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Beauty Of Christmas Eve | The Beauty Of Christmas Eve | Episode 2999

Christmas Eve is one of the most beautiful nights in the world regardless of your faith. Join me (JB Glossinger) as I discuss the Beauty of Christmas Eve and how you can find beauty also this evening.

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Beauty Of Christmas Eve | The Beauty Of Christmas Eve | Episode 2999

[00:00:15] Good Morning and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:21] As you know my name is J.B Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system thee place to get your day started right.

[00:00:28] Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today. Hey we’re rock n rolling and we’re having some fun. It is Christmas Eve, one of my favorite days of the year. It is also episode two thousand nine hundred and ninety nine.

[00:00:44] How crazy is that. Pretty insane.

[00:00:47] Tomorrow we’re going to be moving into episode 3000 and I just thank you for being here with me and participating in the things that we’ve done over the years and supporting me over the past 10, 11 years as I’ve put this MorningCoach system together to help people and is really, really coming together nicely now. We’ve got some cool things happening. The level logo designs are almost done. I can’t wait to share those with you which are really going to be cool we’re going to be doing some buttons and some stuff with that and some stickers and whatever level you’re at,. We’re getting these specific logos done. There’s so much coming next year it’s going to be so much fun, and I’m just having a blast, I’m having a blast doing all this. It’s really really awesome. Well today as you know it was Christmas Eve and I want to talk about the beauty of Christmas Eve. For those of you watching on YouTube you can see I have my charlie brown shirt on today. Good grief where they’re looking at the little Christmas tree with Snoopy. In case you don’t see it says Good grief and it has the little Christmas tree where know they take that little Christmas tree and make it beautiful. I always loved Charlie Brown growing up, and so I’m enjoying it. I’m in the mood I mean the holiday music is playing here.

[00:01:55] We’re getting ready to have fun and just a little of my background to be a little nostalgic care the way that I grew up. I grew up in a Catholic family and so Christmas was always big for us. We used to have Christmas Eve mass and even before a lot of times as I got older we didn’t go to Christmas Eve mass but we did go to my grandmother’s house, and my grandma Wade who is now 95 going on 96 is still doing great. We just got some news that she had a little slip and fall and so now they’re going to move her into an assisted living facility to help her a little bit and she’s OK with that but she’s doing great. I love my grandma, I just have so much memories of spending time with her but back in the day for me that was the 70s and early 80s when I was a child we would go to her house on Christmas Eve and she used to have fondue and we’d have a table for the kids and a table for the adults and we would have little buckets of grease, I guess is what it is on the table, we would make that fondue with the little fork and you would cook the meat and then afterwards which is what we all love this kids is when we would really get to open up our presents and those Christmas Eves were really our Christmas. Now in the morning

[00:03:14] I would spend it with my family, my mother and my stepfather because my parents were divorced at a very young age. I don’t even actually remember my parents my father and my mother ever being married. My mother married my stepfather when I was very young and then and so I’d spend time with them and then I would go with my father in the afternoon, so I would I had a lot of family love like I would go to my grandmother’s house which was on my mother’s side my grandma Wade who is still alive who I loved to death. We would go to her house on New Year‘s Eve and then on Christmas morning we would open presents then I would go to my stepfather’s family my grandma and grandpa Parker who are awesome and open presents there and then come home and go with my father to my Glossinger side and we would go see family there which was which was a lot of fun. So I have these fond memories of Christmas and just enjoying the season and as you know we talked about this last Sunday on spiritual Sunday about how the real reason for Christmas is really about Jesus Christ birth. This idea this person who came to sacrifice his life for our sins. Now you know my feeling on all this that I don’t get into this too much and I don’t know about that whole idea of sin, but I do know that that story is amazing that somebody would sacrifice themselves for all of humanity and it always touched me and always touched me a lot. I’ve always thought Christmas and Christmas Eve was very beautiful.

[00:04:47] I also loved the lights you know. Today’s a great day to go out and look at the neighborhood when the lights are down and look at the people that decorate their houses and celebrate Christmas it’s just gorgeous. I’m very fortunate Pillar My wife is from Colombia.

[00:05:02] We have a place in Colombia, Normally we’ve got a lot going on here this year in the States. Obviously I’m getting this all working and we’re pretty busy here, but normally we are in Colombia. The reason that I love this Christmas Eve in Columbia is because it is just gorgeous. Columbia you go into the centers and most cities are they’re built around the center of the city. You just have this wonderful gorgeous I mean gorgeous Christmas display and people are out, and it is a great time of year. It’s just beautiful. If you’re willing to embrace it I do have to say it can be sad. The holidays are very stressful for a lot of people. Some people have lost loved ones or they don’t have loved ones and we tend to become a little nostalgic. It’s just like Hamid, having this discussion here this morning on the coach cast I’m thinking about those times and it’s amazing to me because you know as I think about the times that we had in the 70s and the 80s and I think back that’s 34 years ago and I can’t tell you how that literally blows me away that it’s 30 some years ago or 40 years ago and how nostolgic that makes me feel. Actually there’s a sense of enjoyment there and there’s also a sense of sadness.

[00:06:21] I think you know one of the big things here at MorningCoach that we always talk about why one should become President is because it’s this idea of of nostalgia or sadness. We know that all this is going to come to an end one day and that’s not a negative thing. It just is what it is.

[00:06:40] Love in general and happiness actually can create some sadness. When I think of Pillar one day we’re both going to leave right, and it’s kind of sad, and I think Neo who I love my animals and I love my dog and now he’s 3 years old and I know that there’s only limited time here and there’s a sense of sadness with that joy but what sadness does is it creates you to really think about the moment and to really enjoy the time and the things that you have together.

