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5 Important Tips for a New Cat Parent


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Are you a first time cat parent? Well! The joy and feeling of being a Cat Parent is something, which cannot be expressed in words.

Pet parenting or ‘Cat Parenting’ involves both love and care. It is a crown, which comes with great responsibilities. A new cat parent would find himself in a dilemma on the question of how to ensure his feline’s health and ways to enrich her life.

Taking account of this new cat parent’s situation, we present you five basic tips, which a cat parent must take note of to safeguard his feline’s overall health.

Visit Vet

A vet is the ideal person who can clear all your doubts regarding your kitty’s overall well-being. He can determine nutrition plan according to your feline’s age and breed. A vet can aware you about various cat health issues and preventive measures to address the same.

As a new cat parent seeing a vet is must to know all the strings attached with cat parenting.

However, even after you enter into the club of mature cat parents, regular vet visits are must to stay updated on your cat’s health.

Feed Your Feline Right Food

Right Food’ here means feeding your cat a healthy diet. Cats are increasingly becoming obese which makes them vulnerable to various health disorders including heart diseases.

Therefore, as a cat parent give your cat a balanced diet. You may consult your vet to formulate a correct diet plan for your cat. The vet at the same time would also advise you to help your cat do some physical exercises.

This detail is vital as certain breeds of cats are more at the risk of gaining obesity such as Birman, American Shorthair, or Persian. The vet in such case may present you a plan, which caters to your cat’s breed. At the same time, when buying cat food from outside (other than vet), check the food label and ingredients to suit your cat’s dietary requirements.

Take Care Of Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits

Cats are very particular when it comes to eliminating. She may not use a dirty Litter Box and instead choose to defecate in places other than the litter box. Therefore,

  • Provide her a clean and appropriate litter box, which is of right size.
  • Locate it at a place where your cat feels comfortable and private.
  • Clean the feces of your feline regularly.
  • Maintain the box regularly and change it every week.

Don’t Forget Cat Grooming

Although cats carry a picture of being good in self-grooming, like other pet species they need to be groomed to enhance their appearance and for maintaining their skin health and hygiene. Regular grooming of your cat includes bathing, brushing, combing her fur and trimming the claws, etc.

It is worth noting that cat grooming not only includes mundane details as mentioned above but also includes

  • Checking the presence of ear mites in your cat and removing the same with ear cleaning solution like Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser.
  • Observing her behavior and noticing any unusual behavior on her part
  • Observing her eyes to ensure non-presence of any foreign object
  • Being in touch with her body to detect any hidden wounds
  • Spending ample time with the feline

Cat grooming is a broad concept, which ends with mastering the art of cat parenting as a whole. Consult your vet if you find anything suspecting when it comes to your cat’s body and behavior.

Put your Cat Under The Protection OF Flea Control Products And Wormers

Whether your cat is an indoor cat or an outdoor breed such as Siamese, the need for flea preventives and effective dewormers is advised by veterinarians to prevent both internal and external parasitic infections in cats.

Therefore, follow the maxim of prevention is better than cure and include flea control products such as Bravecto to check flea infestation in your cat. Dewormers like Antezole Liquid Suspension or Drontal have also found acceptance among cat owners to protect their felines against intestinal parasites.

But Remember…

Parenting involves care, responsibility, emotions and yes of course money too. While facilities play a vital role in maintaining your pet’s health, yet it cannot take the place of intimate moments that you can share with your cat.

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5 Important Tips for a New Cat Parent


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