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Excessive Heat and its Bad Effects

Spend vacation at some windy location, you will be safe from various diseases

Get your children take bath daily, Make them wear cotton clothes and make them wash their mouth after eating mangoes.

Nowadays climate is very hot. On top of it the daily load shedding of electricity and scarcity of water, especially in the developing countries have not only created bitterness and irritation in the temperament but also created harmful effects on the Skin as well. The most important condition of it is the severity of rashes, which is called in Medical terminology as Red miliara.

There are many glands of Perspiration in our skin which are in the form of zig zag tubes and open in the upper side along with the root of the hair. When this tube gets closed due to excessive perspiration, the internal pressure bursts the tube and the elements of sweat gather at the bottom of the skin which appears on the skin in the shape of pustules. One thing is worth mentioning here that if once these pustules develop in any summer season they continue developing every year in other summer seasons and continue harming the perspiration tubes as well. Children are affected much due to these summer pustules.

Seemingly they are 1-2 mm sized red colored pustules. Due to their presence every where on the body, they becomes clusters and eventually takes the shape of Eczema. Light heat pustules are tolerable but if they multiply, they can create a big problem. The most important and painful thing they create is the rise and fall of the body temperature, which creates bad effects in the human disposition that includes irritation, indifference attitude, lack of appetite, giddiness, headache etc. All these effects are due to hindrance in the excretion of perspiration because this way the toxic matters of the glands could not come out and the internal temperature of the human body remains disturbed. Besides, concerns also develop regarding infection in the glands that may result in the shape of different kinds of boils and pimples.

Another form of infection is the appearance of blisters on the skin. These blisters are quite big and filled with yellowish muddy matter; the various germs present in this matter continue developing this matter that worsens the condition. Another complexity of these rashes is the development of eczema and scabies. This is quite painful condition. These summer rashes are in abundance at places that are being rubbed regularly by the clothes. For instance they are greater in number at the back, waist and arms etc.

Initially these rashes are smaller in size, which afterwards burst and looks like husks on the skin. When these pimples are at the internal parts of armpits and joints for e.g. at knees, elbow and the joints of thigh, they cause great pain. In this condition it becomes quite hard differentiating between Fungus and Eczema. However, it is important to differentiate them since their treatment is also different. In summer, not only fungus but other skin diseases also reproduce themselves. Among these diseases, the disease of discoloration or spots on the skin is worth mentioning.

Now it would be suitable if we mention about the prevention and cure of these diseases. As far as prevention is concerned, it is only possible if you safeguard yourself from perspiration and it is only possible if patient pass most of the time at some cool place, whether for few hours. If there is a facility of Air-condition, then passing of few hours can reduce the severity of the disease. In summer vacation it is ideal passing this period at some cool and breezy place, otherwise due to the excessive heat your body can become the resident of pimples.

Excessive use of water is also essential because perspiration keeps on excreting in the shape of minerals but at the same time excess usage of soap should also be minimized. Taking of vitamin C in the shape of pills or in the shape of juices, fruit etc. is very much beneficial to health. If little bit of coconut oil is mixed in Calamine Lotion and applied on the summer pimple, it gives lot of satisfaction. But remember the real purpose should be stopping of perspiration because this affects the glands and the tendency of making of pimples continue rising in every summer.

Attire must be of cotton and light for e.g. of lawn etc, Usage of light colors in summer is better, Polyester made clothes are the big reason of these pimples, where as they also play a great role in development of fungus etc. Due to these clothes perspiration does not evaporates and continue flowing on the skin, which results in fungus.

In summer season, the usage of cotton clothes help evaporating perspiration that dry out later and does not gather on the skin. As a result the internal temperature of body remains moderate and other glands of perspiration also remains open. The entire disturbance is created by the closing of these glands. Due to non evaporation of perspiration, the internal temperature rises to a great extent and results in pustules.

Its example can be given with that of Air conditioner grid which in case gets closed due to dust or dirt then the Air conditioning works gets disturbed as well. Likewise there is a risk of heat stroke due to rising temperature, which is a life taking situation. The glands get infected when closed due to accumulation of perspiration, which results in pimples and boils at every place of the body.

Sometimes, this infection can be serious as well. Therefore, small children should be cared much in summer season. Majority of children remain busy in playing without any sense of heat. During this time it should be taken special care that they would not go in any suffocated environment and closed rooms or at places that are not airy. Another possible complexity can be that sometimes these glands break permanently and as a result cannot function properly. Therefore, the prevention from this possible complexity is also important. Sometimes, the various skin diseases such as the presence of Eczema also become the reason of stoppage of perspiration. Therefore, the diagnosis and treatment of this situation without any delay is also essential.

We have been listening from the elders that until rain showers on the Mango crop, its usage is harmful and if mangoes are eaten before rain they become the reason of summer pimples. In this regard it is requested that there is no relation of pimples and boils with mango. The reality is that in the summer season the crop of mango gets ready and summer pimples also break out in the same season. Therefore, there is no direct relation of it with rain except that due to rain, pimples and heat reduces automatically.

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Excessive Heat and its Bad Effects


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