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Ask JB MC Levels | Episode 3010

It is question time on MorningCoach and I have been getting a lot of questions about the levels. Join me (JB Glossinger) on today’s show of Ask JB to discuss what the MorningCoach levels are and how you can use them.

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Ask JB | Ask JB MC Levels | Episode 3010

[00:00:05] Good Morning and welcome to MorningCoach. Today

[00:00:16] I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is J.B. Glossinger and this is your Personal Evolution system, thee place you get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today. Hey we’re rocking and rolling and we’re having some fun. We’re putting some great Energy out there because that’s what it’s about here at MorningCoach. Energy every single day and just excited about what’s happening. I’m getting to read everybody’s assessments. Putting those together getting organized and it just motivates me without get out. I don’t know if you could feel the energy but I have this renewed just energy about helping and it’s just when I had my coach last year and we sat down and we talked about what the last year was going to look like as I was making this transition. It was time to get back to work but I didn’t really want to work. I didn’t really want to. It was like I wanted to sit back, I wanted to enjoy life, just continue to do this Coachcast, put it out there, and in doing that I was having fun and we were growing a little bit but it wasn’t like I was having this joy this energy. That’s when I sat down with him and we said let’s figure out what you really love to do and I really loved to help people. I mean that’s what I love to do.

[00:01:30] The other thing I figured out I love to do is bring people together and watch them become successful. I used to coach football and when I coached football I love to see the team come together and win, and I love teams coming together and winning. It’s something I love to do in fact I can’t stand like in golf, all my buddies gamble. We gamble when we play and I hate when I let down my team because I’m a coach, I want everybody to succeed, I want everybody to win, and so in doing that last year we closed MorningCoach and we decided what are we going to do, what am I going to do, and I meditated and I prayed and I really thought about it. At the end of the year it started to dawn on me that it was time to build the personal evolution system over the years starting 11 years ago or 12 years ago when I founded this as a conference call. Way back when. You know I said this is the world’s first personal evolution system. I didn’t know what that was back then but it just came to me, and over the years I would say what is MorningCoach?. It’s a personal evolution system. So over the years I just was trying to figure out what that meant. Well it finally came to me last year really divinely inspired

[00:02:38] at the end of the year that it really needs to be a system, that this is great to do this every day to help people start their day with energy and get them focused and then help them change their mindset and help them become more consistent. That’s awesome. But what we all need is more of a systematic structure to really evolving, moving to higher levels of consciousness. Finding the joy, finding the peace, finding the happiness, finding the wealth, that we wanted.

[00:03:05] And so it was the development of the levels that started to come which I’ve been working on as many people are participating in and it is just really starting to rock and it really started truthfully with the HayHouse publication of the sacred six. HayHouse put this out, meeting Wayne Dyer and working in that structure really brought a lot of things together to make me realize that this is great, that CoachCast has been great, 3000 and some episodes doing this every day, thousands of people.

[00:03:33] It’s been great meeting some of the most amazing people in the world. What is put it over the top is building this system from my 30 years of study and then really the past 12 years of coaching and understanding people so today is ask J.B. and I’m getting so many questions on levels. I just want to break them down and answer some of the questions in the e-mails that I’ve been getting so that everybody’s on the same page and we know what is going on. OK so let me start breaking some of those down so we are on the same page. First of all the level one is blue and there’s an eye on the badge and what level one means is to awaken, meaning you’re getting some new information for the first time, and that’s what level 1 is. In Level 1 is to come and start a new morning routine that includes listening to MorningCoach every day, really getting a new way of thinking. Well at least five days a week. Like I always say five days is good, two days is good, three days is better, five days is awesome right. Back in the day when I used to five days now seven days you’re a rockstar. We want to start a new morning routine where we’re getting some energy and changing the way that we think about our approach to the day. So that’s a level one is the first part of the system. It’s about discipline and consistency. That’s what we’re focused on discipline and consistency.

