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How Salesforce DX Changes the Game for Developers & Admins?

How Salesforce DX Changes the Game for Developers & Admins?

Salesforce DX has been welcomed with open arms by Salesforce admins as it is a completely novel approach to development that takes place on Salesforce platform. It facilitates developers in making the most of cutting-edge software development techniques. So how are admins benefitted by ?


What Actually Is Salesforce DX?

Most outside developers would find Salesforce to be pretty bizarre. Many software developers have been taking the best practices for granted. Features such as continuous integration, version control, end-to-end testing or for that matter continuous deployment have been pretty challenging with Salesforce. Today, Salesforce DX has been launched purposely for making things far easier for achieving and fortifying the platform, especially for the developers.

How Does Salesforce DX Affect You?

Salesforce DX is meant for professional software developers. So in case, your org is predominantly configured, it would not be affecting you. On the contrary, in case you are used to sharing your orgs with software developers, you would be required to adopt a few new practices. Get in touch with, the agile Salesforce delivery platform.

Code vs. Configuration

In an ideal situation, admins are supposed to manage configuration and the developers are supposed to do code management. However, in reality, things are pretty complicated as developers are often compelled to share the responsibility of admins so they often manage configuration changes that take place in an org.

A fundamental principle of Salesforce DX seems to be that configuration could actually be managed very much outside the org and this idea is truly alluring to the developers who are finding ways for defining ‘single source of truth’. It is a place where each and every configuration and code are all neatly and precisely specified, moreover, you have the guarantee that the code would be working with the configuration.

Version Control

Only if code and configuration are stored in a VCS or Version Control System, Salesforce DX could prove to be effective. When you store configuration and code together in a VCS then it becomes possible for applying the ‘source of truth’ effectively to an org along with overwriting settings and also updating configuration for matching the ‘source of truth’. This is effective in making deployments far more dependable and safer. The only problem is that the tools that help to manage the ‘source of truth’ have been crafted solely for developers. However, that does not imply that admins are not allowed to work along with the developers. An appropriate process must be there for things to take its course.

Changes Necessitate Proper Coordination

Developers and admins could be working together effectively with Salesforce DX. However, there are some drawbacks or limitations. In an ideal situation, you would like to leverage both the Salesforce DX’s capacity to rapidly and safely release changes and an admin’s expertise in swiftly customizing an org.

The secret to working seamlessly is to lay down some fundamental rules like:

  • Modifications made by admins would require being added to VCS by developers.
  • Deployments must be performed through version control.
  • Configuration changes must never be done directly in production.
  • Excellent communication is mandatory.

What Are the Key Advantages of Salesforce DX?

The key benefits of Salesforce DX are:

  • Continuous integration: ability to examine, that new changes are not breaking present behavior.
  • Continuous deployment: ability to deploy as soon as the features are ready.
  • Safer deployments: The code is guaranteed to fit the configuration.
  • Debugging is easier thanks to version control.
  • Easier & simpler code sharing.


There are no tools for admins in Salesforce DX. Even though Salesforce DX has done a wonderful job of upgrading the platform with cutting-edge software development practices. However, admins are still not able to contribute fruitfully to any deployment process. Admins must have the authority and power to effectively contribute, evaluate, and deploy the changes and modifications from Salesforce DX controlled environment.

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How Salesforce DX Changes the Game for Developers & Admins?


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