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How To Remove Dull Skin On Face?

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Dull Skin is the outcome of free radicals damaging the collagen and giving rise to wrinkles, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. This makes the skin look dull, with no healthy glow in it. There are numerous dull face home remedies as well as medical treatments. Let’s go on to get into the details of dull skin causes and treatments.

Dull Skin On Face

Although dull skin can prevail anywhere on the body, it is the face that is mostly spotted and recognized. A few signs of dull skin could be lack of glow, a layer of dead or dry skin, and no luminosity whatsoever.

Causes Of Dull Skin

You might think sun exposure may be the only cause of dull skin. Well, you’re wrong. See the causes below, and identify which might be applicable to you –

  • Not Hydrating The Skin Enough

Without enough moisturizer, the skin develops cracks on its surface, which contribute to the dullness of the skin. So when we hydrate the skin enough, it adds natural fats which seal the cracks on the skin.

  • Forgetting To Exfoliate The Skin Once In A While

When there is any dead or dry skin, it is impossible to achieve a natural glow. Therefore, exfoliation is very important as it lets a fresh layer of skin come to the surface by removing the dead skin altogether.

  • Stress

Stress is one of the main underlying causes of acne breakouts and health concerns. When there is too much stress in the body, it causes an increase in cortisol, which affects the blood flow to the skin hindering skin repair.

  • Pollution

Pollutants in the air can greatly damage the skin especially if it is unprotected. The humidity, harsh winds, and smog affect the skin by dulling its texture, as there will be poor circulation in the body.

  • Daily Usage Of Cosmetics

Over usage of cosmetics on a daily basis doesn’t let the skin breathe and hence compromises on the shine of the skin. Also, makeup removers containing alcohol don’t gel along with the goal of getting glowing skin.

  • Smoking

Smoking not only causes cancer but also is harmful to your skin on a short-term and long-term It causes collagen breakdown which makes the skin saggy and wrinkled over time.

  • Sun Exposure

UV rays are one of the most common contributors to dull skin. It is important to be sunscreen-protected at all times in order to preserve the skin and protect it from pigmentation.

  • No Skin Care

A skin care regime is a must at all times. How many ever remedies or treatments you do, not having a skin care regime post that will be of no use.

Well, now that the causes have been laid out, here are the remedies.

Can You Get Your Natural Glow Back?

It is, of course, possible to get your natural glow back, with a lot of care and a few effective treatments. There are a whole lot of products and treatments in the market that only aim to help you retrieve the shine back.  Let’s go on to discuss the most effective treatments for dull skin that work at a fast pace too.

Laser Toning For Glowing Skin

Laser Toning is a treatment that uses the light of lasers to achieve an even skin tone, that is bright and glows at a glance. The result of this treatment is achieved sooner and has everlasting effects.

In this procedure, the eyes are covered and the laser light is focused on the skin to reduce pigmentation and the production of melanin. It improves the quality of the dermal layers of the skin.

Are You The Right Candidate?
There is no hard and fast rule of being the right candidate for laser toning. Laser toning is done on dull skin, pigmented skin, and could also be done on the flawless skin to maintain it as such. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid such lasers.

Benefits & Side Effects
Benefits of laser toning include – even skin tone, bright texture, glowing skin, removal of pigmentation, and fast results.

The side effects of laser toning are redness, swelling, bronzed look, and a mild sunburn-like effect. All the side effects are temporary and last for not more than a few days after the treatment.

Cost Of Laser Toning In India
The cost differs from city to city, although the average cost would be priced around Rs.3,000 – Rs.8,000 per session.

Before & After Results
A significant difference can be noticed after each session with the skin looking fresher and brighter than before.

Simple Tips To Avoid Dull Skin

A proper skin care regime is the first step to healthy skin. It is important to start the day with hydrating the skin and also end the day on the same note. A sunscreen is a must at all times of the day and eating right will assist the skin in a healthy manner.

Prevention is better than cure – So if you have healthy and glowing skin, maintain it well with the above tips and precautions. Not to worry if you are a victim of dull skin, laser toning will have you covered in no time with healthier skin.

Take care of your skin and stay healthy!

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How To Remove Dull Skin On Face?


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