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Stop Procrastination | How To Stop Procrastination | Episode 2986

You ever have issues with not getting things done. You procrastinate and don’t get the things you want in your life. Join me (JB Glossinger) on today’s show as we discuss how to stop Procrastination.

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Stop Procrastination | How To Stop Procrastination | Episode 2986

[00:00:09] Good Morning,

[00:00:14] and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:19] As you know my name is J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system and thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today. Hey we’re rock n rolling and have some fun. That’s what it’s about here at MorningCoach it is about fun. It’s about energy and it’s about doing it right. Having fun and doing it too. That’s what life’s about. This week we got a great week planned. We are going to be working on how to stop procrastinating and really getting into full motion as we get into the new year.

[00:00:51] Today I’m going to talk about some tips on that, tomorrow run to talk about this story about procrastination which you’ll enjoy it. Make sure you’re here.

[00:01:01] On Wednesday we’re going to talk about why we don’t do what we know we should do. OK Thursdays Ask JB and as always you can always just go to the website and click ask button and record or put a comment there if you want to ask them.

[00:01:16] On Friday our abundance day, we’re gonna talk about the law of attraction and belief and then we got some good stuff coming up on the weekend the meaning of Christmas and a couple of ideas on coaching so I’m really excited about this week. It’s going to be a great one. Level two Information is coming out this week probably more than likely tomorrow I’ve built pretty much everything and the Web site we’ve just got to get a couple of forms done and then you can start submitting in your level two information. I know we’ll be organized and ready to go into 2018 and it’s going to be a lot of fun. It really is, It really is. Get your mission together your values together your goals together and then we break those goals down into projects and daily tasks. You can send them in. We’ll review and make sure we’re all on the same page and then go through you just to make sure you’re good with finances and then also make sure you understand energy and peace and once you have that conceptually done and everything’s working, we can move to Level 3 Triad’s and I know we’re going to have a bunch of people going there to start the new year. So it’s going to be great. Also we’re going to be bringing in new people. We’re going to be bringing in new people starting this week and they will be just starting level 2 coming through level 1 to Level 2.

[00:02:27] You will be ahead of the game a little bit and you have to help some of those people which is cool. It’s going to be a lot of fun, it’s just fun helping everybody achieve their dreams and just keeping the positive energy out there. Hey one of the other things that I’m going to start doing is giving you some mindfulness homework once in a while and as you know one of the important things to do is become more aware and as we become more aware we become more able to make better decisions. Be mindful of things that are going on and really get clear about the direction we want to go. So this activity that I’m going to give you and like I said I might do it every couple days once a week just to give you some homework is to see the Color Blue. So what I want you to do is become aware of the color blue wherever it appears in your environment today and not just obvious incidences like the sky.

[00:03:17] I want you to look for subtle appearances that’s your homework today. So what we’re doing is we’re just increasing our awareness as we go throughout the day looking for the color blue. It’s a little mindful activity that helps us just kind of ground ourselves and mindfulness as we get into Level 3 and you start getting into some of the deeper aspects of Level 3. We will be getting into it more and more. I know a lot of you are taking them mindfulness and meditation for busy professionals but I’m going to start giving you some of this homework. So your homework today is to see the color blue. So as you’re out you know walking around and you’re at work or you’re out with your family. Whereas the color blue. Start looking for that and it helps you become a little bit mindful. That’ll help you. Today one of the big things is getting you to start getting focused in on your plan. All right. The mission, the values, understanding the direction what are we going to go after this year and a lot of people don’t move forward with that. They don’t get going with it and they procrastinate. I’ll do it tomorrow. That procrastination just keeps pushing things back further and further and further till it never gets done, like that tomorrow never comes. This year in 2018 as we move into 2018 I really want you to focus on becoming more of an action taker.

[00:04:33] I want you to really be a person of purpose and say these are things I want to do. Remember I discussed it last week. We talked about the difference between commitment and interest. Are you just interested in it or are you really committed, and I want you to start really being committed to the things that you want to bring into your life and go after them. I don’t care for your health, If it’s a new financial situation, if it’s a dream that you’re going after, whatever it is let’s get clear about it and let’s go after it and let’s stop procrastinating and how do we do that. Well the first thing we’re going to talk about is setting deadlines. Deadlines are putting a date on when you’re going to do something. It’s just that simple it’s like I’m going to do this by now we have to be realistic with our deadlines. Sometimes people put out deadlines that aren’t really realistic like I want to be a millionaire by next week or I’m going to make something happen and rapidly soon. It’s just this idea that it’s an unrealistic deadline. I want you to set deadlines that are appropriate for what you’re doing and what you’re going after and give yourself a little bit of a break with it but set a deadline. OK. So deadlines help and procrastination. Some people really need them. I find myself using them when it’s a task that I don’t really like remember the old eat the frog that Brian Tracy taught us all those years ago.

[00:05:50] It comes from Mark Twain and he wrote the book about it. Mark Twain said if you have to eat a frog do it first thing in the morning because it’s probably going to be the worst thing you have to do all day, So get it over with. You might eat the frog moments. Those are moments that I need a deadline because it’s something like gosh I got to write this, I got to do that, so put a deadline on it and I won’t procrastinate because I’ve got to get it done. So deadlines are great. The other thing that I tell you that works real well is to start visualizing success. I believe this is one of the most powerful ways to get the brain to buy in to you having and doing the things that you want to do in your life, so start to visualize the things that can be good and the things that you want in your life start to see them happening. A lot of times that will end procrastination because you’ll start moving forward. You’ll visualize it happening. I work with a few people and one of the things that I coaches is obviously getting books done. A lot of people come to me.

