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Spiritual Gifts | Spiritual Break | Episode 2978

It is very important to connect with your spirituality and to the depth of life. Traditional religions may have let you down, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find that connection. Join me (JB Glossinger) today as we move towards finding a positive Spiritual gift connection with a spiritual break.

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Spiritual Gifts | Spiritual Break | Episode 2978

[00:00:00] Good Morning,

[00:00:09] And welcome to Morning coach. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:15] As you know my name is JB Glossinger and this is your personal revolution system thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today. Hey we’re rock n rolling and having some fun. It is a Sunday here at MorningCoach, maybe a Monday for those of you that are overseas and getting your week started which is always awesome. Whether it’s Sunday or Monday, sending you some really positive energy because that’s what it’s about here at MorningCoach, It’s about rock n rolling and having fun right, and it’s also about Deeper aspects of life.

[00:00:49] For me my real joy is really teaching more of the deeper sides of becoming present, and connecting to God, connecting to the universe, whatever your chosen word is and really feeling that piece that comes with that in your heart. Having more joy and happiness which obviously we need in the world and that’s what we’re doing here today, and excited we’re going to talk about taking a spiritual break today and it is spiritual Sunday so we’re going to go through some ideas real quick, just a quick note in the groups. I want to make this note because it’s just starting to take off. We have a Whats App group that’s taken off and it’s really a great group of people from all over the world. It’s like I said a couple of days ago it’s a walkie talkie meaning it’s a live chat. It’s really impossible to try to keep up with everything that’s going on. I wake up and there’s 100 new chats in there and throughout the day and throughout the night you know people are coming but it’s a great way to just connect. Let’s leave it for that meaning let’s just keep it as a nice platform. I know we’ve had a discussion now, where now that Facebook is starting to go and we’ve broken it up to levels and we’re starting to have the finance group level two and level two and then we have Level 1. Right. These groups are great they’re doing awesome and people are coming together. Well now people are wanting to break groups up in different areas.

[00:02:11] I don’t want to do that yet because what happens is we start separating all of us, and so now some communications happening over there and another communications happening over in another spot, and then all of a sudden the whole group deteriorates and Kalid sent me a message on what’s app yesterday, and he said hey I’ve seen this happen before and it’s all well intended. Like it’s like well let’s just make sure the conversation is held in the right place and the problem is then people start separating and eventually the group dies. So we’re going to be very cautious with that and I’m asking you not to start creating new groups. OK. Let’s make sure we keep everybody in the same groups and we’re all sticking together. The other thing I would ask you is if you would like to start a new group for some reason that you reach out and maybe you want to be a volunteer to help us decide what we are going to do with our next platforms. Daniella’s helping a little bit, Jamie’s helping a little bit, Helen’s helping a little bit. They’re kind of monitoring the what’s app to make sure nobody is selling or you know we get some creepiness in there. We’ve got to make sure we’re all together and this is a great community but we’re to start growing right we’re bringing new people in starting this month because we’re going to start working on mission values and goals next week.

[00:03:25] As we do that new people are coming in so we want to make sure we monitor those communication channels so if you’ve been with me and you want to volunteer and help and we can get a committee together that says hey we want to create a new group for this. Then we let the committee decide. That’s really what I’d like to do. So I’m open to that. You can reach out to me on Facebook, Whats App, e-mail, and [email protected] and we could talk about how we’re going to do that, but for now I want to keep it very strict to just these groups. We have a level one right now which is everybody right. We’ve got a great group and that’s Facebook we have Level 2 which is people that have graduated into Level 2 and are working on mission values and goals sacred six and working on finances and also working on the energy and peace, and I’ve got that curriculum coming and then we have the personal finance one because so many people wanted to finance area that I wanted to put a place that I can teach and I can hold you accountable, and tell you kind of what I do and we can work together, and then we have the what’s app group which is for an international group but it’s also domestic and we have this huge just walkie talkie type conversation there. So that’s it. Let’s keep that for now, and I will actually have a level 3 group coming here into January as we graduate and people graduate into there. OK. So keep that organized very important and again I apologize to discuss that on the coach cast but it is important that we understand how we’re going to communicate because it is working and it’s great.

