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6 Reasons that have Helped Glass Erase Boards revolutionize the Writing Board Industry

Glass Erase BoardsDifferent forms of writing boards have served many different industries for centuries. The sheer functionality of the writing boards has kept numerous people interested in them for that many decades. When in any situation where something is to be explained or someone’s point is to be carried across to a group of people, writing boards provide a very good option. Traditional whiteboards have been the main writing Board option for a very long time until the last few years or so, these whiteboards provided perfect solutions for the education, medical, construction, retail and many other industries and they also came very cheaply. The main drawbacks with them, however, have been their shorter lives resulting from wet ink and its residue on the surface and also not so great design options that faded away over the years and made them look very outdated in the design aspect.

And then Glass Erase Boards surfaced, essentially a big chunk of laminated glass, these glasses erase boards provide a great option for people to write on them using dry ink markers. The glass erase board eliminated all the flaws of the whiteboards and provided some advantages of their own. Here are a few reasons that have helped glass erase boards revolutionize the writing board industry

1: Elegant Functional Design Options

Glass generally looks great when correct polishing and other refining processes are done. When used as glass erase boards, the glass sheets can really shine on the wall or on their stand. Their well-polished edges have the chamfered effect and make the light reflect differently creating an elusive great design feature.

Additional to that, glass erases board stands are available in the market that not only looks very elegant but also feature height adjustable options as well. These stands allow the erase board to be slid up and down in order to reach comfortable height for the writer. This is indeed one of the better reasons that have helped glass erase boards revolutionize the writing board industry.

2: Color Matching or Contrasting Options

Unlike traditional whiteboards, glass erases boards from quality glass companies come in various color options. They are available in the darkest black colors and softest white colors as well. They are practically made from sheets of glass and glass these days is available in numerous color options only limited by the choice and preferences of the users.

This color choice in glass erases boards provide many interior decoration options to various industries making use of them. Their color can be either matched with the rest of the furniture around them or can be contrasted in order to complement the surroundings nicely. For the most design loving people, this option really works great and allows them options to tinker with their color theme as much as they practically want.

3: Higher Durability

It is easy to associate glass with highly breakable materials, however, the glass erases boards being manufactured from very strong laminated glass sheets that are usually two or more sheets being sandwiched together using a sheet of vinyl in between, have great strength levels and are more difficult to break than some wooden doors.

The glass erases boards will stay in their shape and newness as long as they are not broken intentionally using a baseball bat or similar objects. Their durability extends beyond their general strength as well. The main problem with the whiteboards was that they needed to be replaced every so often because of their de-coloration that is caused by the wet ink residue being left on them. Glass erase boards, however, use those dry ink markers that leave nothing behind when cleaned off with a cloth or the board eraser. Their durability in terms of strength and the newness that they are able to keep for much longer periods of time when compared with traditional whiteboards is truly one of the most reasons that have helped glass erase boards revolutionize the writing board industry.

glass board

4: 100% Erase Ability

Their smooth surfaces are very well polished and offer very hard and easy to erase options. This is a feature on its own as well. The dry markers used on the glass erase boards specialize in not leaving any ink residue behind and the smooth surfaces of the glass erase boards enable them to be wiped with much ease as well.

All you need to do in order to erase the ink on the glass erase boards completely is to wipe them once or twice using their eraser or just a regular dry cloth. Their great dry erasable nature, however, can cause a bit of mess on the floor below them as the dry ink sort of grades away when wiped. Nothing alarming, however, it will need a bit of clean every so often, but the glass erase boards will not need to be replaced for as long as wanted.

5: Potentially Limitless Applications

Traditional whiteboards needed to be hung on walls or stood on stands and that was about it. There was no other use for them and places, where you could fit them, were very limited as well. However, the glass erases boards being made from strengthened glass provide much greater flexibility regarding where they can be installed and what functionality they can offer.

Practically every surface can be used as the glass erase board, desk separators in offices, table top surfaces in schools or offices or even the walls near the windows. All these surfaces are within the normal range of the person using them and can be utilized for the purpose of taking quick notes during some lecture, presentation, meeting or conference. This feature singlehandedly has proven to be much more functional than regular whiteboards and gives glass erase boards the upper hand on a greater level.

6: Magnetic Glass Erase Boards for Reducing Clutter

Usually glass is not so much associated with being magnetic, however, when the correct implementation techniques are used, this can also be achieved from glass sheets. By installing a sheet of magnetic material at the back of the glass erase board and then using magnetic strips or clips to hang notes on it or even lightweight containers for markers, dusters or even smartphones is a very practical idea and makes clear glass magnetic erase boards one of the most loved products.

Once the magnetic glass erases boards are installed correctly, they can reduce the usual clutter manifolds. Teachers in class rooms or managers in offices are notorious for loosing dusters, markers or their own personal small belongings, with small sized magnetic containers installed on then, not only will the clutter be reduced a great deal but also the losing them often problem can be solved in the process as well, making this one of the most practical writing board ideas to date.

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6 Reasons that have Helped Glass Erase Boards revolutionize the Writing Board Industry


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