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hCG Injections vs. Real Hormone hCG Drops- Which Is Better?

Do You Want to Be Successful In the Least Amount of Time and Maintain Your Weight Loss?

Do you know what I want for you?

I want you to be able to do the hCG diet protocol, lose the weight you want, and move on with your life like I have.

I’ve been maintaining my weight loss for over 6 years now, with no further hCG Dieting. But do you know what often ends up happening a lot? Many ladies end up doing round after round after round. Losing and gaining over and over again. There are many reasons for this, but there is 1 reason we have the choice to remove as a possible cause for yo-yo dieting with hCG – and that’s doing the hCG protocol in the most effective doable way. That’s what I want for you.

Just to be clear what we are comparing here is real hormone hCG Injections with real hormone hCG drops. This is not about homeopathic or hormone-free drops.

Re Homeopathic and Hormone-Free Drops

All of my points below can apply to homeopathic hCG drops as well though, with the added issue of not knowing whether whether homeopathic hCG and hormone-free drops is really doing the same thing as the real hormone which is muscle sparing effects, changing hunger, and potentially protecting the body from too much metabolic slowdown while on such a low calorie diet.

Just ask yourself if you would use homeopathic birth control or any other homeopathic version of a real hormone? I have not seen this to be a real thing in any other application that would actually work, so thus my hesitancy to trust this method. No disrespect to the many of you who use homeopathic drops and really believe in them- I totally respect this is your decision and belief. But you would also be surprised at then number of people who thought they were experiencing what they should experience from hCG on homeopathic drops until they actually tried the real hormone, and then they realized how different it felt. Sometimes when we have no comparison it can be easy to think things are as they should be.

Why I Was Never Going to Use hCG Injections

I understand you MAY really prefer to do real hormone hCG drops or hCG pellets. You can do this and succeed. The companies I’ve listed on my blog for online hCG sources, here do offer these alternate forms of hCG. But stick with me for a minute and hear me out on this will ya?

First off, I KNOW that the idea of innocent little drops is MUCH easier to stomach than the emotions “injection” likely stirs in you. Although I have a bunch of walk through injection tutorials for you!

I get it.  You know why?  Because I totally never intended to do hCG injections myself!  I fully intended on using prescription sublingual hCG drops when I first discovered the hCG protocol. I wasn’t even considering using injections – I had never given myself an injection before and I wasn’t about to start now!  But after more research, I chose to swallow my nervousness and go with injections- 5 rounds later it seems like a no brainer.

So this is coming from a scaredy-cat person myself. After deciding on injections, I then proceeded to make my husband do my first few hCG injections. After I realized I couldn’t even feel him sliding the injection in (because of course I was purposefully turning my head elsewhere while he did it, with pounding heart!) I thought OH this is not as big a deal as I thought it was. I guess I can handle this. I promise you, they do not hurt.

Here’s why I feel injections may be more effective and reliable. But we’ll also consider some pros for real hormone hCG Drops too!

Reasons to Consider hCG Injections over Real Hormone hCG Drops

1. Hunger or Non-Hunger on the hCG Diet is DIRECTLY related to your dosage of hCG.

Both too high and too low a dose can cause hunger. When you’re eating only 500-800 calories a day, every day, that’s a big deal. Non-hunger or very little hunger is super important on hCG in order to maintain enough willpower to stick to the diet, and this is totally dosage related.

When you inject hCG directly into your bloodstream, you know EXACTLY what dose you are getting, you’re getting that exact dose, none of it is getting lost. When you take drops or pellets, some of the hCG is getting lost – some is getting into your bloodstream but some is getting lost to swallowing it and then just getting broken down in your digestion. So it’s harder to be sure of exactly what dosage you are taking in order to be consistent with the oral forms of hCG.

2. Commonly Needed Dosage Adjustments are Most Reliable with Injections

When you are already having trouble knowing how much you are exactly absorbing on a daily basis with the oral forms, this makes it more difficult to then adjust that dosage to fix hunger issues, in a reliable manner. For instance, with the pellets, they typically come in 1 large 500iu pellet that you take for a single dose. When we inject, we typically only inject 150ius or so.

