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Wuhan Coronavirus Covid-19 What is Wrong

Let me start out with reviewing some of my previous articles on the Wuhan Coronavirus as the issues are broad and need some in depth consideration.

Last Jan 23rd ( 2020 ), I posted about the outbreak in China and how it had spread from a localized outbreak to 5 countries, 800 cases and 25 deaths, including 2 deaths in the US. At that point in time, many felt that it was over blown and minimized it compared to the number of annual influenza cases. In other words, despite warnings and concerns, the outbreak was poo-poohed.

In the post, I also explained that this was a virulent illness with a tremendous potential to spread like wildfire and to possibly kill many victims. Not only that, I explained some of the major symptoms, how to avoid contamination and mentioned a possible therapy to reduce the effects.

Just 3 days later, on Jan 26, 2020, I reported that the number of countries had expanded to 20, cases to 2000 worldwide, and 50 deaths. In the same post, I also projected that by Feb. 1, 2020, there could be 16000 cases and 200 deaths worldwide. On Feb. 1, there were just under 14000 reported cases and 304 deaths worldwide. In just 7 days, the outbreak had expanded from 800 cases to 14,000 cases, about a 17 times increase. The number of deaths increased by a factor of over 12. Still, at this point, people were saying that it was not as bad as the flu.

On Jan 31, 2020, President Donald Trump restricted air travel from China. While this was a very sensible decision to me, the main stream media, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc went into almost a rage over it. Almost all media channels called the action 'irresponsible' and other words. Today, these same media are claiming that he did not act soon enough. It makes you wonder why he would claim that they are manipulating the news?

In several of the articles, I offered suggestions on what people could do to not only reduce the chance of getting the Coronavirus infection but also to reduce the extent of the illness. An example is the post of Feb. 3, 2020:

Surviving viral illness Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Natural and Alternative help

On the same day, in another article, I wrote a bit about the earliest reported cases and the rapid rate of expansion. I explained the information that showed a major failure on the part of the Government of China and also the WHO in:

Wuhan Coronavirus / 2019-nCoV: Failure to contain
Following that post, I wrote:

Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV origin

This article went into further detail about the origin of the outbreak and the reason for its rapid spread. While it was obvious to me and to many others, the WHO still failed to acknowledge the severity of the outbreak which was approaching Pandemic proportions.

In the article: Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV: Panic Sets In from Feb. 8, 2020, I reported on the massive number of cremations that were being reported from the Wuhan mortuaries and hospitals. Again, the concern was that the outbreak was far worse than being reported and also that people were still trying to rationalize that this outbreak was smaller than the seasonal flu outbreaks. There was a complete lack of understanding about the critical nature of the rapidly expanding pandemic.

On Feb. 17, 2020, I wrote about the pending economic impact of the pandemic, including the possibility of a worldwide collapse. We are seeing this today and many are wondering why they were not warned. This should plainly tell you something about your mainstream news media. At that time, they were trying to tell you that Trump had colluded with Russia. It has now been proven that it was a false accusation.

On Feb. 20, 2020, I wrote in: Wuhan Coronavirus Covid-19 Mortality

"I give an example, On 26 Jan when there was 2000 cases and 50 mortalities, I posted that On 1 Feb, there would be roughly 16000 cases and 200 deaths. While it did not pass 16000 cases until the 2nd of Feb, ( 1 day late ) the number of deaths was passed the day before ( 1 day early ). The official sources were not predicting anything near that in their candy coated projections."

I have given enough samples of previous discussion and will now delve into the real issues.


Countries around the world have had their economies devastated by the loss of jobs and the breakdown of commercial trade. Some countries are affected far worse than others and some governments appear to be on the verge of collapse. Countries are struggling to balance the economic impact with the potential of massive death tolls. While saving many lives, the lock-downs have brought hardship and even starvation to some areas.

The problem that exists is that the pandemic is so broad that it has touched almost every country in the world. Even if one country shuts it borders and completely isolates itself for a period of time, when the borders open there will come a new wave of cases. The media is talking about a second wave? Think about the third and fourth waves. This problem is far from over.


They will have a vaccine in a few months??? Do not hold your breath. Coronavirus is one virus that people do not tend to develop immunity to. If you do not develop immunity, then a vaccine is basically useless and could be potentially harmful. It should be noted that reportedly, people who had the flu shots last fall have tended to be far more vulnerable to the virus than those who did not have the flu shot.

Antivirals??? There is NO SUCH THING as an antiviral. There are metabolic inhibitors that slow down or inhibit certain metabolic pathways in the body that are used by the virus. Problem? These pathways are also used by the body. They are there for a reason.

Alternatives?  Yes, some of these do work or at least help but they do not want you to know as it takes away their power over you.

When will this end?

As I stated, you may expect a second, third, and forth wave. While not guaranteed, they are highly likely and the second wave is usually worse. While there has been almost 10 million infected world wide currently and almost 500,000 deaths, this is not done and is still getting worse. The potential is between 20 million to 25 million infected in the first wave and possibly 2 million to 3 million deaths in the first wave. The second wave of a viral infection usually occurs a few months after the first and can be 10 times as bad. That could mean 200 million infections and 20 million deaths this fall unless something can be done.

What we need is to find a better way of stopping the spread as well as reducing the overall effect of the illness.

It is the modus operandi of the medical industry to look towards pharmaceutical drugs and they are absolutely moving in that direction, disregarding some potentially life saving technologies. The medical experts ( expert = 'one who used to spurt' ), always refer to such things as 'unproven technologies', always hiding behind this guise.

The FDA has approved processes for destroying bacteria, virus, and other microbes in food and drink using electrical pulses. The issue is that when processing thousands of gallons of juice, a large pulse is needed. Researchers frequently state in their discussions, that while large pulses were used, it is possible to use lower levels of pulses over extended periods of time.

There are electronic devices that actually offer some of this capability. There are a range of these devices from simple rudimentary units to some highly technical versions that are far more capable. Imagine being able to take a serious case of Covid-19 and within a few hours with the application of LVPEF technology ( Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Fields ), and quickly reduce it to the level of a mild cold. A successful application could eliminate or reduce the need for any kind of respiratory assistance device. The problem here is that the medical industry is not interested in such and in reality would completely reject it as a threat to their profits.

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Wuhan Coronavirus Covid-19 What is Wrong


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