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hCG Diet Interviews – Size 12 to Size 6 – 200lbs to 145 lbs – Episode 61

Hello lovely hCGers. This interview is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with the hCG Diet protocol to lose between 20 and 150 lbs. You can see the current episodes available here.


  • 29 years old
  • Starting Weight: 200 lbs
  • Weight loss with hCG: 29 lbs
  • Weight loss with lipomax: 8 lbs
  • Weight loss with b12: 8 lbs
  • Weight loss with eating healthy and exercising: 10 lbs
  • Current weight: 145 lbs
  • Height: 5’3″
  • No medical condition

Show Note Links:

  • Apple Days on the hCG Diet – What Are They and When to Do One
  • Apple Days for Cheats and Stalls
  • S’well insulated water bottle – keeps water cold for 12 hours and keeps hot for 8 hours.
  • Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin
  • Sugar discussion: One teaspoon of sugar equals 4 grams of sugar. In a flavored yogurt, there’s 20 g of sugar. So that’s 5 tsp of sugar in 1 serving of flavored yogurt.
Carlee’s IG: hcg_me

Carlee’s P2 Recipes:

P2 hCG chili recipe
10 servings

32 oz 97% lean ground beef
Chopped fresh tomatoes
7 cups of water
5 tbsp chili powder
2 tbsp garlic powder
½ tbsp salt
A little bit of pepper

P2 Shrimp Recipe:

Sauté shrimp, cucumber, and onion. Then add lemon.

Carlee’s tips for eating healthier in P3 and maintenance:

  • Saute a lot of onions and garlic and adding herbs and spices to dishes to add flavors.
  • Make radish hash browns and mashed cauliflower
  • Buy fresh produce weekly.
  • Adding olive oil to food for better taste
Carlee’s hCG Injection Weight Loss Story in Her Words:


  • Age when I did hcg: 28
  • Age now: 29
  • Height: 5’3
  • Current weight: 145
  • No past medical history

How much weight you’ve lost with hCG/starting weight/ending weight/ clothing size change.  How many rounds did you do, how long was each round? stuff like that.

  • Starting weight after fat loading May 22nd: 200lbs
  • Weight after one round of hcg: June 30, 2016: 171 lbs
  • Total weight loss after 30 day hcg round: 29 lbs
  • Then July 1, 2016 started Lipomax injections at 171 lbs ended that round at 163 lbs
  • Total weight loss after lipomax: 8lbs
  • Then Aug 1,2016 started Vitamin b-12 injections at 163 lbs ended that round at 155lbs
  • Total weight loss after b-12: 8lbs
  • After 3 months I lost a total of 45lbs
  • Since then not only have I maintained but I’ve lost another 10lbs naturally on my own eating healthy and working out. Giving me a current weight loss of 55lbs today.
  • My clothing size was a 14/12 depending on the brand and now I am in a size 6.

How long have you currently been maintaining (or where are you currently at in your hCG journey)?

I have been maintaining since the end of August 2016. March 2017 I got to my lowest weight 143 lbs but I fluctuate between that and 145 lbs. So I have been maintaining 11 months now. I only did one round of hcg, but am considering doing just one more in the future.

Tell us how you came to be overweight and your struggles with that?

In college my friend and I went to this sketchy foreign weight loss doctor. I wasn’t very heavy in my early 20’s I think around age 22 my weight was maybe 165lbs. We paid $200 cash for these miracle pills called phentermine.

Well I took these I barely ate anything they made you completely lose your appetite and run around like a crazy person. While taking these I got down to 127 lbs. I was happy to lose the weight but it didn’t last long, as soon as I didn’t have the pills I gained the weight back and double.

I didn’t change my lifestyle at all I still ate Mcdonalds and starved myself a lot. I think those pills killed any metabolism I had. Then I became more overweight after college, life changes a lot and as a millennial I kind of expected things to just fall into place for me. Like the perfect job, perfect relationship, and smooth transition into adulthood.

