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Antiviral drug warning

There is a widespread promotion of the use of new antiviral Drugs to fight a number of viral illnesses, ranging from simple colds and flu up to the fight against HIV and AIDS. As these drugs are relatively new, there has not been any studies made to determine the possible long term effects of these drugs.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that these drugs are not actually antivirals, they are metabolic pathway inhibitors. That is that they actually slow or block certain metabolic processes that the virus uses. The problem is that these processes are normal in the body and that they are important to life. We already know that to at least some extent, these drugs, when they stop certain metabolic processes, will actually interfere with some of the things that slow down aging, with a net result that the people who use these drugs may age faster. Just how much faster is not known, yet.

We do know from the relatively long history of antibiotics that affect bacteria or protozoa, that antibiotics work by inhibiting the microbes from building necessary cell parts such as cell walls, cell membranes, etc. Most of these antibiotics do not have any major effects on the growth and maintenance of our own cells.

Unfortunately, this is not true for anti-viral drugs as they actually do interfere with our own cells and their growth and maintenance. We do not, at this point in time, even know that using an antiviral for one or 2 days may not shorten our lives by 1 or 2 years in the long run. The use of antivirals could even have a more extreme effect than that. The problem is the complete lack of long term studies to determine these effects.

It is for this reason, that if you want a full life and not to be a participant in the statistics of a long term study that failed, think twice at least before using these products for simple mild inconveniences such as the flu or a cold, or even things such as measles. Consider the possibility that at some point, these so called "antivirals" should suddenly and completely shut down some important metabolic pathway in your body. How long will you manage to stay alive? How seriously ill will you be as a result?

Suppose that 7 years. or 11 years from now, people suddenly start dropping like flies from some heretofore unknown metabolic collapse. Which group will you be in?

On the other hand, if your are threatened with death in the near future from a viral illness, then you absolutely have to weigh that option as well. To read more on metabolism and metabolic processes,

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Antiviral drug warning


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