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Wuhan Coronavirus Covid-19 Extreme Deaths Coming

Summer is waning and while the number of cases of Covid-19 are still rising, the mortality seems to be reducing. At this point, with nearly 30 million verified infections and almost a million deaths worldwide, we are only beginning to see the picture that is unfolding before us. Again, this is not intended to scare or cause fear, my hope is that after reading, some may become better prepared. Here in the US we have over 6.5 million cases and almost 200,000 deaths.

As I stated previously, you could expect a second, third, and forth wave. While not guaranteed, they are highly likely and the second wave is usually far worse than the first. The potential is between 20 million to 25 million infected in the first wave and possibly 2 million to 3 million deaths in the first wave. The second wave of a viral infection usually occurs a few months after the first and can be 10 times as bad. That could mean 200 million infections and 20 million deaths this fall unless something can be done. Really, it may end up far worse than this. Let me present a few statistics here for you.

Out of 28.6 million cases to date, 21.4 million have been resolved. There are only 2 possible resolutions. Either you are cured or get well, or you die. There is nothing in between. of the 21.4 million cases that have a resolution, 20.489 million have recovered leaving 918,000 deaths. This leaves us with a statistic of 4.3 percent mortality. Literally out of every 100 people who are diagnosed with this virus, over 4 will die.

I will submit the following caveats, however. During the winter and spring months, the mortality was much higher and this should present you with some things to think about. The first thought is why? It is highly likely that sunlight and vitamin D have much to do with, not only if you catch this disease, but whether or not you survive it. Vitamin D has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the immune system and health in general. Vitamin D may not be the only reason for the difference but it is important to think about and to take action on. I have written several times that vitamin D can literally save your life and this is especially true with Coronavirus.

If the link to vitamin D is true, then we can slow this pandemic simply by sun bathing or taking sufficient supplements.

Let me share my experience with you. My wife had this Coronavirus last January. She was seriously ill and had extreme difficulty breathing among other things. She went to the doctor and was told that she did not have the flu. There was no coronavirus test at the time. She was sick for nearly 6 weeks but she recovered with the help of vitamins and a device called a ParaZapper ( not making any claim of cure, just that it was one of the things that she used ). I caught the same thing in Feb but did not get as sick as I realized what the symptoms were and I used the zapper in addition to vitamins D and C. It appeared to be going away but then I cot it worse in early March. Because of the things that I used, at 69 years, I was never bed-ridden despite having difficulties breathing, etc. If you do nothing else, when the first symptoms appear, take a good dose of vitamin D. I took about 8000 IU a day for several days. I also took 1000 mg of vitamin C every 3 to 4 hours.

Regardless, many of us have been exposed to this virus over the summer but did not actually get sick from it. This virus has the potential to remain dormant until the fall or winter months when there is less sun. As the effects of summer wear off, we may see, not just a sudden spike in cases, but a massive wave of infections that may completely overwhelm our medical facilities. It could become so bad that it would be safer to stay at home than go to a hospital, regardless of how bad off a person might become.

Think for a minute, at only an 4 percent mortality, if this disease spreads to everyone, there could be a minimum of 250 million deaths or more worldwide. Of course, it could be much worse in some countries and in certain ethnic groups. During the winter months, the mortality can climb even higher and I would not be surprised to see close to as many as 1 billion deaths in all. This would actually not be the worst plague that mankind has ever seen. The Bubonic plague killed almost 1/3 of all people living at the time.

Following the deaths from the illness, there is likely to be an even worse economic situation that what we have already experienced. The food supply chain may be interrupted leaving many to starve during the winter months. We have seen how basic necessities such as toilet paper, bleach, soap, etc., can quickly disappear and not be available. This fall, it may become far worse so, my advice is that you should prepare now.

Much of the world has seen serious economic impacts from the shutdowns and travel bans. It could get far worse, so be ready. I mentioned vitamin D, and seriously recommend getting a 3 to 4 month supply, just in case. Not only could necessities disappear but so could jobs and even food. When we come out of this pandemic, the world could easily look like a rebirth of "The Grapes of Wrath", where just day to day life becomes a major struggle.

The real truth is that you do not want to come down with this viral illness and should do all that you can to avoid getting it. Wear a mask at any time that you might be within 6 feet of where someone has been in the previous hour. Get plenty of sunlight and if not possible, take plenty of vitamin D3 supplements along with vitamin k2.

As I stated before, I have been sick a couple times with what presented to be the symptoms of this disease. I found quick ease in using a device that is not made for treating disease and is not approved for use on the human body. It uses Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Fields to rip microbes apart. I can not make claims that it does anything but for some reason after using these, I am always happy that I did.

It is the modus operandi of the medical industry to look towards pharmaceutical drugs and they are absolutely moving in that direction, disregarding some potentially life saving technologies. The medical experts ( expert = 'one who used to spurt' ), always refer to such things as 'unproven technologies', always hiding behind this guise. The most unproven of all is vaccines. What they do not tell you is that vaccines can give you damaging virus infections such as SV-40 that are claimed by some to be the main cause of many cancers today.

The FDA has approved pulse electric fields for destroying bacteria, virus, and other microbes in food and drink using electrical pulses. The issue is that when processing thousands of gallons of juice, a large pulse is needed. Researchers frequently state in their discussions, that while large pulses were used, it is possible to use lower levels of pulses over extended periods of time.

There are a range of these devices from simple rudimentary units to some highly technical versions that are far more capable. Imagine being able to take a serious case of Covid-19 and within a few hours with the application of LVPEF technology ( Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Fields ), and quickly reduce it to the level of a mild cold. A successful application could eliminate or reduce the need for any kind of respiratory assistance device. The problem here is that the medical industry is not interested in such and in reality would completely reject it as a threat to their profits. However, be wary of some sellers that provide testimonials of cures as that may not be as reputable as you would think.


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Wuhan Coronavirus Covid-19 Extreme Deaths Coming


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