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Law Of Attraction | Law Of Attraction And Belief | Episode 2990

2018 is going to be an amazing year and it starts with building the belief in what you are doing. You do this by applying the Law of Attraction and using organization to engage it. Join me (JB Glossinger) today as we discuss how to engage the Law of Attraction.

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Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction | Law Of Attraction And Belief | Episode 2990

[00:00:05] Good Morning,

[00:00:15] And welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name’s J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system, thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me this Friday. Hey we’re rock n rolling and we are having some fun and putting some great energy out there. That is what MorningCoach is about, every single day and super pumped you’re with me today because I’ve got some great ideas for you, we’re going to go into the law of attraction and believe and really get into that. Before I do I’ve got some really good questions because as you know we’re finishing up or we’re not finishing up but we got a lot of people going through level two and doing the assessment and want to answer some questions. So first of all where do you find the assessment sheet where you log into the morning coach portal and that is the last video of the level 2 group so you’ll find the pdf In the file there, you download that, and there’s one or two things you could do. One is you can fill out that sheet and send it e-mail it to me or you can do your own sheet because you may have some more information on there that you want to put and send it to me. This is part of graduation into Level 3 which is very important, now a lot of people ask can I send it via Facebook and I send it via these others.

[00:01:29] No I need you to send it to [email protected] because that puts it in our ticket system. That way I can work through these because I’m individually reviewing these so it takes me a little bit of time so just allow me some patience to get through them. I will get through all of them but I just want you to know that if you e-mail it and it gives me a record and it’s a better place to put it. OK. As I review them we’re going to graduate into Level 3 and Level 3 is Triad‘s and one of the things I’m going to do is look at kind of where people are at what’s happening and then assign groups of three for accountability going into 2018. One of the big issues that we’ve had over the years at MorningCoach I’ve been doing this from 10 years has seen the real success. I’ve always said that as a child grows you see a child grow if you’re living with them. You don’t really see the growth because you see them every day, but if you leave and come back you see this massive growth. Well that’s kind of what we’re MorningCoach is that you don’t really see it even though you’re growing every day and this year we’re changing that because we’re going to have the actual goals that you’re going after with this assessment and then have groups working together and we’re going to see it. I mean literally going to see the growth as you go from level 3 that level 4 to level 5 and so on.

[00:02:43] So we’re working together to do that and these assessments helped me put people together and also show your commitment level so that I can really make sure we got a great group, great triad as we move into Level 3 for you. Also if you have somebody that you would like to be in your triad you can always ask that, and I will ask that as I graduate you in, but it’s very important you get that. We’re really putting together this amazing system there’s nothing like this out there and it’s going to help you really achieve. Now I’ve got a question from Steve Shay and I want to answer this because it was really good and it was in the Facebook group that he said on the worksheet there’s ten different goals that you could have. Really the truth is no, you could have as many goals as you once so Steve’s asking Do I need these 10 goals to fulfill my Mission. No Mission is just, what we’re doing with the mission this year is the overall big arching thing that you want to accomplish this year or things that you really want to accomplish. What is the mission if you think about it, What is the mission. We’re going to the moon right. That’s the mission, We are going to the moon, What is your mission this year. That’s what I need to know, What is your mission this year, then the goals are things that are going to help you achieve the mission. Not only help you achieve the mission but also things that you want to do. That’s what goals are about now.

[00:03:57] I do want goals to be specific to the mission but there may be a few more that you want to achieve. And that’s totally cool. But I also want to know why you want to achieve those goals. OK. You could have 100 goals you can have as many as you want but the thing and the issue that we have is that each goal takes projects things that you need to do in order to fulfill that goal. Where the breakdown occurs is when people have too many projects going on and so the idea here is we take a look at your goals. We prioritize those goals and I’ve got five or six right. Once we get to seven, eight, nine, ten, you’re going have way too many projects. So you can’t be working on 20 goals at one time it’s just impossible it’s physically impossible. On the sheet I have six. Then you break down the projects, what you’re going to go after to achieve that goal, and then you take out of those projects you look you evaluate what are the most important goals to hit. My mission my overall we’re going to the moon this year. OK we got to build the rocket, We’ve got to get the astronauts trained right. Those are those are the goals, So how do we train the astronauts. Those are the projects we’ve got to go to this, and they’ve got to go through the gyro test and we’ve got to test them.

