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Spiritual Enlightenment | What is a Spiritual Coach |Episode 2985

You ever think of hiring a coach for Spiritual coaching? There are a few things you need to think about. Join me, (JB Glossinger) on today’s show as I discuss what spiritual coaching is  and Spiritual Enlightenment.

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Spiritual Enlightenment | What is a Spiritual Coach |Episode 2985

[00:00:12] Good Morning, and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:17] As you know my name is J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system. Thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with us today. Hey we’re having fun. It’s a Sunday and we’re ready to take it on even though I had to redo the intro four times this morning. I’ve only done this two thousand nine hundred eighty five times and I kept blowing my lines there, you know how does that happen? It’s so funny I was like gosh I can’t remember I’ve only done it 2985 times and I couldn’t remember the good morning line. What the heck was going on with that. I don’t know but I got it out. I’m ready to go and we’re rock n rolling. Hey Khalid’s birthday was yesterday “Mr Whats App” I call him that because he’s so awesome. He’s

[00:01:04] in there all the time he brings great energy and positivity to the Facebook group what’s app. It was his birthday yesterday and if I’m correct 53 years old, so Khalid, Happy birthday brother. Apologize for missing that yesterday on yesterday’s show. But hey thanks for being here and being you, and doing what you do. You just get into the groups and you help everybody and it’s awesome. I love to see that. That’s my dream, is to build these levels up where everybody starts really being able to help other people and help each other and we’re already seeing that. We’ve had a couple, we haven’t really opened up MorningCoach yet. We’re going to start putting some stuff out there and bring in some new people. I really want to get everybody the level two here and get everybody that wants to be in the level 3 by Christmas, January time frame. So if we bring new people in that you’ll be learning new stuff and you can kind of help them with some of things they’re dealing with. Luke I was talking with him earlier and he’s also rocking and helping us in some areas and getting everybody up to speed, and it’s just awesome when I see people jump in and help other people, I just love that. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing and that’s always been my dream. So with level 2 just FYI we will be sending out stuff Monday or Tuesday.

[00:02:24] I’ve built everything in the new system which is our Web site right where you’ll log in Like you did with the courses, you go to level two and there’s some videos you’ve already seen some of from Facebook. The documents are in there and then we’re going to create a little form where you can send in your mission your values and German’s getting that done, so that I can review them, send them back. Make sure we’re on the same page. Then it will be a final assessment that you’ll go through and you just kind of go through I’m good with this. I understand this, this is organized, I’m ready for level three. Then we’ll move into level 3. It’s awesome, It’s rocking, and it’s just going so great, and we’re going to be organized. That’s what’s so beautiful about it. It organizes us for 2018 which is the most important thing. This is the best time to really get organized and it has got to have some fun. Hey by the way just a quick note I’ll say this a couple times over the next couple of days but the retreat is absolutely sold out. It was awesome. I know there were a couple people on the waiting list, I apologize, I will be getting the date out for the next one but it’s sold out rapidly, I knew it would. Once we sent a couple of e-mails out and I will definitely let you know about the next one. People ask about us recording it.

[00:03:37] Right now we’re not doing that because these are kind of real private things that we’re going through a lot of people’s private information. So we are not going to put that out there but we will do bigger events. These are going to get bigger because I’m back doing them now and so just keep an eye out for the next one. I am going to Ryback, New York to the mega Institute to discuss metaphysics and business. If you’re a business owner, or know somebody that is, this is going to be an awesome one in August, we’ll be doing another retreat probably in the June time frame I’m getting my calendar this weekend. I’m working on it today and this week I’ll be announcing some other events that I’m going on, I’m also doing something in Atlanta that the National Speakers Association for a bunch of speakers in Atlanta I think that’s the only things that we got on the schedule right now. In real quick we’re getting ready to get a, we’ve been doing an email on Tuesday that is kind of a blog post that we kind of give some information out and then on Fridays we’re doing an e-mail and that e-mail is basically like a Facebook post and then you can go back and talk and you saw everybody did a great job with the animals with their pets which was just awesome. We’re going to continue to do Tuesdays I mean Tuesdays and Fridays and then we will be doing also we’ll also be adding a Monday newsletter so you can understand all these things that are going on. OK. You can always opt out.