[00:04:56] If you’re disciplined you don’t need motivation. So you come here you get that new morning routine you get the energy you get the objective and you start to feel that energy start to come in OK. This level’s free of cost anything to do level 1. We have a lot of people on level 1 The reason is it’s because it is free. I want you to start understanding daily gratitude and I want to get on a health kick. So that’s level one.

[00:05:20] The thing with the levels whenever things are breaking down in life and things aren’t going the way that you need them to go you always work back to level one meaning you go back to the basics. OK things aren’t working let me look at my morning routine, let me get consistent and start working on discipline. That’s what we focus on when things aren’t working. We understand gratitude when we get into the health kick, that’s what it’s all about, that’s level one, and that’s why there’s an eye on the badge because it’s about awakening. Blue is our MorningCoach color. It means serenity, it means peace, and it’s really about depth right. Water, the connection to water, blue water.

[00:05:59] So all of that comes together at level 1. Everybody that comes and listens and participates starts to get involved in Level 1. We have a Facebook group that you get involved in. And we also have e-mails that go out and there’s other activities and stuff you could do, but the main thing is listening to this watching us getting actively engaged in level 1 then we move into our pay level and that’s where the pay levels and we move the level two. This is the organizational level. OK. This is where we get the sacred 6 process in place. We got an assessment and there you fill it out. I’m actually personally reviewing every one of them because I want to make sure we’re on the same page. We’re understanding the financial system that I built. You don’t have to use, The other thing is you don’t have to use all the parts of the systems OK. I’ve built it like you’re coming in with nothing working and that’s why I build it this way. So if you’ve got a financial system that works great Just check the box. I’m good. If you’re not then you take the wealth 101 class you get your spending journal in place, you get the spreadsheet in place, the whole system that I built, get that understanding in level two, which is twins which twins is about energy and peace. OK so let me get into this, is where we started getting deeper and we start really creating separation from level 1 because now we’re invested.

[00:07:14] We’re paying, we’re into a system, we’re into a program, you’re gonna get your Sacred 6, you’re going to understand your mission, your clarity, your focus. That’s what it’s about. It’s about energy and peace.

[00:07:23] So the twins, and I talk about that. Where we put our energy is really the key. That’s level two, now all of a sudden we understand energy, we understand where it’s going because we’ve got a mission. We’ve got values we’ve got that structure in that assessment.

[00:07:37] Then we also have our finances organized which then leads us to more peace. This is the dynamics, energy and piece, getting yourself organized, and then turning the assessment in. I don’t want to complicate the process if you’re getting stuck on level 2 just go with the basics. What do you want to do over the next 12 months, what some of the things you want to accomplish. That’s what I need to see. You send that assessment in and we are now level for Level 3 which is the same paid level and now you go into level 3 and this is where people are starting to move in. Level three is about execution, where level 1 is about discipline and consistency, Level 2 is about really getting organized. That’s what it is and focus, that’s our key here. Level 3 now is really about execution. So we take what we did in level 2 and now we’re going to move on those in the way that we do that is, one we’re assigned a triad, the triad is two other people has been proven in person developing and coaching that Triad’s are one of the most powerful ways to work. You get two other people that are going to work together, one of the reasons that it’s a pay level, One of the reasons is that you have to go through level 2 before you get aside as I know you’re committed to this. I need to know you’re committed. I know you’re in this because I don’t want you to drop out

[00:08:54] on the other two people and I had one person send in an assessment and say I don’t really know if I want to go with a couple other people and I said that’s cool. If you don’t want to be in a triad you don’t have to be again with the levels. These are guidelines. They’re not exact. You don’t have to do it if you’re like hey I’m self-sufficient this is working fine. When I do you’re level 3 assessment to go to level 4 you’ll just put in there that I don’t want to be the triad I’m totally cool with that. Again I’m coming to this position with you not having anything going on no structure nothing working for you and I’m building a skeletal structure of a personal evolution system to really take you from point A to wherever you want to go, and that’s what I’m putting together so you will be assigned a triad. That’s the first part. Again it’s about execution meaning we’ve got our plan and level to now level 3 is about getting that done. By way. Level 2 is orange which is energy. I’m wearing orange shirt today right. That’s why it’s a twins it’s power energy and peace bringing them together with an orange. That’s the color that we have for that by the way, and that’s one the reasons we do it on the badge. You can see this symbol is the twin symbol in there, Level 3 now again it’s about execution. It’s Red. Red is action, red is the thing we’re going to do. It also means caution.

