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Personal Growth | Personal Development Plan | Episode 3001

It is that time of year again to start to get organized for 2018. On today’s show, I (JB Glossinger) will discuss Personal growth and some ideas and thoughts on getting your organized and ready to take it on.

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Personal Growth | Personal Development Plan | Episode 3001

[00:00:15] Good morning, and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is J.B Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system thee place to get your day started right.

[00:00:27] Welcome, welcome, welcome.

[00:00:30] I’m so glad you’re with me today because I am just super pumped that you’re with me. We are rock n rolling and we are having some fun because that’s what we do here at MorningCoach every day. We put that great energy out there and we’re ready to go today. It is as I was just saying on youtube, if you’re watching on youtube if you’re listening you didn’t hear this part because I’ve got to kind of enjoy it on YouTube that it feels like a Monday but it’s actually a Tuesday. I really don’t know what day it is. I mean we’re coming off a Christmas holiday and it’s just crazy right. That’s that time of year that it is, right now we kind of get into that flow where things, it’s not our typical flow and that’s why I’m here every day to help you. I’m going to be here with you every day no matter what New Year‘s, Christmas, Halloween, I’m going to be here because we need the consistency. At the end of the day you know it’s getting back into the flow. That’s really what we’re focused on today. So the show today is going to be about you and your personal Development plan and really as you know I wrote the book The Sacred six. It’s my baby right and that is a real fundamental way to get organized and understand what’s going on and I want to hit a couple of those areas because we’re getting assessments in for level two to move on to level three.

[00:01:45] If you don’t know what that is, just jump over to MorningCoach and you can get involved with us. I’m reviewing every assessment so I’m interviewing them, and they’re coming in, they’re great but I’m getting a lot of questions right and a lot of people are getting a little bit overwhelmed with this process. I want to go through some thoughts and ideas so that you’re no longer overwhelmed by one of the beautiful things that I really appreciate is the whats I always say what’s up group, but the whatsapp group has been just so active and also the Facebook the Secret group that we have. People are really coming and helping each other and that’s really what I’m looking for as we grow this and I help you get to level 3 and 4 and 5. You will come back and help those that have these questions as new people come in and we can help them get organized because at the end of the day, this is your personal development plan. This first level that we have at MorningCoach level one which I’ve got the badges coming out. They’re so cool so look for those but level one is really about the morning routine. Just getting things changed a little bit then as we come in to level two. It’s all about understanding these organizing principles In order for you to fulfill the things that you’re going after, go after the things that you want to go after. In order to do that we’re using the sacred six which involves a mission.

[00:02:57] What you’re going to go after, that big thing you’re going after, your values what’s important to you. Goals the things we want to achieve and then projects to achieve those goals and then daily tasks that you do for those projects. So the issue that we really have is that it becomes very complicated for a lot of people on the mission level because they’re like gosh is that you know the Archangel Gabriel coming down in my life’s mission. Well could be but more than likely what I want you to do going into 2018, is just to focus on what we’re going to do over the next 12 months. That’s really where I want the focus to be what are we going to do together over the next 12 months. What is the accomplishment going to be and if you’re having trouble with this. I think Lee Kellogg did a great job of explaining it. That’s why I say in the book just what is that next experience. What do you want to experience in the next four or five months. This is where a lot of people have problems. We get into the ideas stage right it’s like gosh if I do this and this and this and it’s why we just move from thing to thing to thing because we have hope that maybe this thing is going to be the one that works, but we never give anything enough time to really work.

[00:04:01] We never really sit down and really get organized we just go from thing to thing to thing so what this is forcing you to do is get organized about what’s really important to you this year so that we can apply some techniques as far as your personal development plan and allow you to get organized and achieve them. That’s really what I’m helping you do is get organized and this is why most people have issues achieving the things that they’re going after because they never really sit down and structure out. This is what I would like to do. So I’m here to help you do that and that’s what we’re doing in Level 2 so we’re getting this mission. These are things I want to accomplish, this is what I’m going to do. Let me give you a secret Timeflies. 2017 has been the fastest year of my life. Now I’ve got some stuff at the upper levels with time and slowing it down and really enjoying life but at the end of the day, heres the truth, is that this next twelve months are going to fly, the next four or five months are going to fly. So if we’re not focus and we’re not organized, We just don’t get a lot of things done. So we do that by really getting that organized so if you’re overwhelmed by what a mission is I just we should just slow down and think about what is the next experience that you want and what is a real important thing that needs to be accomplished. Maybe we need to become a better parent, maybe that’s what you need to spend six months on, maybe your financial situation isn’t great. You need to focus on maybe adding some skills so that you can get a new job. Maybe you need to learn a language. I mean it just depends on you.

