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Destroy The World | Destroy The World | Episode 2987

What, Destroy the world? How can a motivational podcast be discussing destroying the world? Join me (JB Glossinger) as I discuss the story of the plan to destroy the world and how it affects you.

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Destroy The World | Destroy The World | Episode 2987

[00:00:05] Good Morning,

[00:00:12] and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name’s J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system. Thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today. Rock n Rolling we’re having some fun here right? Ready to go. Another

[00:00:33] week, another day, just enjoying it and having some fun. Hopefully you’re having a great one. Your day is getting started properly. That’s what I’m here to do and I’m here to help you do that. Hazel sent me a message. I thought this was an important one. I know we do ask J.B. in a few days but this was important she was trying to figure out the Nut Balance and you know it’s one of those terms that we use here at MorningCoach in our finance section and a lot of people get kind of confused by this, is it net balance or what is nut balance.

[00:01:01] In business we call it making the nut and basically what that means is that’s the amount of money and the bare minimum that you need to make in a month. So I just want to define that term if you’re doing financial stuff right now and planning, when you are doing an ILD type business or you’re trying to get yourself in a place where your residual and passive income your investments make up your lifestyle. That is called Your nut balance. OK. So we’re trying to cover that, so the nut balance is the minimum amount that you need to cover in a month.

[00:01:33] I just wanted to bring that up because I did get that question and I know we got Ask JB coming up, but I thought it was a good one. We’re going to continue our Procrastination. I’ve got a great story. In fact today’s podcast is called destroy the world. Boy that sounds like a tough one. As we come into the holidays, why would we be doing, Why would we want to destroy the world.

[00:01:54] Well there’s an old story that I want to read to you here that it talks about destroying the world and how the world would be destroyed. So let’s just get into the story and then we’ll talk a few things afterwards and then I’ve got an idea that I’m thinking about that I’m going to share with you that we may do next year. That’s going to be a little intense but it will be fun. OK so let’s get into this. Satan wanted to destroy the world. He called his chief assistants for advice. First came anger who said let me destroy man, I will set brother against brother. Next came lust, I will defile men’s minds greed follow. Allow me to go and I will instill in men’s hearts the most destructive of all passions. Man’s own uncontrolled desires. The twins gluttony and drunkenness. That’s not our twins but the twins here of gluttony and drunkenness came and told them how they could make men’s bodies disease and cloud their minds envy jealousy and hate each told how they could destroy a man. Satan was not satisfied with any of these plans. Finally his last assistant entered. This one said I shall tell him how fine his plans are to be honest clean and brave. However I shall tell man, there is no hurry. He can do all of those things tomorrow, I shall advise him to wait until conditions become more favorable. You are the one who shall go on and destroy man committed Satan. He was procrastination just put it off a little while longer.

[00:03:27] So this story is that here is Satan deciding to destroy the world and try to find something that could really take us off our game right. And everybody was coming greed and drunkenness and gluttony and jealousy and hate but the one that was chosen was procrastination. I love this line, I will let him know that his plans to be honest clean and brave are awesome, and I shall tell them hey there’s no hurry to do those plans. He can wait to do those things tomorrow or wait until conditions become more favorable. That is the evilness of procrastination, and I think those are the things that I think most people get caught up in. One there is no hurry. There is no sense of urgency, and two that I needed things to be lined up better, I need things to be more favorable before I take on the action or before I do it. When talking about procrastination is great at this time because as we come into the new year you know as we’re getting organized right now this is a time that a lot of people push things off but because it’s the end of the year it’s like OK I gotta get it done, this is the deadline that we talked about yesterday. So it forces us to recognize the fact that you know procrastinating on things isn’t going to help us whether it’s paying bills whether it’s organizing our lives whether it’s calling that person you need to call, we let things fester.

