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Popular Song | Song Of The Year | Episode 3005

One of my favorite things to do to start the new year is to pick a Song of the year, a popular song. I would love you to help me do that. On today’s show, I discuss some ideas on ending the year right and ask you for your help to pick the song of the year.

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[00:00:14] Good Morning and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is J.B. Gloassinger and this is your personal evolution system. Thee place to get your day started right.

[00:00:27] Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today. Hey we’re rocking and rolling on these last couple of days of the year. We’re ready to have some fun and put some great energy out there and it is a great time.

[00:00:39] It’s a brand new start of the new year, it’s time to turn over some new rocks and come up with some new ideas and put some game plans together and execute. I’ve been having a lot of fun here at MorningCoach because I’ve been going through a lot of a level two reviews and assessments and I’ve been reading so many and I love to see the goals and the dreams and the ideas that people are putting together for the next year and how we’re going to do that together. If you haven’t got yours then you still got time. There’s no rush. This is just something you can do at your leisure, but in order to go to level three we need to get those in and then we’ll we’ll start assigning you people so when you get a chance sit down. What most people are doing by the way is they are doing them with the Microsoft Word. They’re taking the outline that I put together and what I did was I put a sheet together on one sheet. So I put an outline together. They’re taking this outline and then they’re breaking it down. It makes it a little bit easier and I’ll probably do that too eventually. I’ve been really busy getting the levels together so I haven’t had a chance to really spend a lot of time working on the paperwork, but we will get that a little bit easier and made a little bit easier for future. Those of you that pioneered it,

[00:01:45] Thank you so much in fact I may take one of your templates because they were so good there were so many that are coming in and it’s just a joy to be looking those assessments and bringing people into a level 3 which we’re going to be doing at the start of the New Year. Excited today again because it is the new year and it gives us a time to really kind of focus in on new things that are going on what are our goals what are the things that we’re going to do and what are we going to pursue. One of the things that I always like to do at the end of the year, well there’s two things. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about one of them which is a great ritual Pillar taught me from Columbia and I’ve been very fortunate to do in Columbia and we’re going to go over that tomorrow so make sure you’re here at the show but today is about nostalgia and what I mean by nostalgia. It’s about looking back at the things that have occurred that are wins. One of the big things that we like to do here at MorningCoach is to write down the positive things that occur during the day and I ask you to try to get three positive things every day because as you get three positive things every day as you review those end of the week what happens is it cements the positive in your mind that there’s good things going on and it really works to override that negative that’s out there because there’s so many negative things that in order for us to really override the negative we’ve got to have a lot of positive things going on.

[00:03:08] So if you’re looking for three things at the end of the day every day and then reviewing those it builds and it builds over time. Then what I like to do about this time of the year is think back to the positive things that have occurred over the year. So think about the wins that you’ve had and it’s challenging sometimes if you’ve been struggling this year you’re like man I just can’t wait to get done with this year and kick it out and move on to the next year and I can’t believe how many of those comments I see on Facebook that people are just like man I can’t wait to get this year over with. . That means that they really haven’t been looking at the positive experiences that have been occurring and that it’s just gone so fast. So we want to slow it down, and one of the things we do as we get into the higher levels here at MorningCoach is we start to work with time we start to slow time down and that’s a big one for me is really slowing time down and we start working on that in order to get you to do enjoy life more. Right, so one of the key concepts there is to start to really appreciate the good things that are going on. That’s the first thing, you’re getting a little nostalgic today and starting to think about what can I do to remember the good things and really write those down in your journal write them in Evernote wherever you’re keeping your journal write those down.

[00:04:22] The second thing that I love to do this time of year and this is a fun one, and this is where I need your help is we need to come up with a song of the year. This is going out to the MorningCoach community, level one, level two, level three, and basically what I’m asking you, and I’m going to put this in the What’s Up group and I always say what’s up, but the what’s app group which is just so active. I’m gonna ask, can we come up with a song of the year together by the end of the day today. OK. All right let’s say by the end of the year so we have two days. What I want to come up with is what song represents 2017 the best. Now here’s the deal doesn’t have to be a song from this year. Even though that would make sense right. It could be a song from any era, but we need a song that we are going to remember this year by, and so what that will do is it will create some nostalgia. Later on in life when we hear that song we will think about this moment in time. I need your help, I need your help so if you’re here listening to the coach cast what I would like is if you could go on Facebook and put it that would be great. You could grab the youtube link, if you here on YouTube, you can actually put a YouTube video on the comments section of the song that you like.