I was always active and thin growing up but after college I no longer had a gym, some days I was finding a job substitute teaching, some days I didn’t and just laid around. I honestly think I used food as a coping mechanism for every failed relationship or unsuccessful interview. Eating became my best friend and drinking heavily on the weekends didn’t help either.

What type of hCG did you use? If injections or prescription drops, what dose worked best for you?

I was on Groupon one evening and saw an ad for vitamin b12 shots, I bought a round, and it said to call this weight loss center for an appointment. Well when I got there they mentioned a three month program that started with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections.

It was expensive for the program, but it also included a coach that I met with once a week. I knew if I had someone else making me get on the scale it would hold me accountable. I had some blood drawn for lab work, and then I met with the Dr at the weightloss center, we went over my labs while his staff drew the needles of hcg for me. I’ve never tried the hcg drops, but have heard injections are more successful, and they were great for me.

Have you ever used b12 and/or lipo shots, and if so, do you feel it was worth it and why?

I think lipomax and vitamin b12 are worth it. I mean I lost 8lbs on each, so I think they work, just not as quickly as the hcg obviously, eventually you have to go back to eating more than 500 calories a day.

I also had a ton of energy when I took the b12 and I was on such a high from losing all the weight and feeling lighter. I started looking forward to working out and eating healthy.

What would you say your experience was the first week on phase 2? Easy or hard? explain. Could also discuss how you loaded if you like. What parts of the protocol were easier for you and which parts were more challenging? How did you handle the challenging aspects?

My first week on Phase 2 was really rough I had headaches, drowsiness, fatigue, and some muscle cramps. I never felt hungry though, I just stayed focused on the diet. I don’t know if I didn’t load enough, but the day I loaded I felt very full. I ate Frappuccino’s, doughnuts, enchiladas, and pizza. It was honestly gross, I couldn’t wait to start the next phase.

The first day of the first injection was the hardest. After work I came home and went right to sleep because I had such a bad headache. After about 4 days the symptoms I was experiencing dissipated. But when I came off the hcg, same symptoms came back. I dealt with the muscle cramps by taking a magnesium vitamin and working out. The doctor I saw said lifting really helps with hcg cramps. Now I lift every other day and love it so much. The headaches I dealt with by simply getting rest. Sleep was my friend at the start and end of hcg.

What did you find yourself liking to eat during Phase 2/vlcd – how would you prepare your meals?

I found myself really enjoying the hcg chili. I really looked forward to days where I knew I was having it for lunch or dinner. I’m also a huge seafood fan, so the tilapia or shrimp days were some of my favorite.

My least favorite things were eating asparagus, I started loving it but by the end of it I was so sick of it. I also had some stalls during hcg so I did an apple day. Now I never want another apple. But it did help with my stall I think I lost 3 lbs after my apple day.

I prepared a lot of my meals with fresh onions, garlic, and lots of herbs. I didn’t use any oil or butter on my proteins, but instead a little water. I really tried to watch my sodium intake as well. I used a lot of lemon for my fish and shrimp.  

I learned that I can drink my coffee black and I don’t need the heavy creamer with tons of sugar. Now I drink black coffee every day, I only use creamer as a rare treat instead of everyday. I love steak so having top round sirloin was an easy meal for me. The hardest part was trying to switch my proteins between lunch and dinner meals.

The no bun burger was also a go to meal for me and something I continue to eat in my everyday life now. I don’t need the bun and the mayonnaise and the cheese anymore.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve to stay sane while on Phase 2?

My greatest trick is to continue to drink water. My coworkers got me a S’well water bottle, which keeps my water super cold. As soon as I feel the bottle getting low I just refill it.

Water is like gasoline for my metabolism. I drink so much all day, and any time I think I’m still hungry after I eat I just get a huge glass of ice water and the feeling passes.

What Lessons have you learned during Phase 3 – give us the good and the bad! What types of things did you discover when it came to maintenance that did and didn’t work?

During Phase 3, I learned that I can eat similar to phase 2, not as drastically but in order to maintain. I slowly started reintroducing oils into my diet. I cook daily with a small amount of olive oil. I never use butter and I do still try to stay away from dairy.

