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How to Know you are Jealous of your Friend

How To Know You Are Jealous Of Your Friend

You are Jealous but you don’t want to admit it.  Your friend seems to have it all and even though you are the best of mates, somehow you just don’t feel excited about their news.  You wear the pretend smiles and even say how happy you are for them over their news.  But really…it is eating you inside.

Well, let’s have some little help in knowing for sure you are defo jealous of your friend

#1 You get irritated by their bragging rights

Your friend has Nominated for an award.  The most coveted award you could dream off this side of heaven.  It is all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  In fact, everytime you look on your phone there is that logo of the organisation that is dishing out the award. 

You click unfollow so you don’t have to see their news in your newsfeed.  After all, you have commented and told her how sooooooooooooo happy you are. 

But the truth is these constant bombarding is getting to you.  The world does not revolve round them for goodness sake…Get the picture?  Sure.

#2 You don’t share their news/not supportive

Maybe it is a nomination by vote.  So the more votes, the higher the chances of them winning.  You have done your bit for mankind and given your one vote.  You don’t see why you should now  become an unpaid agent to publicize their news.  If they want to win, they can do it all on their own for sure.

#3 You avoid them

You have unfollowed them for a while so you don’t see their gloating and bragging.  But now you are not even taking their phone calls and suddenly you are extremely busy anytime they want to pop over or invite you round.  You just are not in the mood to hear all their good news for the 56th time.  So you keep away

#4 You play down their news

It is all well they have been nominated for this award.  But it is not exactly the Oscars is it?  It is one where one has to vote to win so what does that say about the quality of the award?  Any Tom, Sharon or Sam could get someone to nominate them and ask everyone to vote.  Hey, hey, hey!  Slow down. 

Don’t play down their news!  Remember you were the one who was always encouraging them when they were starting out.  Surely, now they have taken your advice and are now flying, do you not think that you played a part?  If you play down their news, you play down the value of your advice and support!

#5 You start to compete

If they can do it, you can do it and better too.  So something that you had no business venturing into, has now become your focus.  Why?  All because of jealousy.  And the effect of that?  You are going off course and being diverted into doing things that are of no use to you.  You are basically wasting your time, energy and perhaps money just to prove a silly point!

#6 You begin to feel inadequate

Till you heard their news, you were OK, even happy.  Now, everything you have or done just pales into comparison.  Nothing measures up to your friend’s accomplishment or possession.  The lovely quaint house you liked so much has now become an eyesore to you now.  Why?  Negative comparision.

#7 You pick arguments with your loved ones

Now it is all your husband’s fault or your kids fault.  If you had not had 3 children, perhaps you may have gone further in your career.  As much as you love your family, right now this very moment you see them as a stumbling block.  And this you show by being irritable and argumentative.  Doh!

Have you ever been jealous of your friend?  What did you do?  Please comment below

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How to Know you are Jealous of your Friend


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