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Don’t Mistake My Kindness For Weakness

Don’t Mistake My Kindness For Weakness

There are many times people who are doing good for others and helping others are seen as targets by those who have huge egos.  People who feel they have a position of authority or power, or just feel better than us.  It is with those people that we must be Strong.  We can’t let them think that because  we are full of love and kindness that we are weak.   In this article we will discuss how to be kind and strong.
Be Kind and Strong Can we be kind and strong at the same time?  Or do we just need to be Machiavellian and take whatever we want?   No!  We can be both kind and strong, but we don’t want to be pushed around.   To not be pushed around, we have to pay attention to what is going on around us.   We have to be aware.  We have to care.

Keep the Passion Alive

Sometimes, we get burned out. We lose the passion for what we are doing. We fail because  we’ve lost the passion or drive to do what we need to do. That makes us weak. We get careless, we take our eye off of the important things. And then we get taken advantage of.
So to be strong and kind we have to care about the things that we are doing. We have to put to energy into it. But we also have to take breaks and do great self care so that we don’t get burnt out.

Put Your Foot Down

When we care about what we are doing or who we are, then we can put our foot down. We have to have energy and passion for our personal mission, so that we have clarity about where our Boundaries are. It’s important to take time to think things through and decide where our boundaries are. 
When we know our boundaries, then we have the clarity to defend them. If we don’t care about ourselves, if we are confused about what we want, if we are unaware then we tend to constantly give into others.

Posture and Boundaries

It’s important to pay attention to our posture and presence.  We can start by working on improving our physical appearance, health, and Strength. When we feel good about the way we look, when we are feeling healthy, when we have good energy… all of that shows in the way we walk and carry our bodies.
Sometimes, we strategically choose dress or accessories that will increase our posture and presence in the eyes of others. We do this knowing that better posture and presence will give us a position of strength, much like a general chooses an advantageous position to start a battle. 

Choosing Battles

When people cross our boundaries, it can be very painful. We have to remember that we each feel like the center of the universe. We each have a self-centered point of view. This means that nobody cares for us like we do. This is normal and natural. However, some people will try to dominate, manipulate, or harm others. There are people that want to take advantage of others all the time.
There are times when we have to be strong and fight for our boundaries. When we are aware and strong then we can choose our battles wisely. Many times this is a test of us.  Are we clear about our boundaries? Do we care for ourselves? Can we be strong and fight for what we want? Do we have to courage to confront someone and set a strong boundary?  
Many of us hate confrontation. But setting a boundary is a skill that we need to develop. We can grow a little, and have that tough conversation.  

Loving and Strong

We always want to set our boundaries with love, kindness, and strength. Our posture and presence, our tone of voice, and our attitude is very important.  We don’t complain, we discuss. We remember that nobody cares for us like we do.  When we ask for what we want, others will usually respect our strength, even if they complain about the result.  
If we’re positive and put good energy out there, and set a boundary in a positive way, we will generally get good results.   Being loving does not mean being weak.  Love is strong.  Remember the old saying “Fences make good neighbors”.   When we set strong boundaries, everyone benefits.

We’re all in this together

Everyone has moments where they let down their guard. Sometimes we are a little burnt out. Maybe things aren’t working and we’re feeling confused.  Or we could be discouraged and facing failure. Maybe we are burned out and don’t want to do the work today. Fear could be holding us back. We’ve all been there.
To overcome weakness, develop ways to keep our strength. Passion and good health helps us keep or strength. Or we want to get around other like minded people. We can’t soar like eagles if we’re hanging around with turkeys. 
Here at MorningCoach, we want you to explore new ideas and question everything. Be open to new ideas and learn to think critically. MorningCoach is a safe place to practice being strong, and speaking up for what we believe in.  
With practice, we will be able to extend our strength, posture, and presence into other areas of our lives. We can set boundaries with Love.

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Don’t Mistake My Kindness For Weakness


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