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Passion vs Purpose | Episode 3009

It gets frustrating when you set a goal and get passionate about it and then it doesn’t work. I have had this issue happen many times. Why is it that we are doing something we are passionate about but it doesn’t work?  This is Passion vs Purpose

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Passion vs Purpose | Passion vs Purpose | Episode 3009

[00:00:14] Good Morning and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is J.B. GLossinger and this is your personal evolution system thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, I’m so glad you’re with me today. Hey we’re rocking and rolling and having some fun. That’s all it is about here on MorningCoach, it is about the good energy and I am so glad you’re with me. We are on a Wednesday and Wednesdays are deep day and you’re probably getting back to work finally getting back to getting the mental thing working for you and it’s good, It’s a great time to do it.

[00:00:50] It’s a great time to get organized and get rolling and I’ve got a good one today because we are going to talk about the difference between passion and purpose and why this is so important that you understand the difference and why sometimes when people say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life is actually wrong maybe wrong for you.

[00:01:11] OK so I get a little controversial here, and I’ve actually been known to say that because I want you to do what you love and that’s kind of a standard setting.

[00:01:19] But there may be some times when that doesn’t work and we’re going to talk about that today. So let’s talk about this passion idea so passion is really about what you love, your passion about it, you’re excited about it. I’ll give an example about it, example golf. Golf is something that I get passionate about. I love it. It’s fun,

[00:01:36] It’s a good game, It’s a fun game, It gets me away from the computer. I’m here in South Florida so it’s normally pretty warm and I can get out and do it and enjoy it once in a while even though I’ve got a jacket around today and see it’s a little chilly down here and I’m talking 60s so I can’t say much because I know everybody else is in minus two or minus 10 degrees, but we’re a little chilly so I got a little jacket out today but it’s a passion of mine. It’s something that is fun but with a passion sometimes things happen. You get frustrated things don’t work right. Maybe the game just gets a little boring. You’re playing it a lot. It just doesn’t, I don’t know you just don’t feel like doing doing it as much even though your passion about it, kind of the flame burns out and that’s happened to me many times with passions. When you have a purpose and a purpose is the reason that you’re driven to do something you will do it every day and you’ll do it and you’ll put the energy into it. So let’s talk about MorningCoach. MorningCoach is a passion, I love to do this. I love putting the levels together, I believe that’s divinely inspired, it’s something that I’m so excited about, I know it’s going to be life changing for so many people.

[00:02:49] In fact I’m blogging a little bit about this journey now because I’m so pumped about it. If you get a chance if you’re watching on YouTube great, you’ll see the new videos come up if you’re not watching on youtube. Make sure you subscribe to the channel because I want to put some stuff up in there as we do this journey. The real purpose behind MorningCoach is to help people and I can illustrate this by a letter I got years ago from a lady when I first started podcasting and putting this out to the world. It was back in about 2009. I got a letter and it was about 15 pages long handwritten,

[00:03:20] and I opened that letter up and started reading it. It was about a woman who met this wonderful gentleman and they moved to Europe and they started a wonderful family had a couple of children and things were going really good. Then as the relationship got stronger you know they started getting into a relationship more. He became abusive with her and physically and mentally abusive.So she used to go in the closet to hide. Once she would go in the closet she would take her laptop in there and one day she was searching for something positive and she found MorningCoach. As she started listening to the show it helped her deal with the abuse and she stayed in the relationship and again I’m reading this letter when she sent it to me. She stayed in the relationship for the kids. She wanted to make sure the father was there even though she could handle the abuse. Eventually he started drinking heavily and started to abuse the children. When that occurred I did a podcast on strength. I had a Coach cast on strength and she said, and I’m reading the letter that it was time to go so she took out what she could get out of the bank account and flew back to California having no Money and she paid for a membership. She says she made it a point, she said JB I had no money but I still scraped together money to pay for the membership because I knew I needed MorningCoach.

[00:04:31] She listened every day and as I got to the end of the letter when she got to the end of the letter she said “Hey I just wanted to tell you thank you and I love you. I’m I’m here at the end of the race. I just wrote all this on a beach. I’m laying here on the beach with my my new significant other and she said I have my two children with me yesterday as I finished my first marathon. Life couldn’t be better.

[00:04:53] Thank you so much” and for me that changed everything back then, it gave me purpose because if there’s a day that I don’t want to get up and do this for example next week I’m going to be in Austin Texas, I got meetings all day, dinners all night, just on a couple days in Austin then flying in and out and I got to do this. I’ve got a video that I got to put it out there, I’ve got to figure out how to do it in my hotel room. The reason I’ll do that is not because of a passion it’s because I have a purpose. I have to do this. There are other people out there that are domestically going through issues that have been abused that are going through problems and they need this every single day. They need that connection, they need the family, they need the community. So I have a purpose behind this so you can kind of see there’s a passion between with MorningCoach which I’ve done for 11 years now. So there’s a passion behind golf, which I’ve done for about four or five years. There’s a passion I’m training with sir but the purpose is truly behind MorningCoach. The purposes is because I have to be here for others, and there are people that need me to be here. The key is that we have to find that purpose and everything we do.

