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21 Day Fix - Pilates Fix

Strength and stretch day.

I decided to give the Pilates Fix a try - thought to myself at the start of the count down 32:09...
"Oh yeah... a nice and easy stretching day"
"This'll be a piece of cake"

"I hate you Autumn.  I hate you" (plop... that would be me dropping to the ground after doing a hold or some ridiculous ab exercise)

When I was 16/17/18, I had these wonderful VHS tapes that had Pilates work outs on them.  Luckily, for me I remembered most of the moves... but forgot about the muscle pain/strain/murder.

A couple times during my work out, especially the butt work out, I had to hit my butt - it felt like it fell asleep.  Like someone put icy hot on it and it was in the burning stage.  Plus putting a steel rod through your butt cheek.  Pilates is torture.

If you're looking for a great ab work out and overall strength/stretch work out, this would be your go-to.  I definitely will be doing more of this work out on my Monday strength and stretch days. 

I want commend Cat (Kat?) - the modifier in the video.  She does such a good job keeping up.  A couple times she would yell something out in relief that an exercise was over.  She was quiet about it, but I appreciate her being human.

I could never be in a beach body video and here's why:

1.  I make too many disgusted faces at the trainer.  "You want me to do what now??"  "We're not done yet?"
2.  I would be the girl in the back plopping down after exercises.  I did it a couple times during this video.  Literally plopped... fell on my stomach and pleaded for Autumn to stop.
3.  I get too many underwear wedgies.
4.  I would be standing in the back doing some strange pose - thinking I was following along - but really not even close.
5.  And... when she says she always has her push phase (can't remember what she called it).. and LAUGHS about it... they'd have to mute my mic. Can somebody just throw a twinkie at this lady??

But in all seriousness...
Such a great work out!  I remember Pilates being intense, but much more relaxed and slower pace.  Autumn really kicks up the speed in this video.  For only 32 minutes - it is worth every minute (even if you are laying face planted in the mat).

On another note - I have been doing a good job following my half marathon training schedule.  I am officially rolling into week 4.  This past Sunday (yesterday) I ran five miles and it gave me that old euphoric feeling of a hard work out.  There is something addicting and satisfying about accomplishing times and distances which make you push yourself beyond comfort.  Ummm.. yeah, I have an addictive personality... did I mention that?
I've probably had better running times, but I was ecstatic about my first and fourth miles being under 10 minute miles.  That rarely happens.  I really need to thank my running partner/trainer, Lola.  She pulls me along.  I don't run nearly as quick without her (even if she does hinder the time for her usual Lola poop).  She is doing much better now - she waits to get out of city limits to poop.  I feel terrible when she leaves a smeary poopy mess on someone's driveway.  "Sorry, I try to pick up as much as I'll rain or snow tomorrow, I'm sure!!"

So here are some things I've come across that have kept me motivated to keep up with my half training that others may find helpful:
1.  I printed off my half marathon training schedule and posted a copy on my refrigerator and in my work cubicle.  Nothing a better than marking an "x" after a work out is complete.
2.  I pull out a DVD when I don't feel like running - some days call for running or cross training.  If I don't want to run, I pull out either 21 Day Fix or Insanity.  I've also been using ChaLean Extreme for weight lifting on designated strength days.  I love Chalene Johnson - I'm really looking forward to her new work out - PiYo.  She is so motivating and she's a beast.
3.  I feel so great now that I'm following a schedule.  Before, I would do whatever I felt like doing - whether that meant a 3 mile run or planting each cheek on the couch.  Schedule, schedule, schedule.
4.  Posting my runs on facebook.  Screw you people who are annoyed by people sharing their successes or exercise.  If you do not have a lot of supportive people in your life, join running groups and communities (Favorite Run Community is amazing!) so people who are as crazy as you can support you.
5.  I have incorporated my family into my longer runs and it helps me... keep trucking.  Nothing is better than seeing your loved ones at the top at a HUGE hill.  It's also entertaining when they are looping ditches and giving you a butt smack along the way.
6.  This half marathon training schedule is providing me with variety.  Before, I would run... run... run... run... I'm seeing a difference by incorporating various work outs not only in my performance but in the mirror.  Non-scale victory!

Until the next 21 Day Fix review!

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21 Day Fix - Pilates Fix


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