[00:10:10] We need to slow it down and make sure we’re executing on this, part of this is also mindfulness meditation. You’re going to have a 90 day meditation challenge in there getting the mind right is another part of this. And then we need to understand how mindfulness works with execution. Level 3 we’re getting more esoteric knowledge. We’re really starting to move into some of the higher level learning of evolution. We’re starting to move into higher levels of consciousness a level 3 once a level three is accomplished or you are on the path. You are now ready for level 4. These are the foundational levels by the way the first four levels are considered foundational. They’re the work we’re going to be doing to build the solid foundation that you can work through these levels back and forth once you get through the fourth level. Level 4 is green. It is Midas. If you understand Midas, Midas can touch things and turn them to gold and really there’s a money symbol on there and this is where we get into wealth. This is about manifesting and understanding the metaphysical realities of LOA, which is law of attraction, luck, and prosperity. This is where we start to understand the basics of the material illusion. So we’re really getting deep at this point. Now we’re starting to understand wealth and we’re gonna understand lack versus prosperity we’re going to go into the depths of this we’re going to put into practice manifestation techniques and how you can bring things in your life.

[00:11:32] We’re going to commit to optimal health and vitality which is the ending of really the foundational ideas and you’re going to have this structure in place is just off the charts. This should take you anywhere between, I should say level one should take seven days. Really not that long, five to seven days. Level two should take a few months, level three should take a few months. Obviously there’s a 90 day meditation channel and level 4 should take a few months. So this structure has been built to be really built over a 6 to 1 year period to build the foundation. Now once the foundation has been built and I’ve got a lot of questions on that we have level five which is called ascension level 6 which is time level 7 which is consciousness level 8 which is legacy, these are the truth foundational set, so after foundation we’re now under the truth set of levels. Once we get through the truth set of levels we are now in the level five, sorry level 9 through level 12. Level 9 is being level 10 is elements level 10 is I’m sorry level 10 is elements level 11 is mysticism and level 12 is illumination. This set of levels is called transition. Finally level 13 is transcendence and that is the wisdom set. So over these levels, and by the way those levels will be released as you complete the other level. So that is private information that we don’t release what those levels about what we’re going to be do and what we’re going to be working on into the foundational levels are in place there’s some metaphysical reasons for that. There’s some practical reasons for that.

[00:13:21] So you need to get through those first four levels and as soon as you get through Level 4 you are now ready for Level 5 ascension. Once you go through that you’ll get all the information on that, once you pass level four and you’re through level four, then you could move in a level which is level 6 time and so forth and so on. So this is an entire personal evolution system based on my studies throughout my life whether it’s me and my MBA or my Ph.D. in metaphysics or all of that coaching clients from around the world that I put together this system will serve you. Again the system has been built. The levels have been built to help you if you’ve had no system in place okay if you have a couple of things working for you great use them and supplement with this system because it will literally change your life.

[00:14:09] It’s set up amazingly again divinely inspired to bring this through. We’ve already got people moving through the levels. The beautiful thing about it is people get in the higher levels. They can come back and help people with the other levels, and it’s really been my dream to build this, and this started off as a little podcast back in the day, actually as a conference call and now has grown into something that literally there is nothing out there in the world like this. There is nothing out there like this system that you can get involved with at this level at this price at this cost. That is so life changing and for me it’s just so awesome and you could tell my energy is off the charts. So I wanted to answer those questions so if you’re stuck on level 2 and you’re like JB I don’t know what assessment, what to do with that. You can send in what you have and we are review it and get back with you, a lot of people say gee how are you doing all of these and doing it, because it’s my dream. I’ll stay up all night because I love people and I love to see this come together and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make this the greatest system in the world will always doing the level two assessments and the level three and a love of four assessments, no, in full disclosure it’s just impossible for me, but at that point we’ll have people at level 10 and 11 possibly you. Right.

