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5 Reasons to Get Sober Now

A life absorbed by Alcoholism and Addiction can only lead to one of three places over time – jail, institutions, or death. Every day an individual remains active in alcoholism, addiction continues to win. If you’re considering a new way of life and want to know why getting Sober might be your best option, this article is for you.

Why Get Sober Now?

If you’re trapped in a life of misery controlled by alcoholism and drug abuse, you will want to consider a life of sobriety. We can assure you from our experience with those afflicted by this disease that it does not get better if you continue abusing substances. We have seen many try varied types of “controlled use” in an effort to stave off the pain while still enjoying the high. We have yet to see these strategies work successfully for very long, if at all.

5 Reasons to get sober now.

The reality of the situation is if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and want to pursue a higher path of happiness, joyousness, and freedom, you need to consider getting sober now. If you’re unsure, we have outlined for you the five primary reasons you should consider getting sober now in order to achieve a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams:

  1. It Won’t Get Better from Here: If you’re feeling bad now, we assure you it will only get worse if you continue in your lifestyle of abusing substances. A life of chasing the next high without consequences is simply not in the cards for those suffering from alcoholism and addiction. While you may look around and observe friends and family able to do so in moderation, do not seek to compare yourself to them – you are not them. Look back on the time you’ve spent drinking and drugging. Take a moment to reflect on the journey…has it been a pleasant one? Have you been able to hold down a job, maintain meaningful relationships, or wake up in the morning excited about your future? If not, do you think this is bound to change if you continue doing today what brought you so much misery yesterday? While we strongly encourage you to consider getting sober now and have the experience to provide you a glimpse of what the future may hold down the road, you are free to heed our advice or roll the dice to find out what’s to come.
  2. If You’re Not Broke Now, You Will Be: The costs associated with drinking and drugging only increase over time. When you first begin drinking and drugging, the price of getting that desired high is somewhat minimal. At this point, it doesn’t take much of any substance to get high. However, over time tolerance builds up, and it requires more of the same substance or increased combinations of multiple substances to achieve anything remotely similar to what you are looking for. In many cases this futile chase is known as pursuing the purple dragon – you never catch it but break the bank all the way to the end in its pursuit.
  3. Health: There are zero long-term benefits of prolonged drug and alcohol abuse. If you have any future goals or aspirations and hope to be healthy enough to pursue them, getting sober now is your best bet. Frequent abuse of alcohol and drugs takes a significant toll on your health, be it physically and/or mentally.
  4. Death is a Real Factor: If you are considering getting sober now you’re literally making a decision to stay alive. The disease of alcoholism and addiction pose a very real threat to your life. In our experience, as the increase in toxicity of today’s drugs grows the number and frequency of deaths amongst users has skyrocketed. We have literally observed men and women of all ages leave treatment or the rooms of sober fellowships only to permanently leave our lives within days. This is not a scare tactic, but to convey the reality of life for those who refuse to get sober now and postpone its benefits at the risk of death.
  5. It Becomes Your Job: Once you become a pickle you cease living as a cucumber. It’s a silly cliché spoken throughout the halls of sobriety but true nonetheless. Those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism and addiction bow down to a primary employer with little regard for their life. Our days become fully engulfed by the thoughts of achieving our next high, our pursuits for acquiring the funds to get high, getting high and then repeating the cycle at infimum. Our employer is merely a means for acquiring money for drugs, our friends suffer from the same affliction and any activities that don’t directly contribute to helping us change our state of mind quickly fall by the wayside. It’s a full-time job.

Trust Us, Get Sober Now

If you’re tired of living the rat race of alcoholism and addiction there is a way out. Many before you have found it and now lead lives beyond their wildest dreams. We have real friends, wives/husbands, families and professional careers. We smile for what seems for no apparent reason. We sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. We look around and see the beauty of everything and remain forever grateful for the gifts that this life continues to provide for us. This is the reality when we get sober now.

For those who are unsure, trust us and our experience when we say that your future in active addiction holds no bright spots. It does not get easier or happier. It does not get cheaper even if you decide to pursue the path of dealing in the drugs you use. Your health will not improve and the possibility of a permanent end to any “last chance” at life can surely come to fruition. What’s the risk to try? If it isn’t everything we say and more you are free to a full refund of your misery on your terms. If you’re ready to give sobriety a shot now, contact Florida House at 866-319-3152. Our compassionate team of counselors is standing by to take your call.

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5 Reasons to Get Sober Now


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