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How To Use Borax for Tick Control

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20 mule team borax ticks controlYou might have, by now, heard about Borax pesticide and how to use it for roaches, ants and ticks and fleas prevention. The question most people new to Borax pesticide ask is “Is borax and boric acid the same thing?” We will answer this and other questions and also explain how to use borax for ticks, fleas, ants and roaches.

Is Borax and Boric acid the same?

The chemical name of Borax is sodium borate and that of boric acid is hydrogen borate. The former is the salt of the latter. Both compounds are safe for use as insecticide and pesticide. In general, boric acid is used in food grains to prevent insects. Borax, on the other hand, is often used for internal use 9food grade varieties only) and many people also use it topically for treating skin problems like rashes, acne, scabies etc. So if you are wondering whether to use boric acid vs borax for ants, fleas and ticks the answer is that you can use both. In this guide however, we will be focusing on how to use Borax for ticks and other household pests.

Ticks and tick bites

Ticks seem to be simple creatures but they can lead to often-fatal health issues. Tick bites can cause diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain fever etc. Ticks are difficult to control as they reproduce rapidly- a single female tick can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. The lifecycle of fleas as well as ticks, under proper temperature and environmental conditions is completed in 3-4 weeks. This makes it even more difficult to control them.

Let us study how to use Borax for ticks prevention:

Steps to use Borax for ticks

Step 1

Thoroughly vacuum the house. Tape the vacuum bag so that it is sealed shut and throw it out of the house as far away as possible. Bathe all infested pets and use tick control measures like spot treatment, tick collars, shampoos, sprays, powders. This step is necessary to prevent tick eggs from hatching.

Step 2

Take a mason jar. Punch some holes in the lid. Fill up the jar with 20 mule team Borax. Ticks hate this brand as it is highly effective. Now sprinkle all your rugs, carpets, floors and other areas under the furniture with Borax from the Mason jar. Use your hands or a broom to spread the powder all over the rugs and carpets. (Make sure you use gloves and a filter mask to protect your lungs during treatment). It is best to keep pets and kids at least for the duration of this treatment. While Borax is safe for humans and animals, it will be better if you can sleep in untreated area. You have to leave the Borax on the floor and rugs/carpets for at least 24-48 hours. This will ensure that all ticks and tick eggs are eliminated.

Step 3

Vacuum the house on the 3rd day as you normally would. You must ideally repeat the treatment every 3 weeks to ensure preventing ticks.

How does Borax pesticide work?

Borax is a safe and natural pesticide for getting rid of roaches, ants, ticks and fleas. It works by dehydrating the insects’ body and also contaminating their food sources (discarded skin cells and other organic matter) which nymphs and young larvae need for growth and completion of life cycle. This way, if the insects are missed by the borax on the carpet, at least they are left starving thanks to their food sources being contaminated. Caution: Do not use borax on pet bedding. Instead, wash their bedding in hottest setting on washer/dryer. This will eliminate eggs, larvae and nymphs.

Flea and tick control outdoors

If you have a yard, it is likely your pets spend a lot of time outdoors. So you need to also treat these areas in order to ensure complete eradication of roaches, ants, ticks and fleas. For natural pest control in the yards, use borax all around the windowsills, patios and decks. Also spray beneficial nematode solution around the trees, bushes and on the lawn. Mow the lawn from time to time as shorter grass blades ensure fewer hiding places for pests.

You can also use liquid dishwashing liquid to control fleas, ticks, ants and aphids in the yard. Fill up a spray bottle with a solution of dishwashing soap and water and spray around the bushes and patio etc. Repeat application every 2-3 weeks. Also reduce clutter in the patio and under the decks; this is necessary to deter animals like raccoons etc that carry ticks and fleas on them. Caution: Never use dishwashing soap or Borax directly on the pet for bathing them. It is best to use ph balanced, vet approved shampoos that offer tick/flea control and doesn’t dry their fur out.


Borax acid for roaches, ants and ticks and fleas is a safe effective method of pest control indoors and outdoors. This natural pesticide kills ticks and fleas without harming humans and animals. For flea/tick control on your pet, you need to continue use of vet approved products. Most of these need to be reapplied every month. Talk to your vet for further guidance.

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How To Use Borax for Tick Control


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