[00:15:23] You will be helping me with some of those assessments and others will whoever’s at the higher levels. That’s the whole thing here. Remember the idea behind MorningCoach is community people that need help. You’ve got to ask for it we’re here to help and people that are doing well and as people get past level four and really start manifesting wealth and things are working for them. Their objective is to help other people, and that’s what makes this so awesome. So wanted to answer those questions for those levels. If you have any for me always you can send them in and we’ll go through those with you, and if you have more interest on the levels we’re building everything out. Actually that’s why I’m going to Austin Texas to get all the basics done in the structure in place as far as the front end of it. So when new people come in they know where they’re going. It’s all coming together again divinely inspired I’m not in any hurry I’m just surrendering to this and allowing it to work, and it’s great. It’s been awesome. If you want more information just send an e-mail or hit the join button in MorningCoach and you can get more on that. As we are doing everyday we’re doing a course in miracles.

[00:16:25] Yesterday I was so much in stream of consciousness. I totally forgot to do Level 3 I did put it up on Facebook. By the way if you’re checking the Facebook group make sure you go in there once a week because if you’re in Level 1 go in the level one group, if you’re level two go in the level two, if your in level three check them all but just do once a week. What I do is I put them in my favorites and I don’t even look at anything else in Facebook this is where I hang out. I’m in my level 3 Level 4 Level 2 Level 1 group and that’s where I want to hang out, and if there’s anything general that you want to put out what I mean as we’re working through this level one is where we have most of our people and most Activity, Level 2 Level 3 level 4 there’s less and less people as we go along. If you have a particular private information keep them in those particular levels but if you’ve got somebody general level one is where we’re putting like our rank increases in those type of things because that’s really where a lot of people hang out. Okay. So we’re going to get the ACIM as we and our coach guests every day this year or every every day this year we’re going to be doing this and we’re going into lesson 4 and so I’m going to read this to you and we’re going to do this real quick.

[00:17:28] So that you have this, if you’ve done the first three lessons if not go back and read the first three lessons so that you can catch up again this is ACIM of course in miracles workbook for students so today’s lesson is this. These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see in this room on the street from this window in this place. These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see in this room on the street from this window in this place. What we want to do is we want to recognize the thought. The major exerciser application this is, this thought about in whatever you thinking about does not mean anything. OK. So you’re really thinking about thoughts you’re not being judgmental. You’re just really thinking about thoughts a lot of times you think this is bad this thought is good. That’s not what we’re doing here. Here’s what we’re doing is we’re not representing the good ones or the bad ones. We just want to realize that they’re meaningless. I know this is deep. Right. So you don’t want to you just want to do this three or four times a day and you’re going to think this Thought about whatever you’re thinking about does not mean anything. It’s like the things I see in this room on the street and so on we’re retraining the mind and you understand why this, you might have the ego screaming with this one saying what are you talking about here but we’re retraining the mind. That’s what we’re doing.

[00:18:44] We’ve got to recognize that as we do as a couple times a day you’re just going to say this thought about whatever you’re thinking about doesn’t mean anything and you’re going to see some liberation and peace come from that you may have some mental challenges with this one but you’re going to find some peace and happiness with this as we start to work through it. Remember we’re just on lesson 4 we get 365 more of these they start to make sense as we get into them. OK. you got your ACIM lesson. You understand the levels. What a day it’s been a great one. Let’s go out there and make it happen. Tomorrow we’re talking about the financial new year so we’re going to get into finances a little bit, if you’ve got questions as always shoot them in to Ask JB, love to hear from you. Get your assessments in. Let’s keep rolling through the levels and obviously any questions you shoot them on over OK.

[00:19:27] Like I said ask JB if it’s for the community and then anything else you want to get into. Love to hear from you. But we’re all in this together and we’re going to keep rocking it. So get out there. Have a great day and I love you, I do and I will be back with more right here tomorrow on

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Ask JB MC Levels | Episode 3010


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