WHY is the pellet dosage SO much bigger? Because it’s fact that you do not absorb nearly as much of it. But the pellet is still a pretty high dosage and may be too high for some ladies, and then how do you reliably change that dosage? You can cut off a piece of your tablet, but it’s like, ‘how many iu’s did I just cut off with my knife?’ you know? Not exactly scientific huh!

Adjusting your dosage of hCG drops is less difficult- you can just change the number of drops right? Yes you can- but there are a couple more things to consider below on this.

3. Dosing oral hCG is FUSSY

With drops, you have to usually take the doses 2-3x a day, you can’t typically eat or drink for 30 minutes before and after each dose, etc etc. There’s just all these complications that with our busy stressful lives to me makes it difficult.

What happens is, you’re busy, you’re only eating 500 calories a day, many aren’t eating breakfast on hCG, so by the time you’re hungry and you need to eat a P2 meal, you need to eat it NOW because you’ve already waited too long and now you’re ravenous….oh but not you have to take your hCG drops first and then wait 1/2 hour. It’s like OMGoodness too hard. This is the type of stuff that causes cheating, seriously. When I get starving, I eat ALL the things. I scarf. So we want to avoid that. Contrast this with injections- it’s 1 shot a day in the morning, no waiting to eat or drink before or after.

4. Absorption of hCG Drops varies from day to day – whereas Injections always yields 100% absorption

The main reason hCG Injections are a good choice is that you can be sure of the results- when you inject a certain dose of hCG, you are getting the full dose 100% so that you get the proper dose of hCG in your system every time, whereas with sublingual drops, it’s hard to know how much you will be absorbing and how much you are swallowing etc.

It is known that the particle size of hCG is rather large and has a difficult time getting through the oral mucosa into the bloodstream and can vary from person to person, which is why all those who take hCG drops are required to take 2-3x’s the hCG that a person doing injections would.  Drops users are instructed to take 166iu’s twice a day for a total of 320iu’s each day, whereas the majority of injections users need only 125ius-150ius to experience the same non-hunger effect.

5. Concern Over Lack of Detection of hCG Hormone In Bloodstream of HCG Drops Users

I’ve read some information that makes it appear that hCG has not been found in the bloodstream of those using prescription sublingual/oral hCG drops.  This is disturbing if it’s indeed true.

With injections, you don’t have to be concerned about the size of the hCG particles, because you are injecting the hormone, therefore the hCG WILL be in your bloodstream, no question, in the proper amount, doing what it’s supposed to do in your body.

Even those who claim that the hCG diet is scam won’t deny that hCG is a hormone and that you can inject a hormone in your body and then see measurable hCG levels in the blood as a result.=

It is disturbing to me to read reports, like the following, regarding oral hCG:

In this article, one important thing stated is that, “There are no published reports that have been able to demonstrate a measurable amount of hCG in a person’s blood when given in either oral or sublingual forms.” contains information regarding a double blind study that D. Belluscio did using oral hCG- this study is actually often referred to as proof that hCG works.

He claims based on the results that the oral hCG was effective, however, it was also noted that, on treatment days 0, 15 and 30 we have tested all volunteers, screening for the presence of plasmatic b-hCG. Concentrations were undetectable in all cases.  Maybe I’m wrong, but what I get from this is that no hCG was actually detected in the subject’s bloodstream while taking sublingual hCG.  So if no hCG was found in the subjects, then the patients didn’t absorb any of the hCG right?  Since those who’ve done the hCG protocol believe hCG is not a placebo, this seems like a bad thing.

Since feeling not hungry on hCG, and having the best resulting fat loss (not just weight loss) is really dose dependent, you can see why with injections you will have control over making sure that you get the proper amount of hCG for you body daily with no questions.  Since your time on the protocol is so short, and the diet itself is so strict, it’s the kind of scenario where you just want to get as much accomplished as you can in the given time so you can back to eating normal.  Believe me, eating only 500 calories a day, even though you’re not truly hungry, gets old fast- we were designed to eat more than that usually and I don’t believe that food was given to us purely to sustain our lives.