[00:04:54] We procrastinate on them, and then they just get bigger and bigger and bigger and they cause issues. Now we talked yesterday about ending procrastination. The truth is, it’s just an action habit, I mean we got to get in, taking action. We can’t let things get in the way of us not taking action and that’s what procrastination does. There’s a million reasons, a million things we can do to procrastinate, I call it the go clean the garage syndrome. You’ve got to write, or you got to do something and you just don’t feel like doing it, so what do you do, you get up and you go clean the garage, you do something that’s mindless or something that will take you away from the pain instead of focusing on cleaning the garage or you know or focusing on the thing you need to do you go clean the garage. Right now I’m in organizational mode so I’ve got my calendar and I’m going to put all my dates. I’ve got a year calendar.

[00:05:46] I always go by a year calendar and then I mark out the 2018 dates and then I’m structuring some stuff with Evernote and I’m going to do some some teaching with evernote. There’s a lot of note taking software out there. Notability I like, but I use traditionally Evernote for most of my stuff and I use tags and I use notebooks and I really get that organized going into the year so I know where everything is and then just focusing in on the spreadsheet and on what are we going to do next year as far as finances go. Like I was mentioning earlier about the nut balance, getting that organized, what’s it going to be this year, and how am I going to cover that the fastest and most efficient ways and that’s what we’re focused on.

[00:06:27] So today’s story is about how Satan was going to destroy the world not to know if I believe in Satan, but it was a fun little story

[00:06:35] and it just goes to show you the importance of noticing procrastination and realizing how bad it is. It’s up there with with all the negatives, procrastination is one of the big ones, and we’ve got to recognize that and we’ve got to take action. Now on to other notes just so you know Level 2 is coming along. You got to be getting your sacred six together, the input information will be available either later today or tomorrow. We’re working on it right now as we speak and you will be to input in your sacred six. It will be a review that and send that back and the process is that you’ve got a mission and remember the mission is our overall projection for next year what are we going to do what is the thing we want to accomplish then we go to our values and the values are what are important right now, what are the important things we will be reviewing them again in July just so you know this year. Mission once a year and then we’re going to go over your values one twice a year then we have goals, now goals are quarterly, we need to know what’s going on with the goals.

[00:07:42] You could have as many goals as you want but we do need to prioritize those to what we want to accomplish in 2018, and then what we do with those goals we break them down into projects. Now normally what I do is I prioritize my goals that way I’m not doing all the projects for all my goals because I got a lot of goals right. So the major goals that I’m working on those are the ones that I prioritize and that’s the ones I’m going to work on, and that’s the ones that I’m going to to put together. I’m doing this just like you’re doing it. My major goals again I’m reaffirming that I want to get fluent in Spanish, I’m getting back into golf, I want to get my golf handicap down, I had my first lesson yesterday even though it’s kind of chilly here in South Florida. We had a little cold front moved through so I’m getting those projects to get those goals taken care of, and then remember the key to the sacred six is we could only be working on six projects at any given time. Those are where we pull our daily task. So the ideas focus in an organization what we have an overall mission that we’re going to do in 2018. This is what we’re going to go after, we have our values which is what is important to us at this moment, we have the goals that are the ones that we’re going to go after, a lot of people ask J.B. are there six goals?

[00:08:55] No you could have as many goals as you want but we’re going to prioritize those goals because the key is you can only have six projects. One goal, you may be just working on one goal if it takes six projects. Spanish takes two projects up for me it’s about reading and writing and then doing Duolingo. Those are two different projects that I’m constantly working on Duolingo I’ve got to finish, and then reading books and writing in Spanish. That’s a totally separate, so those are two projects alone right there. You’ve got to really manage your projects and that’s how you manage your goals. That’s the sticky part. What are you prioritized, what are the things that are very important to you that are going to make the difference, that privatization at that stage, then once you have the projects and you just break down the daily tasks and that’s what you’re going to work on every day. Those are the things you’re going to work to accomplish are those daily tasks. We can all do that. That’s what we’re focused on this week. By the end of this week I would like you to have a real good structure and we’re working on that to the end of the month because by the end of the month you’re going to understand the energy and piece if you’re at level 2 you’re going to understand energy and peace and what they mean. You’re going to have a good idea of what we’re going after in 2018 and you’re going to, you’re going to have your finances organized and ready to go that’s level two. Now if your starting level too late.

