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Yoga Nidra : Relax into your True Self

Why Yoga Nidra? Modern Living has become TOTAL TENSION!

Medical Science has been able to cure us of Plagues and Viral epidemics. But it has no easy answer to modern Man’s inexhaustible list of Psychosomatic disorders. Living in most parts of the World may be violence-free, yet Man is never really Relaxed! That’s the reason why Yoga Nidra has become so vital.

Unending Tension dominates Man’s thinking. Financial insecurities, Familial and Societal pressures, Work stress eat away at Man’s well-being. Everyone knows that Stress is the No 1 killer in the world and yet we continue in its vicious grip. Two years ago was the first time in the History of our World that more people died through suicide than in War!

In the developed world, the price we pay for comfort is Stress. The biggest killers, Cancer and Heart Disease, are psychosomatic and extreme cases of stress affecting an individual. The rate at which psychosomatic disorders have become commonplace is alarming! Diabetes, Hypertension, Migraine, Asthma, Ulcers, Digestive & Skin disorders are some of the diseases brought upon be Tension.

3 Types of Tension

Tensions are classified into 3 types: Muscular, Emotional & Mental.

  1. Muscular Tensions affect our Body, Nervous and Endocrine systems. They can be taken care through the kind of deep relaxation we get in Yoga Nidra.
  2. Emotional Tensions arise from the Duality of Life: love / hate, success / failure and so. This is because we don’t express our emotions freely. We often refuse to recognize them or we suppress them.
  3. Mental Tensions arise from excessive Mental activity. Our Mind is a whirlpool of fantasies and is constantly fluctuating.

Yoga Nidra is the perfect antidote to Tension

As we’ve seen, Tension affects our whole mind and body. Yoga and especially Yoga Nidra focuses on Relaxation and Release of Tension. A relaxed mind is the Secret of Transformation!

Our behaviour is unnatural and is influenced by our worries when we are Tense, while when we relax, we revert to being Natural.

Usually we are solely operating from our Intellectual minds. When we relax, our sub-conscious and unconscious minds are dominant. We can transform the nature of our mind, cure diseases and restore creativity. Our subconscious and unconscious mind is the most powerful force we have. Living without accessing our deep mind makes us feel weak, insecure and insignificant.

Our unconscious mind is the base of all our normal and abnormal behaviour. Gaining access to our whole mind is vital for us to understand who we are and Yoga Nidra allows us to dive to the depths of our being.

Once this connection is made between our Inner (subconscious & unconscious) and our Outer (conscious) experience – all tension falls away! This deep sense of Relaxation about Who We truly are – is the biggest gift that the practice of Yoga Nidra gives us.

Series of Blogs and Podcast on Yoga Nidra

Beyond Asana is our theme for August & September and in this series of Blogs we will explore the depth of Yoga Nidra. We’ll be understanding the Technique and how it can improve our Life. In the previous Blogs, I covered the 5 major benefits of Yoga Nidra.

We will be hosting Yoga Nidra Workshops in conjunction with a Health-Tech start-up Dozee. This allows us to test Heart Rate Variability during Yoga Nidra. HRV is the most accurate parameter to measure Stress Levels. These workshops will benefit anyone who is interested in understanding their stress levels and how to reduce it.  For Teachers who are training to Teach Yoga Nidra in their classes and workshops, we’re leading a Yoga Alliance Continued Education Program that we’ll Teach in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai. Write to me at [email protected] for the full schedule.

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Manish focuses on ‘Keeping Yoga Simple!’ while exploring what is means to be a 21st Century Yogi

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Yoga Nidra : Relax into your True Self


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