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How to fix Android Battery Drain issues and Extend Battery Life

Battery Drain Android: Your mobile’s Battery is discharged too quickly and you do not know why. Well, here are all the possible solutions to that problem. No matter how powerful our smartphone is, we are subject to the life that your battery gives us. This may be more or less, but it always tends to die just when we need it most. It may be because of Murphy’s popular law or because he has a problem and he downloads too quickly. We are clearly provided Note 5 not charging issue solution below. Once check out that.

Let’s go to solve the second point: you have an Android phone and you can see how its battery is discharged much faster than it should. Without coming to mind and without using the smartphone actively: your mobile loses mAh and you do not know what to do to avoid it. Well, let’s show you some tricks.

Restart the mobile

What a usual solution, right? It’s true, they always tell us the same thing every time we call for a technological problem, but it’s often the fastest way to fix a punctual battery discharge. Press and hold the power button, choose “Restart” and wait for the system to load again.

Has not been fixed with a restart? Then you have to go further and jump to the next step: find what causes the accelerated discharge.

Inspect all Applications:

The easiest way to know what is consuming battery is to go to the usage meter that is within the settings of your Android, in the “Battery” section. It inspects the graph carefully and detects those applications that have registered the highest consumption. Were you actively using that application? Then it is normal to have consumed more than normal. Does the Application show a high expense but you did not use it? We already have the devourer of autonomy. Check out also latest laptops application form below.

  • You can uninstall it in case you downloaded the app. Simply enter the installation settings and click on “Uninstall”.
  • If it can not be uninstalled because it is a system, try to disable it. Go to “Settings / Applications” and find the app that quickly downloads the battery. Then look for the “Disable” or “Disable” button. This way you will not eliminate the application, but it will stay frozen and unused.
  • If you can not disable manually you can only do it if you are ROOT. It is not advisable to root your mobile to disable or uninstall system applications, although you can do it in case the battery discharge is exaggerated and can not be solved with the previous steps. Or with the following ones, that we have not finished.

Once you have detected the application there are several ways to proceed, always depending on which app it is.

Simple tips with which to Save a lot of Battery:

Often an exaggerated download is caused by a misconfiguration of the most basic Android settings .the above will work well to detect the specific devs of mah, but it will not solve a notorious discharge in case there are a multitude of simultaneous open processes. Many of the functions of Android consume when they are in the background. And this consumption can be exaggerated if some service goes too far.

By carrying out the following tips you will get a general and instantaneous improvement in the consumption of your Android. They do not limit the use so you will not lose experience.

Disable the location of Play Services

Google shares your position to collaborate with Maps and also so you can find your smartphone if it is lost. Cutting this feature adds life to the battery in exchange for losing services (although you gain privacy). To carry out this action, it is enough to go to the settings of your Android and enter the Google options. Go to “Location” and look for “Location history.” Turn off the option and you’re done.

Manage Connections and the Screen

It’s a truism, but it never hurts: watch the brightness of the screen and the time it’s on. This component is the one that spends the most on any smartphone, so you’ll save more as you use it less. Although yes, it is not worth having a smartphone if you are going to have it always off.

Turning off connections that you do not use is always a good idea. Bluetooth if you do not have anything connected, WiFi if you leave the areas where you connect… It is not that they consume excessively, but something is something.

Deactivates Unnecessary Gestures

Many phones incorporate gestures to detect movement. The turn of the mobile to silence a call, pass the palm for a capture in a Samsung… The great part of these gestures consumes energy when having to detect them, deactivate them to save a good bit. They are usually found in the settings of your Android under the name of “Gestures” or Movement. Also within “Screen”, it will depend on your mobile.

If you have a custom layer often tends to overspend. A good way to tackle this is to install a light launcher, such as Pixel Launcher; also another something heavier but extremely functional, like Nova Launcher. And you have to take another precaution

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How to fix Android Battery Drain issues and Extend Battery Life


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