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How To Stop Mom Anxiety: Natural Remedies and Tips

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It seemed like everywhere I turned it was there. I saw it in their faces. I could spot the worry, the fear, and the Anxiety from a mile away. So many mamas, no matter their culture or background, struggle to make it through the day without feeling consumed by their anxious thoughts. It’s a feeling that I know all too well because I was that mama. And, to be honest, I still am that mama sometimes. As mamas who face these mental health battles on a daily basis, we just want to know how to stop mom anxiety. We want to know how we can walk in freedom from the chains of our anxious minds.

how to stop mom anxiety natural remedies

How To Stop Mom Anxiety: The Struggle Is Real

So why are mamas especially prone to anxiety in the first place? Well, becoming a mama is one of the most life-altering events of a woman’s life. And these events can seriously rock our worlds. All of a sudden, there’s this squishy little human who is dependent on you 24/7. You have one job: to keep said squishy human alive and well. And that tall order comes with a whole heck of a lot of pressure. Cue anxiety.

As mamas, we can worry ourselves sick that we aren’t doing everything right. We’re terrified that we’re going to harm our sweet, vulnerable kiddos. A little bit of that feeling is completely normal. But when happens when the need to be the perfect mom consumes you? I’ll tell you what happens: anxiety.

Also, as mamas, always being “on” leaves little time for the stress-relieving activities that we used to enjoy. And being an introvert mama adds another dimension to this struggle. Your “alone time” is pretty much nonexistent. And that can be rough on mamas who require time alone to recharge their batteries. Again, cue anxiety.

And let’s talk hormones. Geez, the hormones. Dips and rises in estrogen and progesterone can make us feel like we’re on a never-ending roller coaster ride. One minute we’re laughing, the next we’re crying. And pretty much anything will make us an emotional mess. Heck, I got all teary the other day when I opened an email from a strawberry company containing a coupon for some strawberries. What the heck? Why am I crying about a dang coupon?

How To Deal With Mom Anxiety

Don’t get me wrong, being a mama is the most important and amazing job on the planet. However, it’s also one of the hardest jobs on the planet. So, do you want to know how to stop mom anxiety? Do you want to know how you can stop feeling so dang anxious all of the time? Here are a few tips that helped me deal with mom anxiety:

Talk To Someone About Your Anxiety

One of the worst things that we can do, as mamas, is to bottle up our feelings and anxious thoughts. And we all know that these feelings will eventually explode if we don’t get them out. Talk to someone you trust about what you’re going through. This can be a counselor, a loyal friend, or an understanding family member. I know that admitting that you’re struggling with anxiety can be tough and embarrassing. I’ve been there. Just make sure that whomever you choose to confide in is someone you trust and who will keep your situation confidential.

Sleep Off Your Anxiety

Ahhhhh, Sleep. It’s probably not surprising to you that a lack of sleep can contribute to anxiety. As a new mama, I pretty much wanted to throat punch anyone who asked if I was getting enough sleep. I mean, really? I have a newborn. No, Susan, I’m not getting enough sleep!

Here’s the deal, until your baby gets on a somewhat predictable sleep schedule, you have to do the best you can to get as much sleep as possible. You’re seriously just trying to survive those first several months. Mamas with new babies get a pass on this tip. Everybody else, be intentional about going to bed at a decent hour at the same time every night. I know that feeling of being torn between going to bed and staying up just to have some alone time. Choose sleep.

Essential Oils For Anxiety

Some people think that essential oils are basically voodoo, some people believe that they’re the best thing ever. I happen to be in the latter camp. Essential oils have worked wonders for my anxiety. I don’t go a day without using them. Here are a few of my favorites:


If you can only get your hands on one essential oil, let it be lavender. After you get the kids down for bed, enjoy a relaxing bath with a few drops of lavender and about a cup of Epsom salts. Put a drop or two on the bottoms of your feet before bed for better sleep.


I love the smell of bergamot oil! Diffuse into the air with your favorite diffuser or inhale directly from the bottle when you’re feeling anxious.


This oil gets its claim to fame from being presented to the Messiah by the wise men. Dilute a few drops of frankincense with a teaspoon of coconut oil and massage into your hands and/or feet. You can also diffuse a few drops into the air for anxiety-fighting power.

Essential Oil Safety

When it comes to essential oil safety, please only use oils that you purchase from a reputable brand. You probably have a friend or family member who is a representative for a big essential oil company. Give them your business. I strongly suggest that you avoid buying oils from big box stores as they usually only contain a small portion of the actual oil you’re looking for. These bottles are often filled the rest of the way with cheap filler oils, and some even contain toxic ingredients. This means that, not only will you not get the results you’re after, but you’ll also be exposing yourself to toxins. Not good.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to stop mom anxiety, there are lots of natural things that you can do to keep yourself calm and chill. Let’s face it, mommin’ ain’t easy. But it’s definitely worth it. Mama, you are making a difference. You are changing the world. Don’t forget that. When anxiety starts to creep up on you, whip out the tips that I just shared and put them into practice. You’ll be glad you did.

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how to stop mom anxiety natural remedies

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How To Stop Mom Anxiety: Natural Remedies and Tips


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