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Why Sealed Food is Better than Ordinary Food Storage Methods?

Have you ever asked yourself why life expectancy in most third world countries is low? And also why some production companies in the Food industry in most developed countries are denied access to offer their services?

Here is an exposition of the whole story, I’ll be discussing why the sealed food is safer than the ordinary stored food. In this case, i will bank on Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum sealing machine as the best Vacuum Sealer and a few others for my illustrations. You will get to understand how and what you need to do in order to increase your lifespan.

First of all you’ll agree with me that during ancient times our great grandparents used traditional methods to store foods which could even last for a whole month without spoilage. A good example is roasted meat. They could roast meat and hang it to the ceiling poles of their grass thatched roof houses. Before hanging, they first applied salt which was meant to keep away any microbial activity. Alternatively, they could fully immerse well dried meat in strained honey within drums and the meat could last for long. Honey was the universal means of storage as it could store a wide range of food stuffs.

One disadvantage of the methods in our modern world today is that honey is a scarce commodity, meaning, if you find it, you pay more to acquire it. Also, time is another factor. Roasting meat requires a lot of time. That is why there was need to embrace new technology to solve time and also preserve food in its pure form, and not mixed with other food stuffs.

A question now comes, which is the best modern method? How is it done? And, why do we prefer it?

We have already seen that to keep food safe, we need to have it covered. Therefore, sealing become the only suitable  method.

This technique operate on the principle of air displacement to create a vacuum. The vacuum denies air and moisture to microbial organisms that would favor their growth.

“Find out the best vacuum sealer and choose from various model that suit your needs to keep food fresh 5 time longer than ordinary food storage methods and enjoy the food taste as you buy first time.”

Here’s A Sample Procedure for Food Stuff Commodities

You will start by placing your foodstuff in a zipper lock bag and seal the bag. You will be required to leave a small inch open before that next step. After this, you will lower the bag into a pot of hot water. As the bag will be lowered, the water pressure in the vessel will push air out of the bag via the small opening you left. After that, you will now fully seal the bag.

This method is best for sealing food commodities in plastic bags. But the best easy to save time technique is by the use of the machine. For example, Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum sealer machine.

I let you know that besides shielding the effect of the microorganisms, sealing will also allow the favorable temperature and moisture that would make the food become more tasty and nutritious.

With the experience I have, sealed food is the most safest at any vocation or picnic. One may be free to partake. Unlike the locally served food that would be accompanied by many claims of food poisoning. In regard to the same case, the conditions under which this food  must be prepared before sealing are to be standard. This would include, the right cooking temperatures and time or duration of cooking.

Having all these factors considered, then you have no reason why you should not enjoy your vacation. Prince of the pellet frontier is preferred for such events as you can easily carry it anywhere. All food is sealed and served uniformly. And if you love journey or hiking you might having experience cooking at outside of the home. To do so, for your assistance you may find out the best pellet smoker that help you to cook delicious grill and smoker with real wood burning flavor.

It is important to note that wastage may cost you lots of money. So, care is needed to make use of every cent spent. Before the food is prepared, you will be required to take the statistics of those who will be attending. This will help you to make the appropriate rationing. Also, you may need highly renowned and experienced catering agents to make the right procurement of ingredients to be used.

At the beginning cleared, I told you that I will not be mean, but give you all that you require. I want to introduce to you Seal a Meal compact vacuum sealer as a better vacuum sealer model and affordable. It is the one of the most cheapest but good quality models in the market. It’s advantage is that it doesn’t have many complicated features which will be complex for the user to operate. It is efficient for small kitchens and has the ability to seal the commodities fully and  make them compact.

Besides, I also recommend foodsaver V2244 food sealing machine as the best vacuum sealing machine at an affordable price. It is one of the most popular and versatile vacuum sealing systems found on the market. It has many features which other models don’t have. With it, food can be stored fresh for long time without spoilage. One of the most important features that enable this is that it is equipped with 80 kPa pressure, which help to effectively remove moisture and oxygen that would spoil food.

All these machines can be requested and purchased at various online marketplace like Amazon and such others e-commerce site.

As I near the finish point, I have prepared for  you the annotation about the best food sealer brand that you will enjoy their service when you buy them at the comfort of your kitchen. They include Weston Pro 2300 and Vacmaster VP210. You may explore over the best food saver model

Weston Pro 2300 is best for game  meat and fish, when preserved by this food sealer model, you will like the taste and flavor. On the other side, VacMaster VP210 is best suited for liquid foods. The reason being that it is a chamber vacuum sealer. It can help to preserve soups, sauces as well as foods with plenty of fluid such as fresh meats.


Finally, ordinary food storage methods expose foodstuffs to a wide range of harmful microorganisms. These microorganisms enter our bodies when we consume these foods. They release toxins that cause infections. The infections caused would hamper somatic cell division and growth. This is the reason why our lives are shortened thereby we have low life expectancy.

You’ll agree with me that for life to continue cell division must be a continuous process. For it to stop, means life must stop. Then, it will also be important to note that for you to live a healthy life, you need to eat well preserved food. Avoid hand contamination by regularly washing your hands, drink herbal tea once a day (this will help to boost body immunity), ensure that you always breathe in clean air (try to avoid areas with contaminated air). You will be front line to even help your people live longer.

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Why Sealed Food is Better than Ordinary Food Storage Methods?


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