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Ultrasound is a Big Revolution in the Medical Field

Nowadays different types of cancers are being treated successfully with the help of Hi Fu technology

Ultrasound is a very useful diagnostic Machine. With the help of Ultrasound, scanning of stones in kidneys and gall bladder, diseases of liver such as Hepatitis, inflammation, tumor, children’s information in the womb of a pregnant woman, increase of men’s prostrate gland, heart and other numerous diseases are diagnosed easily. How does an ultrasound machine works? In fact, it shows the sound waves converting into images on the screen. In this procedure, majority of people get worried for e.g. women fear that ultrasound rays may not harm their child, whereas various other people also have the same kind of fears, although they are not true. Ultrasound machine is not at all harmful for people Its work is positive, but some people use it negatively too for e.g. many hospitals discloses the sex of a child, which is against medical principles, because with the help of this machine the sex of a child is known in a very early stages, which is increasing the rate of illegal abortion. The diseases which are not diagnosed by urine and blood tests, ultrasound machine tells about them immediately. Even, if the kidneys and gall bladder stones are very minute, even then they can be seen through ultrasound machine. Similarly, the right position of the organs is also known by ultrasound.

People often ask, when should ultrasound be carried out? Its simple answer is whenever you feel abnormal change or protuberance, have pain in the stomach, have swelling or stomach gets increase abnormally, feel urine again and again and with burning, have complaints of Jaundice or chronic cough. Similarly, ultrasound is more important for the growing age people, whether they have any illness or not, but consultation from doctor is essential. Nowadays, not only diagnosis but also surgery is possible by ultrasound. In the latest guided ultrasound technology taking out water from liver and lungs, cataract (kind of eye blindness) treatment, taking out of stomach water and ultrasound biopsy is front most. In the developed countries, by means of it (without knife operation) the surgery of a child in the mother’s womb is also being carried out. Many useful lives can be saved by it. Further progress is going on in this useful method of diagnosis and now help of 3D and 4D ultrasound is also been taken.


Highest frequency waves are used in Ultrasound. Human can hear frequency to the extent of 20 thousand hertz, whereas in ultrasound more than 500 to 1000 times sound waves are used. This is safest way of diagnosis, since no side effects are produced on the human health.


Whenever a women’s womb is examined on ultrasound, she gets drunk more water, the purpose is to fill the bladder. By this way, intestines that are moved downwards they come upward again. By filling of water in the bladder, a window is created, at the same time the sound pass though water, which clears the image of the lower organ i.e. womb. In this way excessive drinking of water makes the diagnosis easier.


There is no risk to the human body in ultrasound. It is a simple method. Rays are not used in ultrasound as are used in X-Rays. That’s why the health organization of America F.D.A. has determined it as a safe diagnostic method. I will explain the procedure of getting harm or not in a way that suppose X-Ray or Ultrasound is being carried out of any organ, raise its temperature to 5 to 6 degrees from the body temperature and let it raised for 60 to 70 minutes, in this case the cells of that organ start getting harm. In ultrasound this temperature is raised only to 1 degree and its duration is not more than 5 to 10 minutes, therefore, there is no harm and it is proved that it is a safe diagnostic method.
A 3D ultrasound of a human fetus aged 20 weeks


Ultrasound was first introduced in 1900. Navy used it for the first time. When big ships used to travel in the sea, with the help of ultrasound machine the under water mountains, glaciers and rocks were seen, for they do not hit with the lower part of the ship. About half century ago Douglas Howry did the ultrasound of a person after laying him in the tub. In 1958 Ian Donald forwarded this act. After showing a child in the mother’s womb, he introduced revolution in the scientific field. At that time it could not be used publicly. The reason was that machines were big and the procedure was complex. But research was continuously going on, as the result of which portable ultrasound machine came into being in 1975. After that it revolutionized the medical field and this machine was started using for the service of mankind.


Before it, whenever any person feels a slight pain in kidneys, the doctor used to suggest an I.V.P. test. In this test medicines are used that can have side effects and patient can get involved in a new pain, whereas in ultrasound, there is neither any pain nor any complexity. On that, only in 2 minutes you come to know whether the reason of pain is stone or any other disease. Similarly, this machine has made the test of different diseases easier and cheaper.


Ultrasound can tell whether the growth of a child is going on normally. It can check heart palpitation of a child. It can also tell whether there is one child or more than one. It can also tell whether the organs of a child are growing correctly, means child is not a victim of any abnormality or disease or weather child is not growing outside the womb etc.


Before, whenever there is a tumor in the womb of a woman it was taken out through normal operation, which also caused pain to the patient. Now (in 2004) health organization of America F.D.A. has allowed carrying out a new procedure that is called MRI. In this method a patient is laid on an MRI machine. Afterwards ultrasound rays are thrown on the tumor. In two to three hours of this procedure tumor is burnt and finished.

Surprising thing is that patient does not feel any pain. This is a without knife operation. If a woman is employed, she can go to her work after operation.


For now this technology is carrying on in few countries such as China and some other developed countries, whereas in Europe it is in a testifying stage. With the help of this technology chest, bladder cancer and cancers of different parts of the body are burnt. In this technology, the normal tissues of patient do not get any harm but only those parts are burnt that are produced by a disease.
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Ultrasound is a Big Revolution in the Medical Field


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