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3 Things You Should Be Aware About Stress

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By Usman Raza

A human being is being challenged daily on how to deal oneself in a balanced manner. Tensions and pressures start with yourself. It is, in fact, a great call to consider managing oneself properly in all aspects.

A human being is consist of three main aspects; spirit, soul, and body. Every element requires total consideration. Knowing that it demands full attention and careful thought for us to live a balanced life.

3 things to be aware about stress

As a person there are many needs, not to mention our demands that we try to work hard, for us to achieve that feeling of satisfaction through meeting both ends.

Our body has the necessities for us to stay healthy can continue on living. Our soul requires a lot of attention that will firmly establish our relationships. And the spirit that creates an environment for us to meditate amidst the demands of life.

Stress is a state when people are cluttered with demands and the battle of the right responses to every single demand around us. These demands are strained internally and externally.

Stress is being processed physically, mentally and emotionally as a person.

Stress is prevalent whenever and wherever we give stress to circumstances that we hardly cope up with. If something is happening personally (from within), then it will have a manifestation effect in coping-up with the environment (externally).

3 Things about Stress

1. It makes a person active.

Whenever the person starts to have tension, stress starts to operate. Stress enables a person to prepare for an incoming situation naturally. Adrenaline rush starts to operate that allows the person to be physically active that exceeds its average strength.

The level of stressors around that person makes them equate the level of their response. It is greatly experienced whenever there are positive nor negative occurrences in the environment they are in.

Active response is exerted whenever there are experiences such as going to a first date, being aggressive on getting the things they like and the rush we feel when there are incidents such as fire and the like. Physical reflex is more present in this manner of stress.

2. It keeps a person emotionally disturbed

Too many demands and commitments trigger stress. Poor self-management causes a person to be emotionally unstable.

Often they display negative behaviors towards the others. There is a tendency that person begins to be irritable towards the others, which greatly affects work, intimate, and or friendly relationship.

3. It lingers whenever neglected

There are conditions in life that are hard to give resolutions. Such conditions can be an unhappy marriage, poverty, dysfunctional family and the like.

People experiencing these challenges life needs to be assisted well. They need proper disclosures and therapy that will allow them to express their thoughts and will eventually accept the realities in life.

Stress can positively help a person in dealing with life positively. But then there are more risk and negative effects it offers when not handled well.

There are physical manifestations whenever a person is experiencing stress; seeing only the negativity in life, poor judgment, nervous habits, violent actions, suicide, headache, upset stomach, high blood pressures, lack of sleep, heart diseases, stroke and even cancer. As it is labeled stress is the mother of all diseases.

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Usman Raza is Co-Founder of Usman Digital Media

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3 Things You Should Be Aware About Stress


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