[00:04:57] Let us know if you don’t want to get e-mails because if you opt out of our newsletter what happens is then we can’t get you any e-mails. So just keep us informed on that. Sorry to break away to give me some updates but I’m just so excited, you can tell so many cool things going on, and I want you to participate and be aware of them because they’re awesome and it’s really helping people and it’s really cool. Today’s topic as yesterday we kind of talked about what life coaches today want to talk about spiritual coaching and you know kind of what spiritual coaching is. My favorite form of coaching is spiritual coaching. When I work with somebody as I was discussing yesterday I’m a trusted adviser. That’s what I am and I can be that for a lot of people. Over the years I’ve got a very unique background and doing the metaphysical Ph.D., my MBA, and not only that but my career, understanding the internet, the people that I’ve been around, the connections I’ve made, and then of course the study. All the books that I’ve read over the years and so I’ve got this really unique background that I don’t think anybody else in the world really has. So what I can bring is unique ideas to anybody and that’s why you’re here obviously listening. When I do that I enjoy doing that but I enjoy helping in all areas. The one that just really gets my heart going is the spiritual side because what a spiritual coach does or in spiritual coaching

[00:06:30] what occurs is it helps somebody connect to that deeper aspect of self. It also helps the person start to believe more and it helps a person let go, and not to be stressed out, and so you know stringent and things. To me that’s what it’s all about. You’ve got to find that that synergy between when you’re planning, when you’re setting goals, and when you’re going after it, and when you’re enjoying it when you can stop and step back. We can’t just think and say this is what’s going to happen, we have to take some actions towards it too. But when you combine those things that’s what spiritual coaching is about. We’ve got this aspect of coaching where people are setting goals or doing Sacred 6, the mission, and that’s everywhere. It really is. The spiritual side, we’ve had obviously traditional religion but there really hasn’t been a lot on this spiritual side and that’s what I’m personally bringing more of that, as I get older I understand how important that is and that connection you make to your spiritual side, to your God, and what you believe, and you feel that energy that comes with that which is just so awesome. A lot of people say Where do you get your energy to go play golf and then go train with Sir for four hours and then do recordings and build Kajobi, and come up with ideas and write books. Well I don’t believe it’s from me, I believe it’s through me.

[00:08:01] I’m just a vessel, and I’m just here to just facilitate ideas, to bring people together, to build community. That’s what I believe that I’m here for. For me to be able to do that I have to connect spiritually, I have to be divinely inspired, I have to connect into divine intelligence because I can tell you what this sure is coming for me. I’m just a regular guy, human being here having a material experience, but this is definitely flowing through me and giving out some amazing ideas and thoughts and I listen to this because I want to get those amazing thoughts and ideas that come through me. In case you don’t know, I don’t even really, every once in awhile outline but the majority of these coach casts are just straight up talking, I mean I just come with my heart, I open it up to God and I let it go. There’s not much to it except for a title on the piece of paper and every once in awhile scribble some notes, today I have nothing, I don’t have any outline or anything in front of me, I have the weekly list of Coach cast. That’s it, and then I just roll and I just roll and I just let it go and I let the energy come through me, I let the thoughts come through me, I let that happen.

[00:09:14] That’s the way I connect to that divine intelligence that allows me to do this that allows me to put this energy out there every day and continue to do episodes day after day and bring fresh content because it’s coming through me. Spiritual coaching is about finding somebody that can help you do those things help you release and let go which I think is so important, and as you know I’m a big fan of Dr. Hawkins book letting go. Somebody that can help you kind of find your path along with if you have a religion it’s fine, so spiritual coaching doesn’t mean that you have to leave your religion. It just isn’t working for you, and when I say religion I’m talking about the dogmatic human way that you are following your god, and it can work, But a spiritual coach works along side of that. It’s just knowing if it’s working for you is the key thing, also in spiritual coaching Like I said it’s about you building your belief, and I think that’s so important. Getting to that point where you can start to believe in life and in the things that you want to experience is what it’s about and recognizing that within that belief system in yourself you also start to believe that the greater good is working for you and you start to be able to surrender as we’ve learned, and I love the surrender experiment. Michael Singer’s, his work and I still haven’t gotten up and met him and I need to go up to Tampa in that area and meet with Michael Singer.