[00:05:06] All those projects and then we got to build the rocket. You only have two goals really because you got to get the parts for the rocket to put together all of a sudden the training has at least three to four projects in the building the rocket has three to four projects. You don’t have any more projects to do see and that’s where everything gets screwed up because people are trying to do way too many things and you really got to focus your projects that means OK I’ll get six projects. Now we’ve got two goals. They’re going to help us take us to our mission. Well what are we going to do everyday to have us achieve that, and that’s where you start breaking down those projects to daily Sacred Six. This really works but it forces you to get organized and that’s the big issue. Steve asked one of his big missions involves selling his house and I need to finish a list of repairs and do some major purging of stuff. Would sell house become one of the goals and home repairs and minimize as projects as each one of these goals. Yeah I think selling the house is a goal. The overall mission would be we’re going to improve my financial position I’m going to get out of this house. That’s part of it, and then he’s got some personal growth goals to that he wants to do and I’ll talk about those in a minute but let’s say hey I want to get this house sold, it’s a major mission in life, that’s what we’re looking for.

[00:06:21] Few missions that are really important that we’re going to do in 2018. Like I said that you’re going to say wow this really worked. That’s the big one, and then he’s got repairs that he needs to do. OK so he’s got these repairs well there will be projects underneath. I’m going to tell you what that might take up the majority of his projects. Now here’s the deal he may have three major repairs he’s going to do and he has to put the others on the back burner because he doesn’t want his life consumed with repairing his home. If his major mission is to sell that home that’s where he needs to focus his time. That’s where he needs to be because that’s the projects that are going to achieve the mission. He’s a man with a mission and the mission is to sell the house. Now he does have some personal growth goals which include Physical Fitness, mindfulness, improving confidence, learning French. Are those part of the 10 goals? The truth is and this is what’s so important about MorningCoach. As you reached the highest levels or higher levels physical fitness will be part of your lifestyle. It will never be a goal because physical fitness is part of what you’re doing as part of your life. Eating healthy is part of your life taking care of yourself is part of your life. They don’t really need to be a goal because you’re focused on it. Now if you your physical fitness or health is not where it needs to be then yes it should be part of your mission. OK you get that.

[00:07:33] Eventually it will be part of your lifestyle. Like I don’t have any goals for physical fitness because I’m in really good health right now. I trained with Mike Lee Kaneric. I’ve got a coach for that everything’s going good, I don’t need to lose weight, I don’t need to gain weight, I mean I’ve really got it on autopilot. Mindfulness is another thing at this point I really don’t need to set any goals. Do I have a tracker for daily meditation. Yes but it’s not something I really need to focus on. It may be something that you need to focus on because you’ve never done it before. Proving confidence is another one. Maybe that’s something you need to focus on. French that’s another one. Now I do have Spanish as one of my goals. So it is one of my goals. Why is it part of my mission because I want to be in Colombia and want him in Colombia I want to speak Spanish and French is a more applicable goal than physical fitness mindfulness and improving confidence. Not that those can’t be, they can be but those eventually should be lifestyle habits. If they aren’t yet they could be part of your goals. Again just think about this if you’re working on your physical fitness if you’re working on your mindfulness if you’re improving confidence if you’re studying French and you’ve got 20 repairs to do on your home how are you going to get it all done and work, You’re not, It’s impossible.

[00:08:44] What you got to do is step back and say what’s my mission, my repression is to sell the house, so those other projects those other goals and the projects that they have have to take the back burner, your saying but I’m not going accomplish it. Listen let’s get to house sold. What is the mission. That’s the whole key here and that’s I love this question because that’s where people break down. It may be that Steve’s going to have his mission of doing, he’s going to have three repairs that he’s worked on consistently and he’ll replace or repair when he gets another one done, that he does have a physical fitness goal of shaving some inches off his waist. OK I don’t like weight as a physical fitness goal but I do like inches. Maybe he has that goal so he’s going to workout three times a week, that’s his project. He’s going to eat right. That’s kind of one. Now he’s already at four, he’s already at four, he’s got three repairs going, he’s got physical fitness, he’s going to study French, which means he’s going to do Duolingo all the time every day. That’s five projects, he’s almost done right. So he’s got French covered he’s got physical fitness he’s got three repairs, what’s his last one going to be. Well he’s got mindfulness, improving confidence, he’s got to pick one of those. He can’t have two. Maybe he says I’m going to work on my mindfulness right now.

[00:09:59] He’s going to do daily meditation and work a month for this. That’s it, he’s done, he’s got to put confidence to the backside. He’s got to put any other projects like writing French or reading in French those he can’t do them right now because he’s going to be overwhelmed and then he’s going to focus on those three repairs get them done, and guess what when those two say he gets a repair done. Now he’s got to evaluate again and say OK what am I going to bring in and work on. Maybe I want to spend a little more time on my french or let’s review our mission get the house done. OK well let’s bring another repair. Those are the six that you’re working on. You see how that works. That was a great question. I want you to understand that because it’s so critical to what we’re doing this system works, but you’ve got to really organize it in order for that to happen. Again I apologize I kind of made this and asked J.B. but it falls right into this Law of Attraction and belief because what we’re doing is we’re really bringing this in because when God of the universe believes that you’re organized and shows the value the organization that’s when things start to happen because thoughts are things, beliefs make them so, but actions solidify the belief. I know Steve, Steve’s sent me some messages, he’s been trying to sell his house for a while, he’s been trying to do these repairs.