6. Bodyfat testing with great results was done on hCG dieters using injections

It’s very important to me, and I hope to you too, that the majority of the weight we lose is actual fat.  There is really never any benefit to losing muscle on a diet- the exception is when you are very overweight, you will naturally lose some muscle as the beginning because an overweight body carries more muscle than is usually necessary on a person of a certain height in order to carry around that extra fat.  For more info on that see my FAQ section on muscle loss here.

I haven’t really seen hydrostatic testing or DEXA scans of individuals who’ve done hCG who used Drops- so I don’t know the ratio of fat and muscle lost.  Since I don’t know this, it’s possible that drops users lose more muscle than those who use injections. I just don’t know. Those who’ve had this sort of testing who have used injections (like myself) have shown a high percentage of fat loss- anywhere between 80-100% fat loss in fact out of the total weight lost.

Again this is a case of wanting to be sure I get the absolute best results, because this means that I a.) don’t have to spend as much time on the protocol, and b.) I will more likely keep the weight off by losing more fat over muscle.

Prescription hCG Drops Can Certainly Work!

I want to make that clear because I just really don’t believe in being dogmatic very often- that is because there are so many things in life that we just may not have the full picture on, thus it’s often just short-sighted to say something as strongly as,

“NO!  Never do that it’s HORRIBLE and never works.  DOWN with that idea!!!” 🙂

So let’s discuss why I’m not against drops, but why I chose and do recommend you at least give consideration to going the injection route.

The reason I can’t dismiss real rx hCG drops (remember I’m not talking about “hormone free” drops here):

In short, because I have seen a number of people lose a lot of weight successfully with them, keep it off, and they obviously lost “abnormal fat” because it’s pretty easy to tell when someone looks great and when someone looks starved, and they stated they too enjoyed the same no-hunger effect that hCG will produce from injections when you have the right dose in your system. This seems to indicate that they must be absorbing enough even if we have some science to indicate otherwise.

There is often a lot of “proof” spouted that something doesn’t work or can’t work- but that just goes to show how it’s very rare to be able to have all the possible information that can lead to such a conclusion. In the end, I am all for notating people’s experiences as I feel this does carry a lot of weight. Haha! Like my little pun?

So there ya go. Some food for thought. Totally your choice in the end, but the injections really are less of a big deal than we ladies think, and I hope all my tutorials here also help you see that.

#1 Reason I Chose to Do Injections Myself

One of the biggest factors that caused me to make this decision was because I knew with injections I could be 100% sure.  It comes down to this:

How sure do you want to be?

I figure I only have one body (count it, 1, uno), so I’m going to do what I can be positive of will produce the results I desire. I don’t have another body, nor the time, mental or emotional strength to risk screwing it up and re-doing it (not that I’ve never screwed up on hCG, but you know what I mean!)

Help For You If You’re Willing to Consider hCG Injections

I know if you’re going to even consider this you may find video walk-throughs super comforting and helpful, so here’s what I have for you:

  • Online hCG Injection Sources
  • How to Mix hCG Injections
  • Where to Inject hCG
  • What an hCG Injection Feels Like
  • How to Get hCG Out of the Vial for Your Shot
  • How to Give Yourself and hCG Injection
  • What the Needle Looks Like
  • How to Choose and Adjust hCG Dosage
  • How to Find Your hCG Dosage on the Syringe

Didn’t I tell you? I have it all here for you, step by step! You are so not alone in figuring this out.

Feedback from Other hCG Ladies Who’ve Used hCG Drops

I use the drops. I liked them for the most part. The ones I used contained B12 so no additional B12 was needed. The difficult part was finding the correct dose. The drops are easy to use although they take a bit of planning to schedule your times.

– Pamela

I think only certain drops work. I have found the injections to perform better for me and I have eaten 1/4 of an avocado daily with the injections and still lost weight


I’ve used both the drops and injections. My results were similar but I felt soooo lethargic on the drops, and really noticed a difference when I tacked on a few days of injections at the end of my round. Because I felt such a noticeable difference, I will only use injections from now on.

