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Are You Searching For A Skin Specialist In Chennai?

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The Skin represents an individual’s personality a lot. No matter how old someone is, everyone has the desire for a spotless skin. People often use a lot of home remedies, such as homemade scrubs, face packs, and skin cleansers to keep their skin pollutant-free. Several home remedies are also used to deal with skin problems like pigmentation, tanning, pimples, acne scars, and more. These home remedies are often good for a general skin care; however, when it comes to achieving the right guidance of your skin problems, its causes and treatments, one should only seek expert guidance from a skin doctor or specialist.

This post is directed to introduce you to the meaning of skin specialists as a term, what they do, when and why you should contact them, and lastly how a skin care specialist is different from an aesthetician.

Who Is A Skin Specialist?

A dermatologist specializes in diagnosis and treatment of problems related to skin, hair, scalp, and nail using non-surgical and surgical procedures. Skin care specialists or skin doctors undergo specialized training (medical degrees) to provide solutions for various skin disorders, such as pimple, scar, blemishes, pigmentation, etc. They also attain certifications in skin-related courses to become experts in skin care. They can evaluate the overall health of the skin and provide proper guidance to treat it by following appropriate safety measures and guidelines.

What Does A Skin Care Specialist Do?

The duties of a skin specialist include the following –

  • Provide guidance about the overall health of the skin.
  • If skin lacks proper nourishment, suggest methods to gain skin health.
  • Remove or reduce excessive body hair permanently using laser hair removal treatments.
  • Identify the cause of pimples or zits and provide appropriate anti-acne treatment according to an individual’s skin type.
  • Perform a standardized assessment and acne scar correction procedure to treat acne scars.
  • Treat the brown pigment found in skin with an effective anti-pigmentation method.
  • Suggest and perform skin lightening treatment based on an individual’s skin tone and health.
  • Perform a non-invasive treatment for tough stretch marks.
  • Treat and correct dull skin.
  • Remove warts or moles from the skin through safe mole removal and wart removal treatments.
  • Perform safe tattoo removal methods to get rid of unsightly body tattoos.
  • Perform effective surgical treatments, such as Botox and filler treatment for anti-aging; hair transplantation and PRP hair treatment for pattern hair loss; and treatments for various skin disorders like alopecia, pattern baldness, eczema, candida, and psoriasis.

Therefore, skin care specialists offer treatment and solutions that are a carefully balanced combination of aesthetic and clinical research. Their analysis and treatment are based to suit an individual’s skin and body needs.

How To Find A Good Dermatologist In Chennai?

There are a large number of dermatologists available in Chennai. If you are looking for a skin doctor for treating your skin ailment, simply relying on anyone may not be a good decision. Therefore, to make your decision easier, here are a few factors you should consider before you make your first appointment –

  • Do a little bit research of the skin care clinics or hospitals in Chennai.
  • Choose the right skin care clinic that provides treatment for the skin ailment you are dealing with. There can be pros and cons related to distance of the clinic from your home, fee and treatment charges, availability of the skin specialists, etc. You need to keep these factors in mind while choosing the best option for yourself.
  • Seek help from friends and family. If anyone has ever experienced skin-related issue, you can get a detailed feedback of their experience with the skin clinic so that you can take your own decision accordingly
  • If you have figured out 2-3 choices, look for their client testimonials. A good place for checking testimonials is Google reviews. You can also raise your queries to people and ask for their reviews. This way you may get valuable tips from these people.
  • Take help from their social channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as those forums can help you connect with people who have taken their services and can share their experience. However, it is recommended to not share any personal information over these open social channels. Sharing any medical information on social platforms can be misused.
  • Never forget to check their website. A good skin clinic/hospital provides you clear information about the steps for booking an appointment, consultation process, payment process, and other necessary details for availing their services. If any information is missing or you are not clear about it, you should contact the skin clinic and ask for more information and guidance. You should ideally not choose the clinic, if they are not able to provide answers to your questions.
  • Ask for dermatologist’s history. Everyone wants to visit a doctor who has a sufficient experience and expertise to treat their skin or hair problem. Therefore, do not hesitate to know your dermatologist and have a clear idea of their skills, experience, and achievements.

If you are searching for a reliable skin care specialist in Chennai, Oliva Clinics is a trusted medico-aesthetic centre that is well known for offering skin and hair care solutions with the aesthetics of beauty and the science of medical knowledge under one roof.

Concerns Treated By Skin Care Specialist

One can reach a skin care specialist for the following concerns/problems/disorders –

  • Irritation and redness on y body part, such as legs, palms, neck, back, chest, face, etc.
  • Permanent laser hair removal on face, legs, arms, chest, bikini area, etc.
  • Pigmentation problem on face, arms, legs, etc.
  • Dull skin on face and body
  • Skin lightening on face, neck, back or other body areas
  • Acne or pimple on face, scalp, chest, shoulders, and other areas
  • Acne scar or any other scar removal, such as an old scar
  • Stretch marks removal like pregnancy stretch marks and other stretch marks on body areas like hips, arms, legs, back, etc.
  • Anti-aging treatment on face, neck, bikini area, and more
  • Tattoo removal on any body part
  • Warts and moles removal on face, neck, back, hand, legs, and more
  • Hair thinning, hair loss, hair fall, hair re-growth, and transplantation
  • Overall skin health

What Is The Difference Between An Aesthetician And A Skin Care Specialist?

If you are wondering how a skin care specialist is different from an aesthetician in Chennai, the below table lists a few important points to provide a clear understating of the difference.

Skin Care Specialists


They hold a medical degree and relevant certifications to become skin experts. They often do a one-year diploma or training in skin, beauty, and physical appearance. They do not generally possess any medical background.
They need to know the medical history of a client before treating their skin. They need not know the medical history of a client before treating their skin.
They ensure safety by following set principles and guidelines for proceeding with a skin treatment. They generally do not have guidelines to follow. They also ensure safety by probing questions.
Their treatment includes medical equipment. They deal with general beauty equipment.
They look after the overall health of the skin and suggest methods for skin correctness permanently. They mainly take care of one-time physical appearances.
Treatments include laser hair removal, Botox, skin lightening, skin tightening, acne and acne scar removal. Treatments include facials, massages, bleaching, clean-ups, correcting eyebrows, and waxing.
They often operate from a dedicated skin care centre. They can be found in salons, spas, and beauty parlours.

Beautiful skin is a factor that can add oodles of confidence to your personality. A skin specialist is someone who can treat your skin to be flawless, nourished, and healthy. If you have any sort of disorder, you should first consult with a skin care doctor and get acquainted with the ways you can regain the overall beauty of your skin. Before you book an appointment with a skin care doctor in Chennai, make sure you have researched enough.

Let your beautiful skin and hair speak about you!

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Are You Searching For A Skin Specialist In Chennai?


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