[00:06:03] We’ve got to find that so that then we can have the discipline, and what a lot of people don’t understand is that they want freedom but they don’t want to believe that discipline equates to freedom. If I was in here every day I couldn’t fulfill my purpose, I couldn’t fulfill it. Now there are a couple days when I record ahead, but as you know I’ve always told you I record this the day before that way it’s there at midnight for everybody around the world and I release it at twelve thirty on YouTube, and 1:30 as far as a podcast a.m. Eastern Time. This is out every morning, so every single day I do this, Monday through Sunday, every day I’m here I wake up I come here it’s the first thing I do. Whether I’m in Columbia whether I’m here now that we’re doing the video stuff I’ve got to bring cameras with me. I’ve got to take my recording stuff and I’m looking at new ways to record Mobiley, I’m looking at some new equipment. All that’s coming but it’s because I have discipline and I have purpose. Those are the the two things I want you to get as we go into the new year if you’re not achieving things, if you’re not achieving things and you don’t have purpose. Let’s talk about Dante. OK. Dante is one of my favorite characters, a character I created. It’s a trilogy that I’m writing. It’s a series of books.

[00:07:17] I joined the mastermind a couple of years ago Sean Platt who’s a good friend of mine I’m actually going to see him in a couple of days which is great. He writes, they write tons of fictional books. I was with some amazing people learning how to write fiction. Came up with his great character I’d love to go into the world of Dante but guess where that book is. It’s not even close to being finished. I haven’t worked on it in seven months and I am the author of The Sacred six right. Get things done. Productivity.Why isn’t Dante getting done, Why isn’t Dante happening? Well because there’s no purpose. There’s no reason, I have a passion for it, I’m an old Dungeons Dragons guy. I want to write the book, I want to share that story, in fact I want to keep the story going right. I heard a lot of people that like Eckardt are like Tolkin and The Hobbit and the fantasy books The reason they write is because they want to keep the story going. The story ended too soon, and it’s true. The reason a lot of us write, were creative is because we want to keep those things going but that’s not a big enough purpose. The money, why do I need to make money. I’m building my business here and I’m not writing Dante for the money. It’s not because I need to make money that I’m going to write Dante.

[00:08:25] So there’s no purpose. There’s no purpose, there’s no why, I know you’ll hear me talking about the why, there’s really no deep reason why, do I want fulfillment and joy of doing it. Yes but there’s nothing that’s driving me to do it. Without that purpose, we don’t get things done. You may have passion but you can get bored of a passion you can get tired of passion you can get frustrated with the passion, that is not going to drive you, but a purpose will. So for me in order to get Dante done I need to get a bigger driver. I need to get a bigger purpose which I don’t have right now. I’ll be the first to admit it. This is more important to me, right now I’m throwing myself into levels that MorningCoach is building, this 13 level process, what you’re going to see some cool stuff coming out checklists and I’m going through the assessments for everybody in level 2 we’re building level 3 we’re announcing level 3 this week. We bring in people in there slowly, but surely I’m building this wonderful system and that’s where my purpose is and why is my purpose there, because it’s much deeper. I know that it can change lives and it is changing lives, It’s needed. There’s nothing like it in the world. So for me that is my purpose right now. You’ve got to find a purpose for everything. Now let’s talk about money because a lot of people come to me and say J.B. I have my purpose.

[00:09:39] I need to make more money. OK. Well money is not enough sometimes. I’m going to put sometimes, I’ve got it in my notes here in quotes “sometimes” because here’s the deal if you get enough money and you have the Maslow’s needs met the lower level of needs. Money’s not a motivator, money is not enough. If you have comfort then money is not going to drive you. Now when does money work when you don’t meet the lower needs, when you don’t have a house, when you don’t have food, when you don’t have shelter, money is a heck of a motivator right at that point but for most of us listening to MorningCoach, we’ve got those needs met. So it’s not a driver for us, so if I say Dante I need to make money. That’s going to be my purpose, it’s to sell it and make money. It’s not enough of a driver. If I start a blog or of vlog because I want to make money, it’s not enough of a driver. What will happen is let’s say you’re passionate about blogging and you want to make money and that’s the purpose behind it and the passion kind of wanes because you got to take work and it’s not really working right. The money’s not coming and you’re going to quit but if you have a purpose and you have a real reason behind it and I’m talking about something that drives you a desire then it’s going to work. OK so that’s what I really want you to get. To watch the frustration.

