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6 Fantastic Dental Tips: How to Avoid Bad Breath

Oral hygiene is important not only to keep us free of several Dental problems, but it also manages our fresh and clean breathing. Many a times, we cannot actually judge why this happens and how we can stop it. The condition of our teeth, tongue, gums and overall oral structure has a special role in it too.

We are, therefore, going to focus on some of the best dental tips that can help us know how we can really manage this.


People can have either a chronic Bad Breath or simply the one that usually strikes off with time. Many of us might have experienced sort of morning breath or post-meal smell (or may be throughout the day).

Let’s see now how we can control bad breath and stay fresh in particular:

Remember, there is no other option for appropriate oral hygiene. One has to follow it strictly.

1. Teeth cleaning

Effective dental care is very important. Appropriate methods of brushing and flossing are must. It’s said that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day or after every meal. Flossing is itself an inevitable part too. It can reach to the area on teeth where brushes usually can’t. We have to clean our teeth from all angles along with the gaps in between.

It simply keeps away bacterial invasion from our Mouth, removes plaque formation and reduce chances of bad breath and other dental problems.

2. Tongue scrapping

Never underestimate it. You should clean your tongue in the right manner. The whole of it should be cleaned up until an inner area. Tongue is a place where many microorganism sit, survive and multiply. It’s a common cause of bad breath.

3. Dental follow-ups

It’s advised at least two times a year. It would help our dentist to keep eyes if or not we have everything well functioning in our mouth. The doctors will check if there is anything unusual. The gums, teeth and other areas are checked and in fact cleaned if needed. The professional look into your mouth can surely save major dental problems to occur. This may be cavities, gum diseases or any other that may also lead to bad breath later.

4. Regulated water intake

Dry mouth is a main lead to halitosis, where it affects saliva production mainly by decreasing it and forming bad breath. Drinking enough water keeps our mouth moist enough to maintain the things smoothly. Enough water can also stop halitosis that may also be caused due to acid-reflux disease. It helps to keeps throat clean and fresh.

5. Avoid harmful diet and habits

Some foods like garlic and onion once consumed may even leave their smell for the long hours. We should sooner brush and wash our mouth after consumption. Alcohol is stinky too and also dehydrates our mouth, triggering growth of microorganisms. Smoking leaves filthy substances that stick all the way in mouth, throat and lungs. Tobacco itself is harmful and a key reason to forming dry mouth, tartar as well as gum problems. This gives hard smell when we breath out.

6. Other important tips

Use saltwater gargling. It helps to remove stinky mucous or bacterial groups that are usually found in our throat and mouth. Eating raw food and crunchy vegetables can help us increase saliva secretion. This as the natural cleanser can also help our mouth to remain sufficiently moist and fresh.


There is much more to know yet on oral problems and their most suitable dental treatments. Awareness is indeed a great means of prevention.

If you have any doubts on bad breath or any of your dental query, please feel free to contact us.

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6 Fantastic Dental Tips: How to Avoid Bad Breath


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