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A Christmas Message

Hi everyone and in particular all our subscribers and followers!!

Perhaps you have woken up on Christmas morning.  Everyone is saying Merry Christmas  and you are wondering what is it to be merry about.  

Maybe today is a difficult day as you are feeling lonely, or you are missing a loved one who has passed on.  There are some encouraging blogs on the links highlighted, so please check them out.  


How can you find hope when there seems to be none?

christmas-1015357_640If you have been/are challenged with mental illness, we want to bring you a Message of hope and encouragement.  Christmas is more meaningful for us at DMI, then just saying Happy Holidays, as with just saying the word Christmas, there is always hope in the air.  Most people are much more compassionate, loving and generous at this season, which shows the kindness and promise of humanity.

There may be a lot happening around the world.  The news channel may bring sad, depressing news of threat and terror.  However, we want to appeal to you not to live in terror, fear and despair.  Cling to the hope that is so tangible in the air at this time.  There is always a definite promise in this season.  There is always Good News in the Gospel.

The Christmas story brought hope to the world.  Hold on.  This hope never expired.  Think how far you have come.  Don’t let go.  Don’t give up now.  

Joy vs Happiness


You see the message of Christmas is about joy, which is different from happiness.  We wish you joy.  Joy comes from the human spirit.  It is never dependent on circumstances whether good or bad!  

Happiness, meanwhile is dependent on factors.  If I get a job, I will be happy.  If I move to Seattle, my dreams will come true.  And so on..

If we can grab the joy concept, we will make the most of today, even if we chose to spend it alone, or out of circumstances, we have found ourselves so.

Believe in a kind world


Around this time, many are already thinking up resolutions and changes.  Grab the optimism of the cheer and merriment today.  Rather than see your cup as half empty or dry even, see your cup as overflowing.  Try and see the goodness in someone today.  Someone may have hurt you and today, you just can’t stop thinking about it.  

They may be regretting it, not even aware or not even bothered about it.  The point is, you are the one unhappy.  Remember the message of joy.  Choose to be joyful.  And forgive them.  Don’t spoil today.  The question to ask, is all this anger and bitterness, worth spoiling Christmas over.

So, this is a message that we hope will touch someone today…not everyone will read this message as many may be eating, drinking and being merry.  However, if you happen to be one of the few who do, think about what we said!

From Chuck, Zoe and everyone at Defying Mental Illness (DMI), wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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A Christmas Message


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