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Top 10 Tips For Glowing Skin

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Much has been said about a healthy Skin being a sign of good health. That is entirely true based on the fact that you are what you eat.  The statement; ‘garbage in garbage out’ also finds application in this context. The food we eat and the cosmetics we apply on the skin go a long way in determining skin quality. Fresh, glowing and supple skin is the product of continuous good skin care. The following are ten handy tips, greatly useful for the one seeking after beautiful skin.

tips for glowing skin

Tips for glowing skin

  • Water therapy

The skin can be compared to a seedling being nurtured to form a green, strong tree. Deprive it of water and it dries up. Its leaves shrivel, turn yellow and ugly. This is exactly the scenario when it comes to hydrating the skin. Drinking plenty of water at the recommended amount of 6-8 glasses a day is important. Invest in a quality lotion that is designed to lock in moisture within the skin and prevent over-drying especially during hot weather. This way, cells in the body get enough hydration to regenerate and expose much smoother and younger looking skin.

  • Exfoliate regularly

The body sheds skin cells every single day of life. If these dead cells accumulate over the course of time, they give the appearance of dull and limp skin. Normal baths and showering every day does little to eliminate unwanted skin. The best remedy for this is gentle skin exfoliation, regularly. Find a good body scrub and get scrubbing to reveal the fresher skin underneath.

  • Shave properly

The skin on the face, arms, under arms and legs is usually subject to numerous shaving episodes to get rid of unwanted hair.  Shaving the right way is necessary in order to avoid bumps from appearing. If done the wrong way, it may irritate the skin resulting in inflammation and sometimes unwanted cuts that absolutely kill the beauty of the skin.

  • Protect against sunlight

The sun is important for healthy skin yet too much of it can be damaging. Stay away from harmful ultraviolet rays by applying a suitable sunscreen on your sun-exposed areas. This is important and not only during summer time but rather whenever much time is spent outdoors. By protecting against sunburns, it ensures the skin remains smooth and retains its normal complexion. It is definitely a sure way of maintaining the glow from well protected skin.

  • Adequate sleep

Lack of enough sleep always manifests on the skin in a not- so -pleasant way. Lines and bags around the eyes, sagging and limp skin are all signs that someone is missing out on their slumber. Sleep is necessary not only for the sanity of our minds but also to rest the body. During rest, the body rejuvenates allowing new skin cells to be formed. Sleeping right and adequately ensures old skin cells are replenished to expose brighter and healthier skin.

  • Use cosmetics wisely

Makeup and other cosmetics can spoil the skin if used injudiciously. In this context, less is more. The skin is one of the sensitive organs of the body and should not be stressed in any way. Learn to use only quality products as these are free from harmful components such as mercury that may damage the skin. Excellent cosmetics also contain essential oils and other natural substances that enrich the skin causing it to glow.

  • Maintain proper hygiene

Accumulation of dirt and sweat on the skin strips it of any glow that may be present. Timely showers particularly during summer help remove dust and excess sebum from the skin surface. This unclogs skin pores allowing proper aeration and at the same time preventing formation of acne. Consequently, skin remains clear and without blemish.

  • Eat skin-friendly healthy foods

All sorts of vegetables and fruits have the ability to nourish the skin and give it a natural glow. They contain vitamins, minerals and water that that help maintain a strong and healthy skin structure. Eating 3-4 portions a day or making juice out of them is a simple way of letting food be your skin doctor.

  • Honey for the skin

Use natural honey to maintain good skin tone and complexion. Apply honey over the skin for about 15 minutes then wash with cold water. The result is a soft skin with a glowing hue.

  • Go natural

There are very many natural substances that can be substituted for artificial face washes and toners. For instance, washing the face with a mixture of green gram flour and milk imparts it with a natural glow.

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Top 10 Tips For Glowing Skin


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