[00:10:50] I haven’t done that and that’s one thing that’s on my list, I got to write that down, I’m going to do that this year. That’s one of my 2018 objectives to get up there and see and meet him personally and see what he’s about. The spiritual coach helps you surrender, helps you let go of things and get into more of a deeper state.

[00:11:12] One of my mentors and spiritual coaches obviously was Wayne Dyer. The thing I love about Wayne was when I got to share the stage with him, I got to meet him, I got to have lunch with him, which was just beautiful. Thanks to Reed Tracy at Hay House with Wayne was he came from the physiological world, from the practical world, and became more and more spiritual every year of his life, and I really appreciate that because that’s kind of how the journey I’ve been on, I started out in my 20s just reading business books and nonfiction you know sales books and motivation, how do I create more, how do I bring more wealth into my life. Obviously at that time I didn’t make much money I was making twenty thousand a year, max and I was driven so I wanted that in my life.

[00:12:02] As I started to have more and more of that kind of material success I started to really start to see that man there’s a lot more to this and as I dove into that deeper and Wayne Dyer came into my life through some of his work I kind of progressed through his work as he grew also because he kind of back in the 70s was an erroneous zone which was a psychological kind of idea working through Mansell’s idea and then he grew through the 80s in the 90s into a more spiritual perspective and it was just the same kind of path that I was on through the 80s and 90s. So he was a big influence on me from a spiritual perspective as he kind of changed kind of where he was coming from, to a more spiritual side of things. Obviously it was influence with him as Lee Kellog asked me in a Ask JB a while ago what was some of my favorite books were from Wayne. I still listen to Wayne Dyer almost every day along with a lot of other great teachers because I want to connect spiritually. That spiritual coach is the one that helps you answer those questions that are really deep and the spiritual coach helps you answer those questions. I didn’t say they answer the questions and I think that’s really important because when you are on a spiritual journey everything is really meant for you to kind of find it out. Let’s take the Bible for example, a lot of people go to church and have somebody tell them what the Bible means, and really for me I believe that like the Bible, the Qur’an, the Kabbalah, all these spiritual text, they were written for you, and you have to find the meaning at a particular time. Are they esoteric? Yes. Some of them are really hard to figure out the meaning. If you just sit down and read the course of miracles it’s a real hard read, but if you understand that it’s coming to you at a particular point in your life and the reason you’re reading it is because it’s for you to learn the meaning behind it,

[00:14:01] It shifts the way that you start to feel about your spiritual growth. I’m not saying that they can’t hope you find the meaning, I’m just saying be very cautious of a spiritual coach who is telling you the meaning. You’ve got to find what that meaning means for you. I can choose peace instead of this, can mean something totally different for you than it does to me, and you’ve got to find what that means when you think about that, I can choose peace instead of this. It’s important, Or you know if you only knew who walked beside you would never have fear never. So that has a different meaning for you and we can bring those ideas and thoughts to you, but you got to discover what is for you OK. That’s really what spiritual coaching is, it’s helping guide you and you’re getting it here. I wanted to go over to a little bit today on Sunday which is spiritual Sunday and Monday for some of you that are overseas or Australian friends love you to death and all of those that are overseas.

[00:14:57] I’m glad you’re here. Well next week is going to be awesome because we’re getting to work. OK so get ready to get your mission and put your goals, your values, your sacred 6, is going to be put it into the system so that I can start looking it over and make sure you’re real clear about what you are going after. If you have any questions or concerns you know where to get me if you haven’t started level to make sure you reach out to me this week at [email protected] so we can get that happening. OK.

[00:15:28] So hey let’s go make it a great day. I love you, I do. It’s going to be awesome. Anything you need from me,

[00:15:34] You know how to get me at OK. Go have an amazing day.

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Spiritual Enlightenment | What is a Spiritual Coach |Episode 2985


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