– Ari

I have done both sublingual drops and injections. I will tell you that both work well for weight loss. However, I found a dramatic difference in hunger. I seemed to feel ravenous with drops but with injections I did not. Injections managed my hunger much much better! So, with injections my dosage was .125-.150-higher at the beginning then adjusted down as needed for hunger management. The adjustment I learned from you…genius! With drops I can’t quite remember the exact dosage. It was prescription not homeopathic and I took 10 drops under tongue in morning and at night. Also, sublingual was my first round several years ago. So I was new at it and didn’t understand that I could adjust dosage. That may have made a big difference in hunger. Injection were done a few years later because that MD did not offer sublingual. I hate shots but I became pretty good at it and would not do hcg any other way now. 😉

– Jill

I used the drops for my first round and the troches for my second round. I tried the troches because they are a little less intrusive. The drops ideally should be kept in your mouth for 30minutes for maximum absorption, which makes it difficult to talk, drink, or do anything else. The troches you can tuck up under your lip, but they also make you look a little funny when you talk and I didn’t love the waxy residue.

In the end, I found it much easier to get the dosage right with the drops. I lost 21lbs on the drops and 18lbs on the troches, but I don’t think it had anything to do with the vehicle of the HCG.

– Kelly

Yes, I have used Prescribed HCG drops as has my husband. I always felt hungry and learned that (from your site) that post meno women like me might have to do LESS drops-not intuitive at all!!! I persevered through and did do two cycles: first in early 2017 (Jan) and again in Sept. lost 30 lbs by February and about 20 in Oct. I am toying with the idea of trying injections but struggle mentally with poking myself.

As far as the drops, our scrips indicated taking 0.25ml twice a day, at 12 hours apart. My husband didn’t really complain much about hunger, or at least not as much as I did. And for me, some days were worse than others. I went through surgical menopause in 2014 and don’t have a uterus or ovaries. I also am on BHRT pellets which include estrogen & testosterone. First round didn’t seem so bad but R2 was a little more so with the hunger. I didn’t see your posting about lowering the dose until I went through the 2nd round; I was due to replenish the pellets but waited until I was done with R2 before insertion as I was afraid it could affect my results. For R3, if I don’t go with injections, I might play with my drop dosage, lowering it to see if there is an improvement.

One other thing I would like to share even though you didn’t initially ask: i have to get blood work pretty often because of the pellets to check hormone levels. I did notice with both rounds that my total cholesterol level would go up about 50-70 points! Not sure if this typical for others and my doc seemed perplexed as well.

– Rosemary

I have tried injections and drops. My very first round I went all the way. I did a full 6 weeks of injections and went from 235-162. I can’t say I was really hungry on the injections but I did crave carbs bad for about two weeks. I didn’t give in and the cravings went away. I then took a pretty long break and decided to do drops for the second and third rounds. My second round was 3 weeks and I made it from 162-147 but it was very difficult. I felt hungry all the time and had intended to do 6 weeks but couldn’t make it. I took a 6 month break and just tried a third round with drops. I lasted 2 weeks I did lose 7 pounds but again felt like I was starving and couldn’t maintain it.

So for me the injections worked way better. I can’t say for sure it was the drops though because I have seen people have great success with them. I’ve played several scenarios through my head. The first round I was way more motivate. I had a lot to lose and it came off quickly which helped to keep me motivated. Also the drops were prescribed as 3x per day before meals which was very hard for me to keep up with while working. So most days I had 2 sets of drops. Or had a third set at night before bed.

Just my experience. Although I’m not entirely where I want to be yet, I have maintained the weight loss since my first round. I’m 2.5 years later and currently at 157. You taught me what to eat, how to mix and everything else I ran across and knew exactly what to do because of your site. Thank you so much for your support and creating all of this. I can’t wait to read everyone’s opinions!

– Casey

I have used drops, creams, gels and injections. The Releana drops have been the most successful even when I adjusted protocol. I dropped 25lbs, 1st time and gained 15 back my fault and life circumstances. On my second round have lost 9 of what I regained, sadly left drops out and had to reorder. I am following your page and using alot of your recipes loss is not as quick but I don’t feel as though I am held hostage to 500 calories of chicken and veggies.

– Julie

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