[00:10:15] Like so Level 2 will be running consistently because people will be moving to Level 3 as a graduate. You just work on your overall mission for the next 12 months, you work on your values and things that are important, you put your goals together and then we break them down the projects and daily tasks. Well no matter when you’re hearing this say you’re hearing this next March or March 15 2018 Level 2 will still be available just certain people will have graduated into Level 3 and we’re now doing other things. We’ve got the Triad’s and stuff working.

[00:10:45] The idea is then don’t let procrastination get in the way of this. Remember we just had the story. Don’t let yourselves procrastinate on this work. Spend a couple of hours every week right now until we get it organized, we’ve still got a few more weeks but don’t let that procrastination jump in and that way we were really organized.

[00:11:06] Now the last thing that I’m thinking about doing and I’d love to hear your thoughts is next year starting January 1 there’s 365 days. I want to get in a little bit deeper study which is later metaphysical ideas and thoughts in MorningCoach. There’s a couple of things that I think I’m going to do and that is everyday suggest some bible readings to you how to read the Bible in a year and then give you some suggested readings and then go over The Course in Miracles. The Course in Miracles has 365 student lessons. Next year as part of the podcast I think I’m going to add those. Now I want to get your opinion on that if you would like to participate in that because it will add a little bit to the podcast or the coach cast here, but I think it will give us some structure and getting the the lessons done. Also reading the Bible in the year and then I can just kind of give you some ideas because I’m already starting to add some mindfulness homework like I did yesterday. You know in searching for the Blues. Every week I’m going to be doing mindfulness homework and then I want to add a little bit of that stuff and that way, I think thhe thing with The Course in Miracles, the thing that’s cool you’re listening to the podcast are ready. If I add the lesson for the day for next year and I just kind of add it in then you can get a little bit of that without having to go read it.

[00:12:25] It can be part of your day to start your day. Just some things to think about as I add, I don’t want to add too much because we got a lot going on. We got the level’s going on, you listen every day, but the system is coming together it’s really divinely inspired and I really feel that you know the information is getting better and we’re really structuring things out to help you be more successful and really reach those goals and those those things that you’re after which is my dream. My dream is creating a community of people helping each other and making the world a better place and we’re doing that step by step, and my job is to be here every morning with great information and if I add a little bit of that I think it’s going to add to the Coach cast and add to what we’re doing here and we can add ACIM and it’ll get us through it because I have to be here 365 days next year so I wouldn’t mind adding a little bit of that ACIM 365 days and then some other things that we can do. I just don’t want to overwhelm you. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you want to put them in the whats app group or Facebook, That would be great. As always hey let’s just go make it great. Let’s keep putting the energy out there.

[00:13:34] It’s going to be a great start to the new year, it really is, just stay focused, stay organized, and most importantly end procrastination because the more that you push things out the worse it gets and it just doesn’t move you forward. All right. So I’m going to get to some of my goal setting today I’m working on my projects today I will be putting information up in the portals the portal will be opened up either today or tomorrow and then you can go into the portal which is our Web site with level one level two and I’ll be bringing more information in there. The most important thing right now is getting organized and stopping that procrastination. Get those forms in so that I can review them. We can give you a thumbs up and then we can move you to level three.

[00:14:13] All right so let’s get out there and have a great day. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about why we don’t do what we should and when we should do it’s going to be a good one. We’re going to get back to a little more content next few days but it is what it is, we’re here rock n rolling and bringing you great information. I’m going to continue doing it right here on So get out there. Have a great day. I love you, I do and I will be back with more to get your morning started right here tomorrow on Go have a phenomenal day.

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Destroy The World | Destroy The World | Episode 2987


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