[00:04:52] There’s nothing like having a group of people that you can come to and talk about the issues and things that you’re having. This is definitely working better than even I imagined. So it’s awesome. So today I want to talk a little bit about taking a spiritual break now I am back to golfing.

[00:05:08] I joined Parko and Country Club. Again this is a God wink. I was at home and I went to play golf with a buddy of mine a couple of times, I said you know what I missed this because I got to get away from the computer. For me

[00:05:22] I go train with Sir which is fun I’m back into that, but golf is just different. It gets me out in the open air you know for four or five hours, I’m out in a beautiful place this new place that I am Parkland is just beautiful, It’s just gorgeous, I mean there’s water everywhere, very difficult course, but it’s just gorgeous.

[00:05:40] For me I need that break once in a while because my brain is connected. I believe that everything that I’m doing is divinely inspired and everything is going the right way at the right time but it also takes a lot of energy a lot of creative energy to try to get everything together and put things together. I’m working on logos for the levels so that we can get some pins made and you know we’re trying to get the event structured properly. Last week I was supposed to get the hotel for the retreat all set up and I was getting all the other stuff done for the levels so I’ll have that this week, but I need that mental break, I need that spiritual break and for me that’s what it does. So I went to the club which is five minutes from my house beautiful coarse all set up for residential. Everybody lives there in these beautiful homes and I asked I said “Hey do you have any memberships open? and this is a closed club Like they’re not supposed to allow members outside of people that live there. I went in the gate and they let me in, I went up to the club and met Allie and Allie says “Normally we don’t have any openings but this year we had 20. We’re trying to fill the course. We had 20 non residence openings and we have one left.” And I said “you’ve got to be kidding me.” She said “no we have one.

[00:06:55] We have 19 people right away, and we have one left.” So I said I’ll take it and I left and did all the paperwork, filled it out. She checked out MorningCoach, make sure I was a good fit and let me in. Well come to find out, A buddy of mine who is a pro at my old course went there and is now working as a pro which is crazy everything just lining up and he said there’s like 80 people on a waiting list and they don’t know how I got skipped ahead of the line. But I did, so again It was a God Wink right? It’s just manifesting the things in your life, It’s unbelievable but for me it’s about a spiritual break. So for me usually it’s Wednesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are days that I go out in the morning and I can golf and then come back and get a lot of work done. What’s crazy is I get more work done the days at a golf than the days I don’t because I just don’t sit in a computer I know that I need to get stuff done right and then Saturdays, I usually train with Sir from 9 15 to about 1:00 and then I go in the afternoon and sometimes Sundays. So those are my primary days and maybe on Tuesdays Thursday or even now Monday I’ll go hit some balls once in a while because of course it’s open on Mondays but it’s a break for me and that’s why I do it.

[00:08:04] It gets me out of the house out of the computer and out in nature which to me is a very spiritual experience. I am not out in nature enough. I haven’t been to Colombia much this year, I went one time at the beginning of the year and I need to get down there more because I love Colombia, I love to get there I love everything about it. It’s just awesome, I love Colombia so I need to get my rear end down there and start to enjoy that more and I’m planning on that. A couple of times this year but we’ve just had a lot of stuff going on here. My mother in law, we got new place up and Delray and a lot of things are going on but this getting out is helping me kind of break away from all the noise and that’s what we need to do sometimes, you have to find a way that you can take a spiritual break.

[00:08:52] Now in some religions whether you’re Catholic or Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever you are they have church right synagogue or mosque. And those are spiritual breaks. That’s what they’re set up for. They’re set up for you to go and worship your god.

[00:09:06] It’s for you to get away from life a little bit and connect, and I think the issue why I’m discussing it so much in MorningCoach is because many people have left their religions. Many people are searching for a place where they can find that deeper connection because their religions are very dogmatic. They want to connect to something deeper so in order to do that you have to find your spot, in order to find that spot we have to discuss it. We have to make it part of your awareness. If it’s not a part of your awareness you’re not going to do it, and so I’m bringing that up. A big part of MorningCoach is about awakening, is about awakening to understanding how awesome life is and the journey that you’re on. It’s about understanding that there is this depth of life that you don’t have to live the way that you’re living if it’s not the way you want to right, It’s about the energy that you have. That’s really what I’m here to do. I’m here to wake you up to the awesomeness of life to this ability to manifest ability to change the things that are in your life. How do we do that. Well there’s a process. First of all we start with our morning routine we start shifting the way we think we start thinking differently we started approaching our day differently which is just a practical way to start making significant changes in your life.

