regularly, so it’s fun to share your techniques and inspire others who love the bands, too.

  10. You’ll punch muscle memory in the face:

    When working out, it’s important to not do the same workout every day, over and over again. You won’t build as much muscle that way! By incorporating resistance bands into some of your favorite moves, you’ll trick your muscles without feeling like you’re doing anything that different. That’s less work, and better results for you!

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10 Reasons Why Resistance Bands Will Literally Change Your Life


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