[00:05:23] Every single person is different maybe you need to focus on relationships. You’ve got those two or three areas that really encompass that what I’m going to do over the next year is this, for me I took the whole year 2017 off and I’ve focused on what am I going to do with MorningCoach next? What am I going to do with my life and my business, and what do I really want this to look like. I took a whole year to just say I’m going to close someone do a couple of courses I’m going to figure it out. Now this year just to share with you my mission is communication and growth, it’s about building an awesome communication system where I can help people have the energy and really achieve because that’s what I love to do. So to build a business around that, I’m going to continue to coach, right now I’m pretty full but I’ll bring in some new clients. I’ll let you know when I’m open but I’m going to continue to coach. I’m going to continue to grow Morningoach and I’m going to continue. I’m going to go out and speak, and those are the things that I’m doing this year. That’s my focus. My relationships are going great, My health is going great, I’ve got Sir I’ve got some retreat’s coming up they’re going great.

[00:06:23] The next retreat’s sold out I’m going to put another announcement for May if you want to come but I’m really laser focusing on what I need to do and I’m simplifying I’m focusing on you know slowing down not having drinking that much. Journaling writing the things that I love to do. But really it’s about this. It’s about communication. For me it’s about doing the new youtube. OK. It’s about building this coach cast to make it even better, It’s about getting in what’s app when I can and getting on Facebook and building this community to be stronger. That’s my focus. That encompasses my life and my business and a lot of different things and my relationships are good and everything’s going good here. I’m able to simplify and bring that through. Now you have to understand it’s taken me 10 years to do that and a lot of different focuses over those 10 years a lot of different experiences over those ten years. Now I’m getting clear, I’m getting clear, and using this process will help you get clear. So simplify down into what are the most important things that you need to do and if you don’t know that you need to get with the Facebook group you need to talk it through because you’ve got to really identify and if you’re like J.B well nothing’s really working well. The issue is you’ve got too many things going on you say my relationships aren’t working my finances aren’t work and my career is not working. I don’t have this, I don’t have that, this isn’t working,Well we have too many things . It’s a sacred six.

[00:07:46] We’ve got six projects so we’ve got to figure out what are the most important areas, the things that really you’re going to focus on that are going to make the biggest difference. OK. And that’s a big part of a person’s development plan. If you have that many people do it’s great and if you don’t hey it’s life. OK. That’s why we’re here right. We’re doing it together. Then the next step is to organize everything else so you know the first thing that we got to organize is that personal development plan that sacred six, what are we going to do?

[00:08:15] You got this week to get it into me. I want you to send that sheet and you have this on the sheet. Lot of people are trying to type and just take those sections and put it in word which many people have done. Simplify it for you. OK whatever works for you. Some people handwritten it and just take it a picture of it and send it back. Whatever works for you works for you. You make it your own. That’s the whole part of this process. The next thing is then what I want you to focus on is kind of the organizational systems within that framework. So what are you going to keep track how are you going to keep track you know for me I use the sacred six journal we have some of these you can order them on the Web site. That’s how I keep track this next year one of the big projects Lee Kellogg’s working on is a business one where we’re going to have this all structured out in business.

[00:08:58] That’s my handwritten area that I use for my c r m where I’m keeping track of all the contacts and organization really it’s two, we use drip for e-mail and then we use unsightly but there’s a couple other places too if you think about it YouTube and Facebook are really CRM because I can stay in touch and we can we can work together right and I can reach more people that way. Those are kind of my focus this week is tightening that up making sure I’ve got some organization with that, the Journal I’m really all in on Evernote. I was using notability because I liked the pencil functions a little bit better but man Evernote just works for so many things.

[00:09:37] My journal is and Evernote really locking that in as I go forward this year, my notes two places notability and Evernote. OK so these are key components of the system where are you keeping these things so when you write down a phone number for somebody or you get a note of something. Are you putting it in the same consistent place. Very important because that way you can find it, what are you using for your CRM, How are you journaling this year, Have you Journaled? One of the reasons that I want to do YouTube is that this actually is kind of a journal.When I do this I look back at some of the blogs I’ve done over the couple of years just trying it, I’ve tried YouTube and it just it’s such a challenge for me. I just I haven’t had a lot of strength there and part of the reason I haven’t done it for 10 years. I’ve done it for a month or two months and then it just there’s no real return So I quit. I like the fact that I can remember like Neo’s picture I got some videos when Neil was tiny and it’s so cool to see that. So by capturing some of that video it’s just a pain. Edit Full disclosure I mean it’s just a pain. Editing things. That’s why I’m using this e cam live to do this YouTube it’s making a little bit easier but when I’m doing the podcast this is this is easy.