[00:06:45] JB can you help me get my book done and writings a challenge sometimes for some people resistance comes in as Steven Pressfield has taught us also and we’ve got to overcome that resistance so one of the ways to do that is to get the cover of the book done or get a couple of cover mockups done and then put that cover where you can visually see it and see the book Becoming completed and it will motivate you to get the book done. So visualization is a really great tool to do end procrastination. Another one that I love is to reward yourself. This is something that I do constantly. I believe that the carrot is something that motivates you at least it does me, I love my gadgets, and all the things that I bring into my life, my cameras, and microphones. I’m a nerd so I like that stuff. I rewarded myself this week actually this weekend. I ordered a Rilo camera which is a 360 camera a small one I want to try out and see how it works. You just carry it around and it records in 360 so it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be cool to use, but it is also a reward because I got some things done. Instead of just buying things reward yourself with things when you do something and you complete a task and get in a habit of doing that because what happens is you will start to think that when you complete something you’re going to get a reward and it’s a great way to condition yourself to do things because it’s like wow you’re either doing things to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. You’re getting pleasure every time you get things done, and it’s much better than beating yourself up.

[00:08:17] Learn to start rewarding yourself when you do things and it’ll be amazing how you start to really get rid of procrastination and then know another big one that I think as we go into the year especially with our goals and our plans is to create some accountability. Level three is called Triad’s. Now why is it called Triad’s, because it’s where I’m going to start breaking people up in groups of three. Now the reason it’s a level 3 activity and not a level 2 is because I got to see somebody go from level 1 to Level 2 and make sure they’re committed to be able to go into level 3 in the Triad’s before we get to love 4 and 5 because those will be the people you’ll be working with as we get into some of the higher learning. So I got to make sure someone’s committed because I don’t want to put somebody with a group of two other people to create that accountability that they work together to have one person quit. Right. And then all of a sudden now I’ve got to I’ve got to try to find somebody else to fill it in. So it’s a level 3 and above activity meaning I know the person they’ve been with us I know they’re going to stick with the program and I can trust that they’re going to work with other people well. But with that being said accountability is important in ending procrastination when you start telling people you’re going to do something specifically like the MorningCoach community either on the what’s app or on Facebook and say these are things I’m going to accomplish. Now you’re holding yourself and the other people are holding you accountable. That accountability is a big part of getting things done

[00:09:41] and it really can help you if you’re stuck with something. You set a deadline then you create accountability. Those two things are huge and getting something done again. I’ve got one of the gentlemen that I coach as a speaker and he’s got to get a book done and he’s got a speech coming up in March and the ideas that the book will be ready for the speech in March. He’s got to get that done, he’s got a deadline, he’s told me about it, and now we’re holding him accountable to it even as we go through the holidays. It’s really important we start to hold yourself accountable to the things that are going on. OK. So visualize, make sure you reward yourself, and then you know create some accountability. We’re going to be on our way to ending procrastination which is so import. We want to stop procrastination and start to become an action taker. The other thing I’ll tell you is that we want to make sure we are making decisions. A lot of times you’ll get frozen because we don’t know what to do. And really we’ve got to get better at making decisions. You’ve got to constantly be making decisions and be a doer because that’s what’s going to move forward. OK so that’s some ideas on procrastination. You have some homework. What are we doing. We’re going to be mindful today and we’re going to be aware and we’re going to look for the color blue. Why are we doing this.

[00:10:57] Because we’re working on creating mindfulness slowing things down and allowing your consciousness to shift when you are looking for the color blue. You’re getting more in the moment you’re becoming more mindful. I’m going to be bringing you these activities every once in a while to just get you thinking a little bit different because that’s what MorningCoach is about. Keep an eye out for an e-mail on the WhatsApp or the Facebook group. We will be, I will be putting up when level 2 is up. You can go there and watch some of the videos, you can interact, you can go to the forum and input your information. Just so we can take a look at it and get it back to you. Give you a thumbs up and then you can get ready to start moving forward to level 3 as we get that opened up and that’s going to be a a fun journey and like I said we’re going to have some Triad’s there so we’re going to be able to create some kind of ability for you which is great. You’ve got some homework, you’re going to look for the color blue and the other thing is we’re going to start taking action, and what was the most important thing we’re working on right now, getting that mission in place which is the overall arching goal of 2018. What we’re going to do, what are we gonna accomplish. The values, understanding your values, its values assessment time, and then looking at your goals and break them into projects so that we can start to move forward in those projects.

[00:12:11] Then obviously limiting those projects to 6 which is the sacred six that will get you really organize and get you moving up to level 3. That’s what I want to do I want to help you progress. Now if you’re at level 1 that’s great we will be opening MorningCoach, we’re going to start putting some people in Level 2 so if you’ve been interested and sitting on the sidelines this is a great time to start participating and getting involved with us and moving into some of the groups because you’re right on the cusp of catching up with everybody else. It’d be a perfect time to get get started with morning coach level 2. Let’s go have a great day. You know how to get me in at I love you, I do. If you need anything at all Reach out to us. Jump in the Facebook group, jump in the whatsapp group and just have a blast because that’s what it’s about here at morningCoach It’s about the energy, It’s about the joy, It’s about the happiness, and it’s about the passion. So go out there have a great day and I will be back with you right here tomorrow, To get your day started right on Go have a phenomenal day.

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Stop Procrastination | How To Stop Procrastination | Episode 2986


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