[00:05:32] I will compile those and then we’ll probably put them on Facebook, it’s probably the easiest place in order for us to come up with a great song of the year. Our homework as a group, as a community here is to come up with one song that is going to represent 2017, so we can move into the new year. As we go under the tomorrow’s grape ritual and start going through that we’re gonna we’re gonna be really really off to some you know off to a great great start for the new year. OK so homework what are we doing. We’re coming up with a song of the year. Please put those suggestions in Facebook if you’re watching here on YouTube you can put them here but we want to get those suggestions together. OK. Now just a quick note if you’re watching on YouTube I’m going to show you this if you’re listening I am holding up the course in miracles. As I stated this is a very controversial text. OK. But there’s a lot of depth in the manual for students in the workbook for students. The workbook for students has been used in Wayne Dyer’s work, Eckhart Tolle’s work and is really a very powerful, powerful, spiritual journey to do it over 365 days regardless of what you think about the book itself as we know we’ve discussed Dr. Hawkins has said it’s not very high is very difficult very challenging to read, the workbook for students, I really enjoy. As far as understanding ego and separation and depth of spirituality. So what I’m going to do is every day now at the end of the coach cast I’m going to do one lesson, there’s 365 of them.

[00:07:13] You can follow along and you can buy the course in miracles ACIM if you want and get this workbook for students. It’s also available on the Web all over and you can follow with me. Here’s the deal, what you’re going to do is you’re going to listen to the coach cast every day and in the end we will do this lessons starting in two days. OK We’re going to be starting this on the first and we’re going to do this for 365 days. So I just wanted to bring this to your attention that if you want to get involved with ACIM and do some of this work we’re going to be doing it at the end of the coach cast specifically we’re going to be doing the work book for students. We are not going to be doing the book. OK. We’re going to be doing the work book for students which as Dr. Hopkins states is very on the scales very high. The power now which was a book that really really changed my life came from the foundation of this because of the holy instant which is in here and we discussed that and a lot of Wayne Dyers work a lot of it came from here and this will help us really establish some peace.

[00:08:15] That’s what I kind of want to use this work for is to help you kind of get some some peace and use it from that, no matter what you believe as far as the idea behind the book or the concept how it’s written, that’s not what I’m focused on, what I’m focused on is this workbook for students the lessons that really help you create the separation between ego and help you create separation that connect to the observer state. So this year this is new. I’ve never done this before. We’re going to be doing this over 365 days, so if you get a chance grab a Course in Miracles you can get one and you’ll be able to start with me starting in a few days as we start the new year and we’re going to rock this 365 lessons over 365 days. I’ve been through it twice over the years and it’s really challenging for me to get through all 365 lessons. It’s tough to do something 365 days a year. But we’re going to do that together and you’re more than welcome to grab a Course in Miracles and do that. We got our homework for today. Right. Our homework is what, we are going to come up with a song for the year. You also have another piece of work if you want to grab the Course in Miracles you can follow along with me again that will be at the end of the coach casts everyday so if you don’t want to get involved and that’s totally cool I’m doing it. The end is a bonus to kind of go through and help you kind of connect spiritually so that will be at the end. If you want to go through grab that.

[00:09:36] More importantly today please let’s come up with a song of the year so we can be a little nostalgic this year and then the other thing I said is let’s try to focus on some good things this year and write them in your journal today is about reflection so that we can move in tomorrow into the newness as we plant those seeds of the things we’re going to go after into the new year. If you haven’t got your assessments and you still got time again they don’t have to be by the end of the year there’s no deadline here. The MorningCoach personal evolution system is about leveling up as you can feel fit, and as time works out and as a timing works out I’ve got it all set up and we’re building all the way through the levels. As you start to feel them moving forward then we’ll be working together as we get to those. OK so let’s keep going, let’s keep the energy going. It’s going to be a great year and it’s a great time to get ready for it. But I need that song from you. OK so get that in Facebook send it in What’s app, put it on YouTube, wherever you’re going to put it, let’s put it there and vote on it and let’s come up with a consensus song of 2017 together so we have that to remember this wonderful year that we just finished and get ready for 2018. All right. So I love you. Get out there. Have a great day.

[00:10:47] And I will be back with more right here to keep you going tomorrow on

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Popular Song | Song Of The Year | Episode 3005


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