[00:07:13] That’s the big thing that I want you to get today as I talk about the beautiful beauty of Christmas Eve and how wonderful it is and how magical it is, is that we take the time to really be present in the things that we’re doing and be present in this Christmas Eve. It’s the way you look at things that are really going to determine the way you feel.If you feel this idea of kind of a little bit of nostalgia and a little bit of sadness then you connect a little bit more and say gosh I’m going to make this Christmas even better I’m going to spend a little time and spend some time with family and when I’m with family I’m not going to worry about the logos at MorningCoach. That’s me, That’s my thinking. I’m going to spend time with my family and I’m going to be there and I’m going enjoy these moments because they’re precious and we don’t get many of them. Time is moving faster and faster and faster, and it’s hard to slow it down. All we can do to slow it down is to really enjoy these moments in these times that we have together. I think about even here at MorningCoach We’re coming in episode 3000 and we’ll talk a little bit about that tomorrow because it is Christmas and it is episode 3000. I didn’t ever think that we would get here. Now I can’t imagine when I’m talking about episode 4000.

[00:08:32] It is a milestone and it is something to celebrate. If you had told me at the beginning of MorningCoach that we would get to Episode 3000, I don’t know if the belief would have been there. You got to enjoy the process of life and enjoy the process of living and that’s why I want you to spend some time today really focusing in on the beauty of what you’ve got. The beauty of Christmas, the beauty of today, the beauty of tonight, and the reason we celebrate no matter what faith or religion you are you could still get into this holiday and enjoy it for what it is and that’s really what I want you to do. Take a little breather. One of the concerns that I always have with what I do every day is I come here everyday and help you, and one of the issues with with personal development and really with the things that we do together as you watch this is sometimes we don’t feel that we’re getting anywhere. That we’re doing all these things. It’s just why isn’t happening faster and one of the really key components about what we do here at MorningCoach is enjoying life. That’s one of the first things.

[00:09:48] You got to take a break even from your personal development once in a while, you got to slow down and listen to MorningCoach in the morning and then go have fun and set that sacred six aside, if you haven’t got this done it’s OK you’ve got plenty of time. Get it done this next week but take some time to enjoy it. Now I’m not talking about procrastination, I’m talking about just enjoying life a little bit, slowing down and in watching the sun come up or stoping by and look at those flowers, or seeing true beauty in everything. You can see true beauty in so many things, If you just slow down a little bit and enjoy it. That’s what I want you to do. So there is a time to drive, there’s a time to go after, there’s a time to push, there’s a time when we’re working so hard that we’re going to make it happen, and there’s also a time to slow down right and just get into life and I feel these next two days, Really that’s what it’s about, it’s about slowing down and then enjoying these couple days giving yourself a break and then getting back at it. Then we start going again. Remember what I teach, and I really believe this that life is jazz and a lot of people try to tell you to be balanced and I haven’t met anybody that’s really successful doing really cool thing that’s balanced, I really haven’t. Most people who are really successful you don’t drive for a little while and they go after something and then they take a break and then they go after something else and they take a break and they kind of Sprint at something else.

[00:11:20] What we’ve got to do is recognize that and realize that hey I need a break once in a while and that when I’m with somebody that’s when I need to be there. So if I’m listening to jazz and the trumpet players playing, listen to that trumpet player and when the bass takes over listen to the bassist, and same in your life as you go about it as you are living today Be there for your family, be present for your children, be present for your job, where you are be there now as Ramdass taught us, and when you do that you start to change your life because your present and your not so much into this mind. That’s really holding you back.

[00:12:00] Back to what we’re talking about today. The nostalgia of Christmas. If you can think back if you have a good childhood and think about the pleasant things that happened to you growing up. One of the things that we can do as we shape our future is to think about things differently about our past. A lot of times you know especially when we’re dealing with negatives we tend to go to the negative things to find a reason why we’re feeling what we’re feeling today. For me I had some negatives in my past but I also had a lot of positives, what I like to do is accentuate the positives. I like to think about the positive things that have happened and eliminate the negatives. I think a song we used to sing in school accentuate the positives,eliminate the negatives, accentuate the positives and don’t mess with Mr. In-Between. Now I have no idea, That got me on my path to MorningCoach as many things have, but that song I used to love singing that in third and fourth grade. Being a little nostalgic because that’s what we need to do. So I want you to think back to some holiday seasons before today as you’re meditating, I want you to be a little nostalgic and I want you to remember those time and I want you to think about this holiday season and think about what memories that we can create this holiday season has we are living our life.

[00:13:26] I want you to just connect to that deeper aspect of it because it is what it is and when we do that life gets better.We want to accentuate the positives of the past and be a little nostalgic today think about those Christmas Eve’s of the past or those new years of the past and think of the good ones. Then let’s start focusing on creating some great ones by just being here now and enjoying this Christmas Eve and really getting yourself in the moment and getting yourself present and being here now and realizing how beautiful it truly is and watch all the other thoughts that are in your head about politics and religion and all those other areas, and don’t worry about separation. Think about the connectedness and the beauty of love and respect others traditions and others thoughts as we go about this holiday today. OK. So I love you, I do. Get out there and have an amazing day. Let’s go Make it amazing, Let’s put some great energy out there, Let’s connect to that wonderful power that’s inside of us, that wonderful beauty that’s there. I called the observer and just see the beauty of the day and enjoy this day. Create a memory today I called the anchoring anchor a memory today of The beauty of what Christmas Eve can be and remember tomorrow is not promised. So the best thing to do is live in today. I love you, I do. Get out there. Have a great day. And I will be back with more to keep you going right here on

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Beauty Of Christmas Eve | The Beauty Of Christmas Eve | Episode 2999


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