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Life Coach | Who Is Your Life Coach | Episode 2991

Do you have a life Coach in your life? Do you have a good understanding of what one is? Join me (JB Glossinger) today as I discuss what is a life coach and also which kind you should be looking for.

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Life Coach | Who Is Your Life Coach | Episode 2991

[00:00:13] Good Morning, and Welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is J.B Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system.

[00:00:24] Thee place to get your day started right.

[00:00:26] Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today as we’re rock n rolling and having some fun and puting some good energy out there, it is a Saturday and we are making it happen.

[00:00:36] I’m so excited you’re with me because we are counting down the new year. Hey we’re also counting down to episode 3000. I can’t believe in a few days here nine more days will be episode 3000 and then we’re off to the races to 4000. It’s pretty remarkable and I want to thank you for making that possible because if it wasn’t for you the people that have sponsored this show, the MorningCoach members I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be out to do this every single day and be with you. To give you this energy and these ideas and these thoughts and man you just make my life so good and I love the new Facebook group and the new what’s app group and the new levels and the participation, I’m just loving it. We are really getting ready to do some special stuff in 2018 and I’m excited about helping you really accomplish those things that you need to get done because it’s time and many times we go year by year and we say we’re going to do things and we just never really put the plan together and now with our new assessment and the things that we’re doing with level two and level three as we get ready to move into that we’re going to get some accountability and make sure we get some things done. You may not want to hear that, you may not want to hear that, you may not want to be held accountable. There’s times I don’t want to be, because it’s like I don’t want to be held accountable,

[00:01:53] but the truth is if we want to accomplish things it takes discipline accountability and it takes some forward movement and we’re going to do that together. Today’s topic is is really asking you who is your life coach. Saturdays about system Saturdays and we’re hitting this life coach area for a couple reasons and I know I’m all about full disclosure here. I’d let you into everything that we’re doing and everything we’re about and as we get ready to open up and start helping more people we’re doing some search engine optimization and one of the words that a lot of people look for is life coach. So I need to make sure I’m putting out some information about life coaching and about what we’re doing there so that people can find us, because when we ask Who is your life coach. I do coach a lot of different people now personally I don’t really like the term of life coach. I’d rather be considered a Trusted Adviser. That’s what my clients really call me and that’s what I’m known for. Yes I am an old football coach but I really liked that term trusted adviser and yes I am the MorningCoach, but we do need to talk about some of those coaching aspects and advising aspects because a lot of people just don’t bring them into their lives. Every single successful person that I know and I’m talking about success at all levels. I’m not just talking about financial success I’m talking about healthy relationships doing the things they want, living the lifestyle they have their coaches or their trusted advisers.

[00:03:20] I look at me and I just look at a few of them. Health and fitness. My health I have Dr. Curch Meyer who’s a good friend of mine Perry Curch Meyer Dr. Curch Meyer who is a cardiologist and I go to him to check out my health and do some blood work and stuff. I have MLK Mike Lee Kaneric who obviously were doing the retreat with, who’s fitness survival and also nutrition he studies nutrition. The thing I love about Mike and Sir is what we call him is the fact that he’s constantly learning in fact he takes a percentage of all the money that comes in from his trainings when he does a personal training or a retreat and he puts it towards his training. So it’s an area that I can learn from him and I don’t have to be the expert because he is, and that’s why we’re going to talk about in a minute. Vocals and stage presence I have Matt Kramer, I loved working with him, financial I have Mike Stewart. I have a gentleman that’s a financial planner. We work together. He helps me a little bit golf, I have a new one Scott Rowland who’s helping me my mastermind I’m going to a new one with Danny Ini,I I really respect what he does and he’s got some people getting together and going to be over in Austin January that night. So why do I have these people, why do I have my people, why do you listen to a MorningCoach, why do you want people in your life?