[00:11:07] Why are they not getting them done because he’s got too many things going on in the law of attraction is not working for him. So what do we do, We change the energy we change the energy through organization, we get the assessment in which starts to build your belief give you some structure and creates accountability. In the second part of that is once you get this organized and you start doing these small well not small but you start to organize your projects into the things that you’re going to do and only have six of them then you can create some accountability so somebody is there handling you and say hey did you get the repairs done. What did you do today to move you closer to your mission, and that’s where the law of attraction kicks in. Now as we go through the levels, level three is going to be about mindfulness meditation and also accountability. Level 4 is the Midas touch and that’s where we’re going to really start getting into the financial aspect of things and really discuss how are we going to generate more revenue and create wealth. That’s when we’re going to create the wealth group. Now one other question I’ve been getting is J.B. I’m not that financially strong. Does it mean that I can’t graduate in level 3. No level 2 is about financial organization. Are you organized? It’s not about having money coming in it’s not about ILD or residual income it’s about are you organized that’s all I want to see. I want to make sure you’re organized, and I also want you to make sure you understand that the energy of twins. OK of peace and energy.

[00:12:27] Are you connected to that. Once I’m satisfied with that I’m going to put you with a group of two other people and level three you’re going to graduate into level three. These two other people are going to have similar assessments similar things going on and I’m going to know they’re committed at least for the year right and you’re going to be working together to hit the things that you’re going to do at level 2 you’re going to be working on the level three activities and then moving on from that together. This triad is a group of people that are going to create accountability they’re going to work with for a long time to really make it work for you. OK I’ve got some real surprises as we get into the higher levels but it all fits back to law of attraction and belief L.O.A starts to work when you’re organized. This is the work that needs to be done, and so many people say I’m just going to think about it and they wonder why the law of attraction isn’t working because you don’t have a game plan and you don’t believe you’re not taking action towards the things that you’re working on. This is going to do that for you, this sacred six structure works. It’s just I can’t wait to see all the people graduate from level to Level 3 and watch as we get into February March and April instead of quitting in January and quitting in February. You’re going to have your assessment sheet, you’re going to have it. You know what your mission is, you’re going to check on these goals off as we go.

[00:13:40] We’re going to be adding projects and we’re going to be working together on this as a group as we grow and as we bring new people. Then you’re going to help me teach it. The reason I’m telling you that is because the best way to learn something is a teacher. As you learn this and the reason I’m giving these examples and as you have success with it. Steve Shaes going to be able to go back and see somebody in the Facebook group say gosh what do I do I’ve got all these things going on and Steve’s going to say you know what I sold my house, and what did I do. I had all these repairs done and I got great physical fitness and I started in my meditation. I’m speaking French now, and why did that occur, because I broke it down in the projects. I understood what was going on and when they say well I don’t understand how many goals do I need and where do the goals go with the mission, and I have a goal to do this and what does that mean and Steve’s going to be able to explain it, and it’s going to be great because now we’re helping each other and Steve is going to be working on something else entirely different at that point going to be level 5, do you see where we’re going with this and what it does as it creates a community of people really accomplishing things it’s divinely inspired. I’ve never seen anything like this especially at what we charge right. This is something that we can come together and we can really make a difference in the world.

[00:14:46] We finally have a system where we can help people accomplish. I’m super pumped about it. So Steve thank you for that, and keep the questions coming in. Again I won’t do this all the time but it’s just critical because we’re coming in a new years and I want you to have this really focus and organize so you know what you’re doing and we’re really ready for the new year. OK so we’re both on the same page. I’m here to help you, I’m going to review these individually. OK. This is our year, this is a chance to do this. Next year this time I’m going to be at level 7. I’m not going to be out to review these everybody’s just impossible because I’ll be working with the level seven people and the other people are going to be working with the level two, but that’s the way it is. So right now is your chance to really get in the level 2 assessment sheet and you know start working together because we’re going to make this happen I want to see everybody succeed and really get moving or at least progressing towards their dreams and their goals because that’s what life is. Life is that progression progressive realization of the dream. That’s what it is and we’re doing that together and it’s so exciting. So let’s get out there let’s make it a great day if he got any questions shoot them over at [email protected] and let me know what you need and we’ll keep working together to make this awesome for you. I love you, I do, get out there.

[00:15:59] Have a great day, and I will be back with more right here tomorrow to get your morning started on

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Law Of Attraction | Law Of Attraction And Belief | Episode 2990


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