I did learn that I can’t sit in front of my tv and eat peanut butter with a spoon because I will gain that day. I do cheat on holidays and special occasions, but as soon as Monday comes I try to get back on track. Popcorn is my go to safe snack now. There are so many light options with it, and I try to only sit down with

In Phase 4: Can you tell us what types of foods you eat now in every day life? And how is this different from what you used to eat on a normal basis?

One thing I started doing after hcg was out of my system, was eat two eggs every day for breakfast. I use to eat granola bars or Greek yogurt, but those things have a ton of sugar in them.

Now I really try to watch my sugar intake even with fruit, I rarely have it in the house it usually goes bad before I can eat it all. Now I buy almost the same things every week 93% lean ground beef, chicken breasts, steak, and shrimp or tilapia. I enjoy green beans, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, and cauliflower. I make so many crazy things with cauliflower; mashed potatoes, Asian stir fry, and carbless pizza crust.

I treat myself during the week sometimes with brown rice sushi. I mostly try to buy all fresh produce and do a lot of my grocery shopping at Aldi. They have the best healthy options to aid my healthier lifestyle.

What have been your tools for maintaining your weight loss?

My tools to maintain are really following a routine. I work out 4-5 days a week, and I find that working out helps aid my eating, if I don’t work out some days it’s just an off day for me and I can’t focus as well on my diet. They go hand in hand for me now.

I try not to drink alcohol during the week, while on the hcg I didn’t drink the entire 30 days and I think it did wonders for my body. If I do have a drink now in a social setting I usually go for vodka soda water with a lemon or lime. I use to drink wine during the week or while cooking and now I don’t want that extra sugar or calories in my body.  

Also just getting in the routine that after I eat dinner, that’s all the food I’m having for the day. I’m a late night private snack-er, so now I try to go to bed at 8pm in order to go to the gym at 4:30 am. Making dinner as soon as I get home from work, eating early, and following my routine help me maintain my success.

Do you have any memories of your life/body pre hCG that are totally different for you now?

Sometimes when I’m shopping I still don’t believe my size, I will get bigger ones just in case for the dressing room and I always end up getting the 6 but I don’t know I just can’t believe I’m truly that size. When I was heavier I felt like I had given up and let my eating take over and that I had no control over my body. Now I feel more confident in my choices and that I can control what I eat and how I feel about what I eat.

When you want a treat now, give us a couple examples of what you might eat? Also, are you ever able to indulge in a regular treat, like cake at a party, and still maintain?

When I want a treat I tend to go for popcorn, there are so many flavors that can be healthy. I also make my own at home and use I can’t believe it’s not butter spray and popcorn seasonings I buy at the grocery store. I do indulge in deserts, not often mostly for special occasions, and I can maintain by weighing myself every morning. Seeing my weight everyday helps keep me in the know, and that way if I do see a gain, it’s on my mind and I can refocus and get on track.

What factors have you noticed to play a role in people NOT succeeding on hCG?

My mom and I actually did hcg together. We both lost a lot of weight but unfortunately she has not maintained. I think she was focused on the diet while it was taking place, but adjusting it back into her regular lifestyle hasn’t been as successful for her. I remember my dad complaining a lot about what we were eating on the diet because he too has to eat what she cooks. I think worrying about his happiness when preparing meals has caused her to gain the weight back.

What do you feel are the most important keys to success on the hcg protocol? If someone said they want to have the same results you have, what would you tell them?

I would say the keys to success are treating the diet as a lifestyle change. You can’t do something for just 30 days and expect the results to continue when you go back to eating junk food. I knew when I signed on to the program that I was determined to lose the weight and that this was my last chance to get my weight and life on track.

I took the diet very seriously, not only because of the money I spent on the 3 month program because I truly wanted to feel happy and comfortable in my skin. I wasn’t feeling that way before hcg, and it was reflected by me holding back and not doing things in my life because I wasn’t at a comfortable weight.

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hCG Diet Interviews – Size 12 to Size 6 – 200lbs to 145 lbs – Episode 61


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