[00:04:34] Well one of the reasons is speed. What do I mean by speed, Well because I don’t want to have to learn everything I want to go to the expert. I know if I want to do something where do I go, I go to the expert that’s doing it and have them teach me so I don’t have to make the same mistakes they’ve made. That’s the first step. The second thing is the knowledge that they have, I want to get that knowledge, I want to understand the way they think. You know I want to get that information from them, I would rather learn from Sir who has been in really crazy and unique situations and get his viewpoints on things than my own a lot of times. That’s the other thing. Masterminding, and going to retreats. That’s a big part of creating that trusted adviser group, getting around people. One of the big things that I’m doing as we go into January the 9th to Danny’s group and all the people that he has coming together which I’ve known for years is to bring this new concept of levels and discuss how we’re doing it and what the next steps are going to be. That’s my objective of the meeting January 8th & 9th is how am I going to bring new people in and what is the you know the process that’s going to occur and I’m going to get that from some of the best marketers in the world. For me I don’t have to go learn that. I’d rather go listen to them and learn from them.

[00:05:52] So that knowledge level is so critical. Also I’d rather have the efforts of other people than just my own, that intellectual capacity from other people that are putting their energy into your issues is just awesome when you have trusted advisers you can offload things and then you can kind of make a clear decision. A lot of the clients I work with one of the biggest issues is just clarity. Just having somebody there that cares somebody there that’s good, you can offload stuff, that has your best interest at hand, and that’s what I do with my clients, when they call me I’m a trusted adviser. Why? Because I have a background in metaphysics, I have a background in business. I’ve been very successful in creating lifestyle and I have a different way of thinking about things, I understand the systems, I’m able to look outside of it and say Okay why don’t we do this, or that, and make the decision differently and that’s what I’m really good at is helping come up with strategies in dealing with people and specifically dealing with people is my real strength my core strength is understanding the motivation of individuals and being able to negotiate in certain situations whether it’s somebody who wants to work from home and the strategy to go into the office and discuss how we can increase value so that we can make that happen or some conflictual situation that help is needed. That’s one of the big areas that a lot of my clients who are on retainer because they want me there when they have a critical decision or something’s coming up.

[00:07:19] So that’s the other thing that’s really important. The other part of this is that you know you are going to be in a situation where you gotta make a lot of decisions. The more, if you have that group around you of trusted advisers then you can make better decisions by running them through everything. I mean I run decisions through Matt Cramer my vocal and stage coach because I want a different viewpoint from a rockstar right than say Sir who’s a commando, and I get differing viewpoints from everybody and that gives me information to go ahead and make a decision. Now when it comes to marketing the front end of MorningCoach we start to open this up and we start to really help people and we got this level structure in place. I’m going to the people who are doing it every day and I’m going to sit there and I’m going to listen and I’ll get my iPad Pro out and I’m going to take notes and listen and what can I do and how can I do that to get better. So part of Personal Development Party your growth is to make sure you have those right trusted advisers around you obviously hear more in code you have me. I’m with you every day and hopefully you’re getting energy, you’re getting personal development, you’re getting the things that you need in your life from me right.

[00:08:27] That’s what I want to give you every single day, that energy and now that structure, because the one thing I’ve learned over the past 11 years of doing this and then the past 20 some years of of actually my old growth is that organization and discipline is what it’s all about. So that’s why I’m bringing you the level system because what I’ve found is that a lot of people will be excited about taking a course. They get excited initially and they are really pumped up about it but then life takes over and they get there a couple of weeks and then they don’t finish the course. This way I can progress you through the levels at your time that is needed and I can be that life coach or that trusted adviser for you to get you going and get you moving forward as you understand the material and the assessment. Really kind of forces you to sit down and do it so that you can do that and then you move to the next level and you can help other people which is what it’s all about. The idea is, Who is your life coach? It’s a lot of people if you really understand the specific areas of your life that you need to work on. You know I’m very happy that my relationship is really great, I’m very happy that my financial system is really great, but a lot of it has to do with the coaches and the people that I’ve had around me. So what are some non kind of direct ways that you have that trusted adviser or those people around you. Well another way is audio books or podcasts or coach casts. So a couple of my others, let’s go over a couple of other coaches, my writting coach is Stephen King.

