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Top Blog Posts and Pages of 2016 – See what trended!

Thank you to all our visitors, guest bloggers and subscribers.  You guys encouraged us so much in what we were doing!!

We have over 400 quality blog posts on this site, many have come from guest bloggers.  We endeavor to bring you the hopeful side of dealing with the challenge of Mental Illness in defying mental illness and its stigma.  

Your valued comments, the increasing number  of hits each month, the quality posts from our bloggers;  we are proud to say here at Defying Mental Illness we have the best of the best.  

We had thousands of visitors from all over the world.  

Our top 10 countries of site visitors in 2016 came from:

  1. Unites States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Aruba
  7. Philippines
  8. Netherlands
  9. Brazil
  10. South Africa

Thank you all so much.  In 2017, we want to reach more people out there, help others see there is hope.  That Mental Illness is not necessarily a life sentence.  And that stigma should never be encouraged.

Here are a round up of our top 10 blogs with highest hits for 2016:

10 My experience of being sectioned by Stewart Bint

9   Mental Illness and Living Alone by Chuck

8  Facts and Figures about Loneliness by

7   Seven things to remember when people are mean to you by Zoe

6  Fascinating Facts why we do not like asking for help by Zoe

5  Should your boss know about your challenges with mental illness? by Reed Parker

4  Living alone with schizophrenia by Chuck

3  Five lies Satan will tell you about mental illness by Zoe

2  Handling difficulties following a head injury by Mike James

1  How to help someone with suicidal thoughts by Zoe

Here are our top pages with highest hits:

5  Podcasts & Videos

4  Did you know?

3  Useful links

2  Neurocounseling: How We Understand Mental Illness Today (And How We May Treat It Tomorrow)

1  Worldwide suicide helpline/hotline

Here are some other blogs that trended or got the limelight at various peaks:

6  15 ways to start appreciating yourself by Zoe 

5  When suicide strikes in the church 2 – IS PATH WARM? by Zoe

4   Share your story – Carissa Wright

3  What to do after a nightmare by Chuck

2  Power of a focused mind by Chuck

1  Broaching the subject of mental illness at work by Elizabeth Greene

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Top Blog Posts and Pages of 2016 – See what trended!


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