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Navya’s Eczema Healing Journey Through TSW

If you’re reading this, many of you may have felt how Navya felt at one point in your Eczema healing journey. The journey is not always easy – but let’s use these tories to encourage us that there is hope Don’t give up! Navya shares her story below.

Navya’s Story

“I was one when I was first taken to a doctor for rashes in my hand and leg folds.

It was diagnosed as Atopic dermatitis.

I was given steroids when I was 6 and of course it did work fast. At that time, it didn’t bother anyone much… everyone knew it came once a year for 3 months, and as my doctor informed me, it would go away as I grow.

My dad was in a transferable job. We kept moving, and my parents saw that the climate affected my eczema a lot. For the 3 years I was in Kerala, I had minimum break outs (Kerala is very humid).

So I was using momate (mometosone cream) whenever I had a breakout. It was pretty much the same, although the severity of my break outs was increasing gradually and it also started showing up at other times in the year.

I was 12, when I had a very severe unseasonal break out.

My steroid was not responding, and my dad considered taking me to another doctor.

She had given me a different steroid. It worked, but it came back soon.

From then, I always had it. It was just the beginning of teenage and the first time I was conscious about it.

I had serious self- confidence issues. I kept visiting the doctor…it didn’t help much.

I was frustrated.

I forced my parents to take me to another doctor. This one had given me clobetasol, salcylic acid for scars and even an oral steroid in the 3rd visit. The biggest mistake I ever made and I was using the cream twice as she suggested, and I was totally unaware of what I was doing to myself.

After the oral steroid, I was eczema free for a few months. And when it came back, it was the worst because it covered my entire face, neck, hands, fingers, and my entire body – literally.

It was last year and I was this 16 year old girl, who was totally crushed. All these people were asking me all sorts of questions and giving me suggestions without any knowledge about eczema (eczema awareness is really low here in India).

I would stay covered all the time. It would hurt so bad that I couldn’t dress my way, or go out and have fun like a normal teenager. The only thing that got me through that phase was the moral support I would get from my family and some amazing friends. It took me sometime to convince my parents to let me do the elimination diet. My parents were worried it would affect my nutritional intake.

But then I showed them one of Prime Physique Nutrition’s videos and they agreed.

I first gave up sugar (it’s been 5 months now), then gluten (took a while to get rid of it) and then dairy. I also gave up some common allergens. Then I changed my detergent, cleanser, shampoo, got rid of all sorts of creams and moisturizers with harmful chemicals, started using a scarf to protect my face when I went out, and the list goes on.

The most important part was giving up steroids….it was literal hell. I had the worst withdrawal symptoms for nearly 2-3months…it went so bad that I had to miss school for days. In between all of this, I even got an infection that made the healing process even slower.

It was painful but I was somewhat aware this was going to happen, thanks to you Prime Physique Nutrition! I would just keep reminding myself that I’ve got to finish this no matter what. I’ve just started reintroduction of some foods and I found I’m allergic to soy. And recently, I had got my vit-D test done and I was  deficient…it was some 7 units of vit D that I had.

I took 60000iu weekly supplement and also took vit C. The one thing that worked miraculously for me was honey. It helped almost instantly after the application. Also for my face, vit E oil helped a lot.

Apart from that the products that I love – shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, milk baths, oatmeal baths, apple cider baths all help…..and neem and aloe vera are amazing too.

To anyone going through a similar situation, I would say  just trust that it’s going to heal…. don’t let anyone discourage you. You know once you pass the healing crisis stage, it’s just amazingly beautiful to see your skin heal. It will work, just have realistic expectations.

Be patient, it’s gradual…..and just know you’re not alone. Talk all to people, don’t bottle up your feelings and the most important thing is to stick to what you start.”


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Abby is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who helps clients achieve optimal health. She is passionate about seeing people use health and nutrition to transform lives. She hopes that her experiences and knowledge can help educate others on natural remedies that will help eczema. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube for more updates!

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Navya’s Eczema Healing Journey Through TSW


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