[00:09:53] You say “well J.B. how can your riding coach be Stephen King?” Well I have another one I have two really, have Kelly Notaris who I just loved to death. She’s got a new book coming out. She tells my story and she’s just amazing from KN literary. It literally changed my life and then my other one is Stephen King. And you say Well Kelly I understand you can call her you can talk to her, she can help you with your writing but how is Stephen King. He’s way too busy, no I listen to on writing his book once a month in audio and he reads it. So he’s my writing coach right. It’s great, her and I mean Kelly and Stephen give me plenty in writing,  audio books are great, books are great, reading and reading a sacred six, reading get out of neutral. Those things help you kind of connect. Then just listening, listening to society and understand what’s going on out there is going to help you create that that group of trusted advisers around you. Who do not want as trusted advisers are the critics. I think this is where we run into trouble is that we have a dream or we want to go do something or we’re starting to progress in some or some other area, and your critics will say don’t listen that person. You know I don’t know if you’ve ever shared MorningCoach but a lot of people have, they said hey you should listen this will help you. I don’t need that stuff, I don’t need to be positive, that stuff isn’t going to do anything for me right.

[00:11:11] You know those people, those are the people we shouldn’t be taking advice from and they shouldn’t be our trusted advisers, but yet a lot of times they come back and they become your life coach. Why do we think we have so many people that are miserable out there because who is their life coach? Facebook. Right. The Facebook algorithm. Have you noticed something that’s been going on recently that a lot of ex Facebook employees are talking about how it’s conditioning people and they’re actually going away from it. It’s amazing some of the most upper level employees that have left Facebook are saying how dangerous it is because it’s just really kind of using you to get that conditioning from those outlets, the media. OK so this stuff that you consume becomes your trusted adviser and becomes the polarization in your life and you’ve got to be very cautious of that. So you want to surround yourself with people with education with knowledge that get this that are living a dynamic life the way they look at it they see it totally different than people that are suffering and just not happy. Now I’m not saying you have to be up all the time because it’s just not true. I have my down days just as many much as everybody else, I have my stressful days just as much as anybody else and I just don’t feel it.

[00:12:24] Those are the days that I need to get around my tribe and my people that get it and the people that are going to help me push through and I’m always looking to level up, and I level up through other people who have been there and done things. That’s really who your life coach is. So I want you to think about that a little bit, who is your life coach, Who is it, and what are the things that you’re working on consistently. Now I know a lot of you are working on sacred six which is great. That’s what I want you to do, but what are some areas that you could get an expert through an audio book or maybe hiring 101 or you know maybe watching some videos. Who are some experts in your area that you could put in your inner circle that would be a trusted adviser that you could consider somebody that is going to help you move forward in the things that you’re looking to do. And I forget another one Walter Waldman, Lieutenant Colonel Walter Waldman who is an amazing top gun pilot is helping me and my speaking and speaking area, and I love Waldman and we get together now every time he’s in South Florida. He’s just an awesome guy and we share knowledge and share ideas. So keep building that trusted adviser group is critical in 2018. We want to have that group of people that are that are helping you move forward and that’s going to be part of Level 3 by the way you actually have a section where you’ll start building your trusted adviser group and we’ll be tracking that which is really really important. OK so let’s get out there let’s have a great day. Let’s just analyze a little about Who is your life coach and understand who that is,

[00:13:55] and let’s keep going forward. Tomorrow is a spiritual day, were going to talk about what is the meaning of Christmas. Were just going to have fun with that. Discuss it a little bit as we get ready for the holiday season because it’s already the 16th of December which means we’re only a few days from Christmas and New Year’s and that means it’s time to plan, Get organized, and get excited. All right. So get out there, Have a great one put some great energy out there. I love you, I do. And I will be back with more to keep you rolling, right here at MorningCoach, and hey if you got a friend that needs information or is looking for some help or needs a life coach, hook them up with Get them over here because we can help them really make their year great and help them with their life and their energy and their joy because that’s what’s about this crew here. This group of people is just amazing, and I love each and every one of you and everybody that’s helped us get this far. So go out there have a great day and I will be back with more to keep you going right here tomorrow at

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Life Coach | Who Is Your Life Coach | Episode 2991


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