[00:10:48] I’ve been doing it for ten years but when it comes to you know putting the video together and you’ve got guys like Casey Neistat and these guys just doing these amazing videos I just don’t have time to do it. I’m not going to do it you know. So it’s finding that balance is so critical. Then again you got to find what you’re going to do and I’m not talking about social and building business I’m just talking about these what are the things that you’re focused on. So for me I want to get back into that a little bit in doing that video and so I’ve got to have that as part of my personal development plan. So CRM critical what do you have, your journal where are you keeping it, your notes where you keeping it, your to dos where you keeping it, and then the last section is obviously your calendar. I’m going to a google calendar system this year and I keep a google calendar on my iPad. It just works. It’s just easier to send invites and it just works for me as far as what’s going on as far as my travel and coaching. January 8th and 9th I got to go over to Austin to have a mastermind meeting. I’m just going to be in and out. We’re going to be going over some marketing plans and that’s really where I’m going to be focusing more on marketing when I get over there and what we’re going to be doing.

[00:11:47] So I want you to start thinking about that and really breaking down this area of trying to do too many things and really focusing in on a few core areas that you’re going to work on this year that we’re really going to accomplish. Then as far as your personal development plan goes I’ve got you covered on that. We’ve got to level systems they’re just awesome they’re coming together Level 3 is going to be Triad’s you’re going to people you’re working with. We’re going to be talking about your trusted advisers there, were going to be working on mindfulness meditation. Once we get your sacred six in order and you know where you’re going then we get your mindfulness meditation in order, we get those two things working and now we go into Midus, and Midus is about wealth building and I know a lot of people want to discuss that they want to understand how could I manifest more and that’s Level 4 so we’ve got those four as being development five. I’ll get into all the higher levels as we get into those. I have got a plan for you. I’m here with you everyday whether you listen via Spotify, you listen via iTunes, you listen via whatever you’re listening. You know I’m going to be here or YouTube now watching the video every day. I’m going to be here everyday with you. I’ve got your plan then ready to take the next step. Get in the level system because it is just going to help you. It’s going to help me coach you and it allows me to work with so many more people and I can kind of move you through and then plug you in with other people to create some accountability and really help you. There’s no other system out there like this in the world.

[00:13:13] I’m very proud of it and very excited about it and I do believe it’s divinely inspired because it is just working better than even what I imagine. People are getting results and that’s what’s so cool about it. I know 2018 is going to be a big year for all of us. So you’ve got different levels to plug in. If you’re level 1 you just listen and work on your morning routine until you’re ready to get in level two and have me help you organize this mission his values and his goals. Now once you’re there and then I can I could move you in and make sure you’re committed and move you on to triad triad so you’re with two other people that are committed, and now you’ve got this group of people you’re working with the level three. Then as we move into the higher levels I’ll be working with even more more and as you get in level 4 and you start understanding a little bit more of these wild principles and then Level five we get to some of spiritual stuff. You come back and help the level one and level two people and it’s just great. It just works. That’s what we’re doing together, that’s a little bit of my organization,,that’s what I’m doing this year, that’s my mission. It’s communication and building putting this together. So it’s great for all of us. Your objective is to really understand where you’re going and you do that by getting that mission focused and then understanding what tools you’re going to be utilizing this year.

[00:14:17] That’s what we need to do the next couple of days okay. Tomorrow a big day. You don’t want to miss it because I’m going to talk about fresh start and why it’s so important that we have a fresh start and why we can do it at any time, but New Year’s is just a better time to do it. It just it just works right. We’re going to go over that and I’m going to help you with your fresh start this new year. Today let’s just get back in the flow. Full disclosure It’s tough. I’m raising my hand. It’s a tough one, I mean it’s hard to get back after this. We know we’ve got the holiday coming up. You should try to be the boss. I remember running the company at this time. Nobody wants to work. Everybody’s ready into the holidays. So what I used to say is let’s use this time as organization. Let’s use this time to clean the folders up let’s get the bookshelves cleaned. Let’s get a clean slate which we’re going to talk about tomorrow so that we can go after it and we can make it happen. OK so that’s the game plan. So hey I love you.

[00:15:11] I mean I tell you that everyday, but I do. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here. We’re going to keep putting this energy out, we’re going to keep doing it for you. Let’s get organized get back on track, and don’t forget your health, Let’s get back on the the health care here and let’s do it. 2018 is going to be awesome. All right. Get out there. Have a great day. I love you, and I will be back with more right here tomorrow to get your morning right on

[00:15:32] get out there.

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Personal Growth | Personal Development Plan | Episode 3001


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