[00:10:50] So our big thing today as we move forward is to find that purpose. We have to dig in to everything we do there’s a reason on the assessment sheet that I say why to every goal, and I’ll tell you it’s more important the purpose or the goal than it is the goal itself. I want to know why, and the reason you’re doing it and the purpose you’re doing it and we need to keep digging into that. Those of you that have sent in your assessment you did great. The first step of the assessment is really to get it in right. That’s a first step. Level 2 It’s just to kind of write it down, most people don’t do that. Once we write it down I look at it make sure it’s okay. Now we’ve got to execute on it and then execute on it and level 3. That’s really where we start to get into seeing why it isn’t working or why is it. A lot of this has to do with the purpose, a lot of it has to do with the why you’re not driven enough you’re not putting enough into it. You’re not excited enough about it. And so by understanding this and getting to that execution level that’s when things occur. So writing it down, is one thing okay that’s our first step then.

[00:11:49] Level three is about executing and that’s why the first four levels are really about foundation because level 1 is about getting the foundation of establishing that morning routine and getting yourself doing things a little bit differently.Now Level 2 is about organizing structuring and getting some organization into what you’re doing. and Level 3 is about execution and slowing the mind down and finding the true real reasons that you’re going to do it and level 4 that is about manifesting allowing it to work and allow it to come in and that’s why that’s the foundational level and that’s really where I’ve been spending my time. The next group of four is then and another step up which is where we start understanding some of the metaphysical ideas and then the following levels are really about mysticism, and esoteric knowledge, and really about deeper spiritual concepts. So we’ve got to get the foundation in place so that we can move towards the depth of life and really move to those other concepts and that’s where the foundational four, these four levels are so critical what you’re doing and that is by writing it down. You know first of all establishing a new routine getting yourself up listening to something different changing your habits getting some new things working on changing your focus, ending procrastination. That’s all level 1 material then Level 2 is get it down on paper. Let’s write it down. Let’s understand it. Understand energy and peace where are we putting our energy. How can we find peace and thus move into execution. OK that’s what we’re doing and we’re doing that together.

[00:13:12] There’s a there’s a whole method to this again divinely inspired that’s bringing this together to help you structure your life. It’s really about the organization as foundational for that so important because once we get to the fourth level we’re really into the part where we’re manifesting the things that we want but without that purpose it’s really hard to get through there.

[00:13:30] let’s talk about boredom. You’re with your passion and you start to get a little bored. What do you do. Well you move on. OK. Do something else come back and forth. Look at golf. I took a break. It’s a passion of mine but I took a break. I was getting bored of it. So it’s OK to take a break but not of the things that you have a purpose for. If you have a purpose you will stay driven because discipline equals freedom. Discipline equals success, Discipline is what it’s all about with a purpose. You’ll have discipline. Right. So that’s our focus. As always if we got any questions shoot them over, and by the way if you’ve got a question go over to that channel and put in ask.

[00:14:08] There’s an ask page just click there and you can put a comment there or you can actually leave your question though you can record it there and I will actually put it on the show, and I would love to have that. We’ve got some groups if you haven’t had a chance to get on Facebook please start integrating into their we’ve got level one, level two, and now we’re introducing level three. That’s for people, whatever level you’re at, got a question, put it in there. Also the what’s app group which is really great we’ve got that for level 2 and above that people are engaged and they just don’t get overwhelmed by it. There’s a lot of great conversation there, and I think it’s awesome, it’s like a walkie talkie so that’s a real time conversation so if you want to talk about something now you go to what’s app. Okay and just turn off your notifications if you’re somebody I’ve had a couple people say but there’s a 400 notifications in the morning. You’re not supposed to read them all. It’s just you jump in there and have a real time conversation. I know it’s a little different than normal things we do but just think of it as a chat system or a phone you’re picking up the phone or you’re talking to somebody and there’s actually real people around the world talking on there. That’s what that’s about. There are a few people that are doing great. Helen, Kalid, they’re in there reading everything they’re helping people, Jamie’s in there.

[00:15:17] There’s so many good, Jenni, there’s so many people Cindy, there’s so many people in there that are constantly in there, but you don’t need to be in there. I know a lot of people who are MorningCoacher’s OCD and we want to do everything. You don’t have to do everything, you don’t have to read everything, you can just get in there and jump in there when you want. OK so let’s go have a great day. Find your purpose. That’s the key thing, tomorrow is ask JB and we’re back at it guys. We’re here and we’re rolling. All right. So I love you. Get out there. Have a great day. Put some great energy out there and I will be back here tomorrow to keep you going back here tomorrow to keep you going right here on So get out there, have a great one. If you need me, you know how to get me. Have a fantastic day.

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Passion vs Purpose | Episode 3009


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