[00:10:22] Then once we get that morning structured properly now all the sudden we take step two, which is you know getting organized about the things we’re going to do that means getting your sacred six in place Level 2 MorningCoach. Getting your finances in order. That’s the next step. We want to get the basics down. Then we move into level three and that’s where we get some accountability and we get some personal coaching between our triad and the group of us and then we start getting deeper about mindfulness, meditation and really connecting to that aspect of it, that’s level three then we go on a level four and that’s where we start to get our finances in the manifestation work and that’s where we do Law of Attraction and we really delve into that and then we move into level five. Now once we get through the first five levels that’s a foundation as we get in level six, seven, and eight, you’re going to see that those are deeper areas those where we start to really enrich our life and we work in the things of self accusation and that’s a level 5 when we start really understanding about personal experience and how do we make this just maximize it and then we get into some of the higher levels and we’re going to talk about the Ponish gods and the Vedas and then we start talking about some of the other teachings in the world that will broaden our mind and allow us to expand our consciousness right.

[00:11:32] So that’s what I’ve put together through divine inspiration and this divine inspiration is saying we have to have a platform, a personal evolution system where somebody can evolve to a higher consciousness and feel it along the way and enjoy the process and get away from the negative life experience right and move into more of a positive experience and actually move away from judging it as negative or positive and just realizing what you went through is what you went through and how can we change it so that we can expand the consciousness and really enjoy this material experience or understand the material experience a little bit more. That’s what it means about taking a spiritual break is as we’re doing all this teaching as we’re doing all this this learning and going through these levels and working together and building wonderful lives is that we’ve got to take time to have a spiritual break. We’ve got to have time to step back and just appreciate the life that we’ve been given that we’re still alive, that we’re here and that we can do something about it and that we can have fun and that we can connect to something deeper.

[00:12:37] That’s the real key. So we want to make sure that we are planning that we’re building that we’ve got building blocks and steps of growth that we are moving through together, but we also have to enjoy the process and we’ve got to connect spiritually day in and day out and take a spiritual break once in a while and connect to something deeper and when you do that you can let go and let it go, I believe was one of the greatest psychological tools ever. I believe surrendering as Michael’s Singers taught us or are letting go as Dr. Hawkins’s taught us. These are things that psychologically you could just let go of the mental noise that’s holding you in that illusion that’s holding you in your own prison.

[00:13:17] That’s what it is, we’re in this prison that we’ve created because of the psychological noise that’s going on. To be able to step out of that is what’s going to bring freedom to you and then surrendering to what life brings you and letting go and just living your life to the fullest. That’s what we’re doing. So today your homework is to just kind of step back a little bit relax the mind and take a spiritual break. I don’t care if it’s 10 minutes, I don’t care if it’s an hour, I don’t care if it’s five hours, whatever you could do today. Let’s take a little time to connect to your God and to your depth and to your understanding and step back. We don’t really have that connection then what I want you to do is just to clear your mind and relax a little bit and feel in your heart a deeper connection and you’ll feel it, you’ll feel it. A lot of this is nonverbal and just touched that and allow that piece to just flow through your body like a white light, like you’re laying out in the sun, and you just feel the heat, you’d let that white light of peace of joy of happiness come upon you, and recognize that that is his spirit and something much deeper than even I can have a conversation about and connect to that power because once we have that, everything else comes in place because remember as we work through level one and level two and level three of four we are still living our lives. And I want you to understand that

[00:14:40] It’s the life, It’s the moment that’s important. As we expand our consciousness grow more and more that’s great but it’s also this moment that’s so critical. OK.

[00:14:49] So I love you let’s go make it an amazing day. Feel the energy feel the passion feel the joy and go do it right.

[00:14:55] Find some peace in your heart today. I can choose peace today and you can too. So peace be with you. I love you and I will be back with more here tomorrow to keep you rolling, right here at Get out and have a great great day.

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Spiritual Gifts | Spiritual Break | Episode 2978


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